WorkeMon Hack 1.0.25 (Mod,Unlimited Ruby and Coin) Apk


WorkeMon Hack 1.0.25 (Mod,Unlimited Ruby and Coin) Apk + Mod – a lovely role-playing role-playing game for Android
Ordinary version + mod version (unlimited Ruby and Coin) separately
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Price: Free+

WorkeMon Mod Unlimited Ruby and Coin – is a role-playing game released by QuickTurtle Co., Ltd. for Android devices. WorkeMon is one of the most successful games in this game development studio, which has been welcomed by many gamers around the world with more than 1,000,000 downloads and has been able to be successful, once again creating the abilities of QuickTurtle Co., Ltd. Show off an attractive and exciting work. Imagine a world where people looking for work are treated like envelopes in Pokémon. Instead of teaching Pokémon, you now have business owners, or in other words, the children of a wealthy father who has fallen for elephants who are looking for Vercoms for their own companies. To put it simply, the game actually uses the Pokémon gameplay system and tells a different story. The game’s story is simple. You are in the role of the seventh child of a very rich father. Your father will give you a company to grow as your business and find a job for it. Workouts are the people who want to work for you and give you gold and experience so you can roll up. With a father who thinks you’re out of business and a sea of ​​kids who don’t want to be around you, you have to work hard on your business capacity and grow it. The Workman system makes full use of Pokémon formulas. Basically, you need to find the Vercoms and get them to work for your company through struggles, or in this case interviews. Depending on how you get the worksheets, you can teach them to produce more gold and experience. The interview system is exactly the same as the struggles in Pokémon. But here, instead of the worksmen Mod Apk doing something for you, your avatar should participate in the interviews and do everything.

WorkeMon mod apk latest version

WorkeMon Mod Apk . The health criterion has become the criterion of the requested rights and the criterion of magic has become the criterion of pride and vermicompost. Your moves will reduce the value of these two criteria and make them easier or more difficult depending on the schedule you use. In order to obtain a warranty, you must sign the contract form. At first, the contracts are simple, but the more you roll out your avatar, the more advanced the contracts become, and the higher their success rate, and the poorer the Vermocons! How to fight in Pokémon is also free, but here the number of moves is limited by your avatar’s energy standard. In the beginning, you only have 3 energies, and each time you make a move, you consume one of them. This forces you to have a strategy and just try to get the valuable Vermons. However, you can continue to practice your avatar at the club and roll up to get more energy and more opportunities for the Vercoms. Another criterion that you should pay attention to is the heart criterion, which is used by all player-centered movements or abilities. This criterion recharges over time and can be practiced and looped like an energy criterion. But you have to be very careful with this criterion, because in this game, time passes quickly and the rotation of the day and night lasts 16 seconds. As soon as you get the worksheets, you enter the management mode and you have to show yourself, manage the worksheets, keep them satisfied to stay in your company, buy new tables for new worksheets, share brothers and sisters. Buy your own and many other fun things that you will become more familiar with during the game. WorkeMon Mod Apk managed to get a good score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Android market, and if you are ready to try a fun experience, HackDL team will test this addictive game for you and provide it to you completely free of charge. have given. At the end of this article, you can download this game from our servers and enjoy playing it!

WorkeMon Mod Versions v1.0.25:

* Add 15 different languages
* Various optimizations and game problems

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Download the main installation Original Apk – 62 MB

Download the main installation Mod Apk – 50 MB

  • Android version required: 4.1 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +3 years