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Sep 25, 2023
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True Skate Mod Apk 1.5.70 (Free Shopping)

True Skate Mod Apk
MOD Features Free Shopping
Category Games
Size 75 MB
Version 1.5.70
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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True Skate Mod Apk Free Download

True Skate Mod Apk is a mobile skateboarding game developed by True Axis. It was first released in 2012 for iOS and later ported to Android devices in 2013. The objective of the game is simple; players must use their finger or stylus to perform various tricks on a realistic 3D skateboard ramp using touch controls, while competing against other skaters either online or offline for the highest score possible within an allotted time period. Players can customize their board with paint jobs, wheels and trucks before hitting up any number of ramps available from inside city parks around world-famous spots like San Francisco’s Embarcadero plaza as well as virtually created locations such as vert half pipes and quarterpipes designed specially for this title only!

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True Skate Mod Apk

Amazing Simulation Game

True Skate is an amazing simulation game that captures the feeling of skateboarding like no other. Players can feel just how it would be to really take on a half pipe, as they pull off tricks and jumps with precision accuracy thanks to True Axis’s advanced physics engine. With realistic controls and smooth graphics, players will find themselves lost in this virtual world for hours! As if all these features weren’t enough already, there are also leaderboards so you can keep track of your progress against friends or even people from around the globe vying for the top spot amongst their peers!

Genuine Ice Slider

True Skate also offers a unique game mode called Genuine Ice Slider. This allows players to enjoy the same skating experience while taking on an even more challenging course – one made of ice! With its slippery surface, combined with realistic physics and controls, it provides for some truly intense skateboarding action that no other title can match. Players must be careful though; if they misjudge their jumps or tricks then there’s sure to be plenty of spills as well!

Different Slide Locations and Trying Features

True Skate is constantly evolving with new updates, including different slide locations and trying new features. Even better, the game supports third-party real-world skateboard hardware, such as wheels or trucks, so you can really customize your deck to perfection! With all these great qualities combined into one title, it’s easy to see why True Skate has become one of the most popular mobile games on both iOS and Android platforms today.

True Skate Mod Apk

Rich Mission System

True Skate also offers a rich mission system, giving players something to work towards and strive for. With over 100 missions ranging from simple tutorials to more challenging tricks like kickflips or ollies, you’ll find yourself hooked in no time! As an added bonus, when completing certain objectives, you will be rewarded with coins that can be used to purchase additional content such as decks, wheels, and trucks.

What is the True Skate mod apk?

True Skate Mod APK is an unofficial version of the game True Skate with added features that are not available in the official release. These extra features include unlimited money and skate customizations such as boards, wheel colors, or trucks to create a truly unique experience for players who want more control over their virtual skateboarding adventures! The mod also includes levels from previous versions so you can practice your skills without having to pay again if you’ve already bought them before—now how’s that for convenience?

Features of True Skate mod apk

Free Shopping:

The mod offers players unlimited access to the in-game store, making it possible for them to buy any item without worrying about coins or money. This includes customizing your board with paint jobs and buying new wheels and trucks!

Unlockable Skate Parks:

With this version of True Skate Mod APK, you can unlock all skate parks that are available from within the game, giving you a larger variety of locations where you can practice your skills. You can also play against other skaters around the world online as well!

No Ads/Popups:

Unlike its official counterpart, which features advertisements every now and then, when playing with this modified version, no annoying ads will be displayed on screen at any time, allowing gamers an ad-free experience while they enjoy their skating session uninterrupted.

Unlimited Time!:

Last but not least, one great feature included in this mod is infinite time, so users won’t have to worry about running out during a round ever again—just continue having fun until there’s nothing left standing between yourself and victory!

True Skate Mod Apk

How to download and install the True Skate mod apk

To download and install the True Skate Mod APK, you’ll need to first enable Unknown Sources in your device’s Settings. Then simply follow these steps:

1. Click on the link provided below or on any other source that is offering this mod version of True Skate.

2. Wait until it finishes downloading; once done, open up its folder and tap the “True Skate mod_v[version number]apk” file (this will be the downloaded mod).

3. Tap Install, which appears at the bottom right corner of the screen. Wait a few moments for the installation process to complete before launching the game! Enjoy all the features offered by the modified version without having to spend any money whatsoever.

Advantages of using the True Skate mod apk

• Unlimited money to purchase items in the store

• Unlockable skate parks for a greater variety of locations

• No ads or pop-ups during gameplay (ad-free experience)

• Infinite time, so players can practice their skills without worrying about running out!

Tips and tricks for playing True Skate with the mod apk

• Get creative with your board customizations—pick out the combinations you think look best and make sure they stand out!

• Master each trick before attempting more difficult ones; this will ensure that you don’t get too frustrated when practicing.

• Take on missions to earn coins, which can then be used for purchasing additional content like decks, wheels, and trucks from the store.

• Compete against others online or offline in quickplay mode; see who has the highest score after the allotted time expires.

True Skate Mod Apk


True Skate Mod Apk is a realistic and immersive mobile skateboarding game developed by True Axis. It offers players an amazing simulation experience along with leaderboards to keep track of their scores against friends or others around the globe for top spot bragging rights! With its advanced physics engine, smooth graphics, customization options, and mission system, this title will have you hooked in no time! There’s also a mod version available, which provides extra features such as free shopping and unlockable parks, allowing users to enjoy even more content within the same great skating package without having to pay anything at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.  Is True Skate free?

A1.  Yes, the base version of True Skate is available for free on both iOS and Android devices.

Q2: Are there any in-app purchases?

A2: There are some optional in-app purchases that can be made to unlock additional content like decks or paint jobs for your board at a small cost if you wish!

Q3: Does this game have online leaderboards?

A3: Yes, players can compete against each other either offline or via an internet connection, with leaderboards ranking them according to their performance within allotted time periods accordingly.

Q4: Can I get additional features by using mod apk?

A4: By opting to use modified or cracked versions of True Skate mod APK, one will gain access to unlimited money and skate parks, as well as no ads during gameplay, all without having to pay anything out of pocket whatsoever!

Q5: What tips should I keep in mind while playing the True Skate Mod Apk?

A5: Try customizing your boards look so it stands out, practice tricks until they’re mastered before attempting more difficult ones, take missions to earn coins, which are then used to purchase new items from the store, and lastly, don’t forget to compete with others in quickplay mode to see who has the highest score after the limited time expires.


True Skate Hack Apk is a realistic and immersive skateboarding game that captures the feeling of hitting up ramps like no other.

• Players can customize their board with paint jobs, wheels, and trucks before taking on any number of world-famous spots or even specially designed locations for this title only!

• The advanced physics engine makes tricks feel fluid, while smooth graphics round out the experience perfectly—giving gamers an almost lifelike skating simulation they won’t soon forget!

• There are leaderboards so you can keep track of your progress against friends or others around the globe vying for top spot bragging rights in addition to missions players aim to complete and earn coins to unlockable content store items without having to spend anything in your pocket.

• True Skate mod APK is also available, providing extra features such as unlimited money and skate parks, as well as no ads during gameplay—all free if you opt to use the modified or cracked version!



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