Truck Simulator USA Mod Apk (Hack, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)


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Sep 8, 2023
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 Truck Simulator USA Mod Apk 9.8.7 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Truck Simulator USA Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Category Games
Size 781 MB
Version 9.8.7
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Truck Simulator USA Mod Apk is a truck driving simulator game available for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. Developed by Ovidiu Pop, it allows players to drive through cities from all over the United States in realistic trucking scenarios. Players are presented with detailed 3D graphics while navigating roads and highways as they strive to complete each mission on time. In addition to the main story missions that need completing, there are also other side tasks such as timed races against AI drivers or performing outrageous stunts off ramps scattered throughout the map. If you were ever interested in what it takes to become a real life crosscountry trucker then Truck Simulator USA is definitely worth checking out!

Gameplay Overview

Truck Simulator USA offers players an exciting and engaging driving experience with its advanced 3D graphics and realistic environments. Players start their journey in a small town, where they must earn money for each mission completed successfully. Each of these missions involves transporting goods from one point to the next within a set amount of time, while avoiding traffic laws being broken or damage inflicted on the truck itself. After earning money completing deliveries, it can be used to upgrade your truck‘s engine and other components such as the suspension or brakes; this allows for more efficient use of fuel which is necessary since gas prices vary depending on location visited in game.

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Truck Simulator USA Mod Apk

Play With Fun this game?

Truck Simulator USA is a great way to have some fun while also learning about the world of truckers. It offers an engaging and realistic experience with beautiful graphics that give players a sense of fulfillment when completing missions. As money starts piling up, feel free to upgrade your truck‘s engine and other hardware components in order to make it perform better overall! Also, don‘t forget there are numerous side activities where you can practice performing stunts off ramps for extra cash bonuses or take part in racing tournaments against AI drivers if you‘re feeling competitive! So why not embark on your own crosscountry journey today? Play now and become the ultimate American Truck Driver with Truck Simulator USA!

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Truck Simulator USA is not a multiplayer game. It can be played in singleplayer mode only which means you will have to face the challenges of delivering cargo in each mission all on your own! However, there are various activities such as races against AI drivers and performing stunts off ramps that can provide you with additional cash bonuses throughout your journey.

Awesome Features of Truck Simulator USA

Realistic Trucking Simulation

Truck Simulator USA offers an realistic driving experience with its advanced 3D graphics and detailed environments. Players can customize their truck by upgrading engine and other components such as the suspension or brakes to make it perform better, all while navigating winding roads through cities in USA. Customize your view with different camera angles including firstperson view which will come especially useful for tight turns around corners! Dont worry about traffic laws; law enforcement won‘t hesitate to issue a fine if you speed recklessly on the highways!

Story Missions

Each map consists of story missions that need completing before advancing further, while earning money along the way to spend on upgrades in order to more efficiently complete each task assigned by delivery companies or private customers alike at any point during game play. These jobs challenge players reflexes as each mission time keeps running even when stopped at traffic lights every second counts so stay sharp maneuvering through heavy city traffics!

Races Against AI Drivers

For those competitive gamers out there, Truck Simulator USA features multiple races among AI opponents allowing them compete against fictional drivers scattered across Americas roadways for extra cash bonuses just remember though that breaking any traffic rules may result in a significant penalty instead from law authorities who always keep their watchful eyes open

Time Trials & Stunt Courses

Alongside racing tournaments are time trials perfect for setting high scores after mastering basic routes available throughout story missions , however they can be particularly demanding once mapped enough times already . For daredevils carrying out stunts off ramps is an excellent way heating up virtual highways although this activity requires certain skills not found amongst average drivers ! Balance between pushing too hard & being careful doing tricks must become part of daily routine very quickly otherwise serious damages might occur anytime soon !

Truck Simulator USA Mod Apk

What is Truck Simulator USA Mod APK?

Truck Simulator USA Mod APK is a modified version of the original Truck Simulator USA game which adds extra features and unlocks all of the game‘s content for free. It contains unlimited money and gas so players can upgrade their truck to maximum performance levels, as well as access to hidden locations that were previously locked away from regular gameplay. Additionally, 25 new trucks are available with unique attributes giving each one an advantage in certain situations when dealing with tight turns or tough terrain challenges plus there are no ads either!

Truck Simulator USA Hack APK

Truck Simulator USA Mod Apk

Features of Truck Simulator USA Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The Truck Simulator USA mod APK gives players access to an unlimited amount of money, allowing them to upgrade and customize their truck as desired without having to worry about insufficient funds.

Unlocked Vehicles & Equipment

With this version of the game, all vehicles and equipment are already unlocked from the start which also includes different camera angles so that you can navigate roads more easily in firstperson view! This provides an edge over other gamers who still havent been able to purchase everything yet due to their lack of financing options!

Game Control

Truck Simulator USA is a realistic driving simulator game for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. Players will control their truck using the arrow keys on the keyboard, or by tapping specific areas of the device‘s touchscreen during mobile/tablet gameplay. On PC players are able to view more information from their dashboard than those playing on a tablet or smartphone. Alongside this they can also cycle through different camera angles such as firstperson view which provides improved navigation while maneuvering tight turns in winding roads!

Game Tips

1. Drive Within The Law: Always abide by traffic laws as the higher fines you accumulate for violations, the less money your delivery mission rewards in return.

2. Manage Your Fuel Economy: Try to drive efficiently and maintain a steady speed as entering new states will increase gas prices significantly and there are no free refills make sure to check each fuel stations price in order not be surprised at checkout time!

3. Upgrade Your Truck: After earning enough money from successful deliveries you can upgrade numerous hardware components such as your engine or brakes which will help optimize truck performance during longer trips across Americas vast landscapes!

4. Take Part In Side Activities & Races: Even when not tackling missions, dont forget that activities like races against AI drivers or stunts off ramps scattered around maps can provide extra cash bonuses so be sure to take full advantage of them all!

Game Pros and Cons


1. Excellent graphics and realistic driving experience.

2. Variety of missions with unique rewards tied in every one completed successfully.

3. Various side activities such as races against AI drivers or stunts off ramps available for extra cash bonuses!


1. No online multiplayer option present so it is played exclusively in singleplayer mode only

2 Limited customization options for your truck 3Traffic police presence forces you to drive cautiously which can be monotonous at times

Risks of Mod APK

Mod APKs are unofficial versions of a game that have been modified and contain cheats, hacked components or other unauthorized content. This means players will gain access to additional resources such as unlimited money which canin extreme cases be dangerous for gamers having an addictive personality type who are unable to recognize when they should stop spending all their newly found wealth on upgrades! It is also important to note that these files might be malicious downloads posing serious security risks if downloaded from untrusted sources so it‘s best not take part in any sort of modding activities whatsoever

Mod apk installation guide

1. Android users should enableUnknown sources in their device settings before attempting to install the APK on their phone or tablet.

2. Download the mod apk from a trusted website onto your device, ensuring that it is virus free as malicious downloads can pose serious security risks

3. Once downloaded, open the file and pressinstall this will begin but might take some time depending on your internet connection speed

4 . Lastly when finished installing you may delete leftover files so that there are no unwanted remnants of content!

Truck Simulator USA Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


Truck Simulator USA provides players with a unique and immersive experience thanks to its lifelike graphics depicting American cities from all over the continent. The game features detailed 3D visuals that are sure to put every drivers heart into their vehicular adventures, while also offering various camera angles such as firstperson view which provide improved navigation through winding roads.


The soundscape of Truck Simulator USA adds an extra layer of depth to its atmosphere truck engine idle alongside soothing acoustic melodies in the background create a sense calming ambience throughout gameplay without diminishing any necessary immersion due authentically recorded sound effects related to driving and traffic laws among others! On top of this there is no feature music present but natural environmental sounds instead which ties in perfectly with the realistic presentation found within game itself !


Truck Simulator USA Mod Apk offers players a realistic driving simulation experience thats sure to immerse anyone interested in this type of field. Its advanced 3D graphics and detailed visuals present American cities from all sides as you strive to complete delivery missions, while also providing extra activities such as races against AI drivers or performing outrageous stunts off ramps scattered around the map for additional cash bonuses! With unlimited money at handprovided by its mod APK it‘s even easier to upgrade your truck‘s hardware components allowing for better performance overall. So if you were ever curious about what being a reallife crosscountry trucker is like, then this game is definitely worth checking out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Truck Simulator USA available for iOS devices?

A1. Yes, the game is available on both Android and iOS platforms with its mod APK providing players on either device access to additional resources such as unlimited money.

Q2. What camera angles are offered in this game?

A2: Players have access to various camera angles from firstperson view which provides improved navigation under difficult conditions alongside other options like a cockpit or chase cameras which add an extra layer of realism during gameplay!

Q3 Does the mod apk pose any security risks if downloaded from untrusted sources?

A3: It is recommended not to download any sort ofmodded version of a game as malicious files can contain unauthorized content that might prove dangerous when installed onto your device! Therefore it‘s best to stick with official versions when possible and only download mods you trustwhether they be free or purchased so that there no unwanted surprises arise afterwards!

Q4. Are there any missions that can be completed for additional rewards?

A4. Yes! In addition to the main storyline missions, players are able to take part in various side activities such as races against AI drivers or performing outrageous stunts off ramps scattered around each map these provide small amounts of cash bonuses which will add up over time and allow you to upgrade your truck more efficiently!

Q5 How many places can I visit in game?

A5: Truck Simulator USA allows players to explore the entire United States while trucking across its cities and highwayswith new locations added on a regular basis so everyone is sure enough areas to discover every single time they start playing this great simulation game !


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