WorldBox Mod Apk 0.6.189 (Hack, Unlimited Money)


WorldBox Mod Apk 0.6.189 (Hack, Unlimited Money) + Mod – Manage and simulate world management for Android
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WorldBox Mod Apk Unlimited Money Sandbox God Simulator – The World of Simulation Manager is an interesting game simulation and management game that is actually a copy of the famous game The Sandbox Evolution. WorldBox has imitated the name, design, and even the style of the game The Sandbox Evolution and produced a distinct and independent game. The game has been developed and published by Novikovsky’s newly established studio Maxim Karpenko. WorldBox Mod Apk is the first official project of this small studio, which is provided for Android OS for free. WorldBox Mod Game- Sandbox God Simulator puts you in the role of Creator. In this game, you have to expand and live life by creating and managing a unique world. For this purpose, many items are embedded in the game. You will be able to simulate a managerial and creativity game by creating and expanding large territories and giving them life. You can create different creatures of animals, such as sheep or wolves, or even step up and create imaginary beings such as dragons, arcs, zombies, and even spaceships! Your second goal is to create and expand human civilizations. You can do this by building cities and structures. It is also your job to manage the events and events that occur during this simulation. For example, you have to manage people’s war and help them grow and develop! There is also an interesting part in the WorldBox – Sandbox God mod Simulator game, where you can send natural disasters to landowners and destroy them with floods, acid rain, volcanoes, earthquakes or even atom bombs! It is your choice to help them develop and/or eliminate them in the worst possible way!

WorldBox MOD Apk Unlimited Money apk

WorldBox MOD Apk Unlimited Money apk

Some features of WorldBox Mod Apk – Sandbox God Simulator Android:

Simple and pixel graphics with two-dimensional and classic design
Fun gameplay in strategic management style
There are dozens of different items to manage the full world of a great world
Ability to purchase and upgrade various parts
The possibility of creating natural or mythical beings
The possibility of creating great civilizations and helping humanity to advance and develop
Possibility of sending natural and deadly disasters to the inhabitants of the earth
Existence of animations and interesting songs
There are a variety of different forces and capabilities

WorldBox Mod Apk Unlimited Money – Sandbox God Simulator is a simulation game, and although it imitates another game, it’s not possible to ignore the interesting features that it has. By installing and running this game, you become a creator and you can begin to build and manage parts of the world. The game has been downloaded to more than 20,000,000 times on Google Play and has gained 4.5 points from 5.0 for users. Forex has released the regular version of the game for free and tested for download.

WorldBox Mod Apk V0.6.189 version changes:

* Added animation for mining sections and demolition and construction of structures
* Fix game problems
* Change the icons in the section
World Generator

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