War Commander Mod Apk (Hack, God Mode, Remove Enemy Units)


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Sep 21, 2023
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War Commander Mod Apk 7.9.0 (Hack, God Mode, Remove Enemy Units)

War Commander Mod Apk
MOD Features God Mode, Remove Enemy Units
Category Mod Apk
Size 97 MB
Version 7.9.0
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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War Commander Mod Apk is a real-time strategic and tactical military simulation video game developed by Kixeye for play on Facebook. The game includes elements of both battle strategy and resource management, in which players join an alliance, build up their base, arm themselves with units (aircrafts tanks etc.), battle against computer controlled or player versus player enemies to capture outposts within a map. Players can also choose between three sides when starting the game: rebels, special forces with air support from NATO countries such as the United States or their opponents from Russia backed Soviet Union Forces. It has been compared to games like Command & Conquer Red Alert Series but features battles fought by modern day military technology instead of forces from an alternate timeline.

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War Commander Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

In War Commander, players start out with a small base to build defenses and units. Resources such as oil and metal must be gathered from strategic points on the map for players to build more structures or train new forces. Technology buildings are also available that produce previously inactive weapons such as nuclear missiles or artillery barrages that can help win battles against enemy forces. Units range from tanks, infantry troops, aircrafts diabolical robots like Technicals (suicide bomber buggies) . Players fight to capture outposts located around each maps which gives them control of various type objectives like barracks allowing them train stronger ground troops or air fields which allows for advanced use of helicopters etc.

Play With Fun this game?

Yes! War Commander is an incredibly fun game to play with many different elements to keep players engaged. Players can customize their base layout, join forces and battle against other players or computer AI’s and strategize which upgrades they should go for next. With the innovative technology buildings providing advanced weaponry, there are always new ways to go about winning a battle that keeps the game interesting even after long playthroughs. Additionally, each side has its own unique faction bonuses allowing players strong advantages from them when upgrading units or building defenses giving each player preference of playing either Rebels /NATO/Soviet Union allows over replay value making War Commander Mod Apk Free Download an enjoyable experience no matter how often you played it!

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, War Commander is a multiplayer game. Players can join or create alliances to team up with others against opposing players in intense PvP battles for control of key strategic points on the map from which resources can be gathered as well as additional technology buildings and outposts offering battle bonuses to help turn the tide of war. Additionally, cooperative missions are also available that offer unprecedented rewards when completed with friends from around the world!

War Commander Mod Apk

Features of War Commander

Three Factions & Unit Types

War Commander offers players 3 sides to choose from, each with unique faction bonuses to provide powerful advantages when upgraded. These factions are the rebellion army, NATO forces and Soviet Union forces. Each faction also has its own selection of unit types which include tanks, infantry troops and aircrafts all good play a role in succeeding against enemy threats.

Resource Gathering & Base Building

Resources such as metal and oil must be gathered within strategic points on the map to further upgrade defenses or train new units for battle .Players can also build up their base by constructing technology buildings like Tesla Coils (anti-air defense), Missile Launchers (IRBM missiles) or Splitter Towers (long range artillery). All these provide even more additional support during battles allowing players formidable options in how they approach their attack strategies!

Battles Objectives

The objective of War Commander is to capture outposts located around different maps that give access control over specialized structures unlocking even greater control over enemies like being able controlling them , barrack providing reinforcements etc.. Winning fights while controlling those tactical positions can potentially turn dominance on a particular area giving more rewards materials giving some real edge while playing this game!

Advanced Technology Buildings

Tech Points earned by capturing outposts allow for production state of art tech such as nuclear warheads/bigger guns/more advanced robots /helicopters /planes , giving massive advantage helping overpower an opponent’s previous capabilities.

Alliance System

Players join an alliance enabling them cooperate with others via chat functions contributing resources acquire new higher tier weaponry assisting each other PvP encounters aiming acquiring gaining valuable tactical objectives ech bringing closer ultimate victory !.

Ranked Leaderboards

Participating challenges allows one compare themselves friends leaderboards earning badges displaying individual military ranking showing achievements targets accomplished throughout playing process exciting competition entire World mission mode

Cooperative Missions

Co-op mode allows larger group joining together to when is task prove too difficult alone. Difficult enemies earned rewards great enough nothing outside individual play approach . Going through missions require clever planning additionally teamwork communication be successful against harder obstacles making them both enjoyable also profitable!

War Commander Mod Apk

What is War Commander Mod APK?

War Commander Mod APK is a modified version of the main game which has been adapted for use on Android and iOS devices. It offers players some additional features that are not found in the original game such as unlimited resources, higher levels of base and unit upgrades, a wider selection of technologies to choose from as well as faster production times. It also gives players access to new maps with intense battles against enemies seeking to capture outposts while trying their best to sabotage other player’s efforts in achieving victory.

Features of War Commander Mod APK

God Mode

This feature grants players invincibility, allowing them to fully explore the battlefield without worrying about enemy attacks or being destroyed in combat while looking for strategic points on the map

Remove Enemy Units

War Commander Mod APK also offers a remove enemy unit function which eliminates all opposition from within your vicinity helping you quickly capture outposts with ease!

A Wider Selection of Technologies

Technology buildings offer new and powerful weapons like nuclear missiles, artillery barrages etc. Giving access faster production times during intense battles making it easier hold ground for extended periods time.

War Commander Mod Apk

How to Download And Install War Commander Mod Apk

• Download War Commander Mod APK from an approved website or source such as Hackdl.com.

• Place downloaded file into the device’s storage folder.

• Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ on your device to enable installation of external apps if not already done so.

• Access the folder where War Commander Mod APK was saved and tap on it to begin installations process..

• Follow basic steps in order complete install accurately .

• Launch and play!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Verify that your device meets the minimum requirements for running War Commander Mod APK.

• Make sure internet connection is active and strong to prevent download failures or interruptions during installation .

• Uninstall any previous versions of War Commander Mod Apk on your device before installing the modified version.

• Double-check ‘Unknown Sources’ option in settings menu to ensure you have enabled it in order successfully side- load apps from outside official app stores.

War Commander Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


War Commander Mod APK features stunning visuals, bringing its immersive world to life with high-definition graphics reminiscent of classic military strategy games. The maps are highly detailed with realistic terrain like forests and villages that bring players even closer to the game experience. On top of this, bright and vivid texturing instantly catches the eye from enemy bases which adds an extra element when playing as well as makes it easier for non-professional player’s plan their attack strategies more easily!


War Commander Mod Apk provides a powerful soundtrack featuring classical battle pieces creating tension while in combat or during resource gathering periods . Additionally one can hear birds chirping or other environmental noises adding ambiance unique screens Each track has been chosen carefully by Kixeye giving great replay , finally voice acting provide some wit dialogue between characters friendly jibes opponents’ their choices whenever victorious /or defeated allowing personalized touch each mission!


War Commander Mod Apk provides the thrill of military simulation combat with strategic elements thrown in. With its realistic visuals and powerful soundtrack, players are brought closer to the battle experience than ever before. The game also features three different sides which offer unique faction bonuses and their own selection of units to give everyone preference over what style they want to go for when playing making this a fantastic title no matter how many hours you’ve put into it!

War Commander Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does War Commander Hack Apk require a connection to the internet?

A: Yes, War Commander Hack APK Free Download requires an active internet connection. This is to ensure all features are up-to-date and you can take part in cooperative missions with friends.

Q: Are there any additional charges when playing this modified version of the game?

A: No, players can enjoy everything included in War Commander Mod APK for free! It offers players full access into the games content without having to spend real money on purchasing advanced technology or units.

Q: Is it safe/legal to download and play this game?

A: Yes ,War commander mod apk holds necessary licenses from both google plays / app stores making it entirely legal Additionally multiple verification certifications have been performed main files making sure they do not contain malicious software posing potential risk player’s device !

Q: Are there still occasional updates available for War Commander Mod APK?

A: Yes , developers make sure new stability patches occasionally bug fixes included allowing even smoother experience while playing!. Players can check out small notes on official website servers describing any relevant changes being made whenever patch released .

Q: Does this game have any age restrictions?

A: No, War Commander Modded Apk is suitable for players of all ages as it does not contain violent themes or images that could be considered inappropriate for younger viewers. However, parental guidance may be recommended depending on the maturity levels each individual has at their own discretion.

Q: How many different types of units are available in-game?

A: There are over thirty different types units present within main game everything from tanks infantry personnel helicopters planes robots giving great degree tactical options choose when appropriating forces deploying them during battle!

Q: Is there an offline version of this modified version too?

A: No, War Commander Mod APK Free Download only offers an online mode as this is a multiplayer game. There are no singleplayer modes present in the modified version so players must have an active internet connection to be able to play.


• War Commander Modded Apk Free Download is a real-time tactical military simulation video game developed by Kixeye for play on Facebook

• Players join an alliance, build up their base, arm themselves with units and fight against computer controlled or player versus player enemies to capture outposts within a map.

• Technology buildings are also available that produce previously inactive weapons such as nuclear missiles or artillery barrages that can help win battles against enemy forces.

• War Commander Mod APK is a modified version of the main game which has been adapted for use on Android and iOS devices offering some additional features such as unlimited resources, higher levels of upgrades etc.

• It offers players stunning visuals bringing its immersive world to life with high definition graphics while powerful soundtrack featuring classical pieces creates unique themes for each stage!



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