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Sep 12, 2023
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Treasure hunter Mod Apk 1.118 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Treasure hunter Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Apk
Size 100 MB
Version 1.118
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Welcome to Treasure Hunter Mod Apk! In this exciting simulation game, you will become the greatest treasure hunter ever. You’ll travel through treacherous jungles and seas to find buried chests filled with gold coins and jewels. Along your journey, you’ll come across traps set by crafty pirates who are always out to stop you from making off with their loot. You must be nimble-footed and ready for action when exploring these dangerous waters! As a daring treasure hunter mod apk free download, there is no mountain too high or sea too deep, which can deter your ambitions in finding the glorious hidden riches that await at every turn. Test your cunning wits against lure ships and powerful cannons as you take on each challenging mission like an explorer paving their own path in history without any fear or hesitation because only by doing so can one truly ascend into greatness!

Treasure hunter Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

In Treasure Hunter, you’ll take control of a ship, navigate it through obscure waters and battle against pirate foes in the search for buried treasure. Players must contend with treacherous obstacles such as bottomless trenches and rough seas while expending resources to survive their mission. From looting merchant ships – to raiding ancient forgotten temples – every choice brings new rewards or risks to the table! Ultimately, each courageous choice could determine if you make off with enough riches to become an iconic legend among other aspiring Pirate Captains!

Play With Fun this game?

If you want a thrilling and adventurous experience, then Treasure Hunter is an ideal sail for you! Enjoy the sights of exotic islands as you hunt down well-hidden trinkets whilst facing off against powerful pirate enemies. Test your cunning wits against crafty foes who will do anything to stop you from attaining victory. And if luck is in your favor, perhaps this challenge may even end with becoming renowned among fellow Pirate Captains forevermore by seizing glorious treasure that no eyes have ever seen before! So join us on a reckless adventure towards uncovering fortune beyond expectation!

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Is it a multiplayer game?

Unfortunately, currently, Treasure Hunter is not a multiplayer game. However, you can sail with a buddy in your crew – such as playing co-op or invading each other’s ships. You’ll also be able to select from four different characters and two boats for further customization of the experience! So join the fight and become a famous Pirate Captain – for success awaits only those truly brave at heart!

Treasure hunter Mod Apk

Features of Treasure hunter

Sailing Gameplay

At the helm of your ship, you will have to navigate treacherous waters and sparkling seas while struggling against powerful waves and whirlpools. Face off with enemies in exciting naval battles where you must know when to ram or run away from conflict! Gather information from sailors at ports, buy new cannons on the market that’ll help improve your odds in battle – all within a visually stunning yet fierce environment full of danger around every turn!

Customization Options

When getting ready for each mission, choose any four characters offering different special bonuses such as increased speed or defense when sailing. Also, opt between two ships that are finely crafted into either swift buccaneers or steady titans to give players great variation depending on their strategy needs. Upgrade these vessels using materials found through missions like wood planks for better health points among other resources – making sure each adventure is personalized like no other!

Unique Events & Challenges

Take part in various unique events set up by merchants across ports celebrating player achievements during their venture which can get surprisingly lucrative rewards if completed successfully 😉 Additionally, there are daily bounty challenges issued every year granting triple XP points towards skill progression– so make sure to keep an eye out before setting sail for Adventures at Sea!

Boss Battles & Pirate Raids

While cruising dangerous waters, Pirates will do everything they can stop stops due to loot – therefore, prepare yourself and crew them with matching armaments whenever possible. If tamed properly, Antiquity Cannon Firepower comes with immense strength, but it must handled carefully and use discretion . Defeat traditional Bosses. Intense shootout raids reward vast plunder ! Push back those bullies’ nefarious agendas, recover hidden treasures, and feel real sense. Awe, Gratitude, Courage accumulated over long haul adventures, be insurmountable satisfaction beam chest wide open victory after heroic voyages !

Co-Op Play Mode

Whilst Treasure Hunter mainly emphasizes single-player execution, you also have options from Co-op play mode, crews with buddies with similar goals hunt down the same Ships and work together with even greater chances. Success piracy requires team texture, stay afloat, don’t forget to share profits reaps rewards collected whilst adventuring around this treasured world, secret depths uncover grand horde jewels shark filled bay waiting be explored friends more excitement Goals soundtrack rich soundtrack immersive Mood rows turbulent Seas Riveting Adventures& escapes exquisite Loot anytime anywhere sounds tasty doesn’t?

Random Game Modes/Difficulty Selections

Treasure hunter facilitate many Random game modes Difficulty selection catering exactly type player look including range skill levels challenge those veteran pirates beginner amateurs alike to create completely custom beachhead perfect strategic showdown grab factions benighted villains tones musical effects thrilling soundscape fit scenarios moment carry thrill combat wavering seas rolling dockyards along gold turrets tropical Islands Background awesome Depth Visual Animations Picture perfect environments extensive detail bring graphic impact more substantial way punctuate whole Thrust Atmosphere RPG Mechanics Level System count number medals achieved successful Missions unlock Reward chests level prestige amazing feats boost Ranked leaderboard profiles mettle lastly accumulate Fortune previous Tety very quick Retro pixel Art graphics exhilarating trailer showcasing upcoming Expansion packs breath life landscapes rear perspective !

Treasure hunter Mod Apk

What is Treasure hunter Mod APK?

Treasure Hunter Mod APK is a modified version of the original game that has been tweaked and enhanced to provide an even better gaming experience. It includes features like unlocked premium content, unlimited coins, lives and other rewards. The mod also comes with new levels, weapons, and items not available in the original game, as well as improved graphics performance for smoother gameplay operations on both Android devices or tablets/iPhones/iPads . So explore endless treasures that await you choose your ship customize sailors race towards Grand Prize!

Features of Treasure Hunter Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The Treasure Hunter Mod APK has an unlimited money feature, so you can use it to purchase items, upgrades, and all resources necessary for your expeditions.

Unlockable Content

All in-game content, such as ships, characters, and consumables, have been unlocked with the mod, giving you access to more exciting features during your questing adventures.

Improved Graphics Performance

Enjoy superior graphic effects that make the game look more lush and vibrant than ever before – perfect for devices of all sizes! Great visuals paired with efficient performance ensure seamless gaming experience without any hiccups or lags whatsoever !

How to Download And Install Treasure hunter Mod Apk

• Go to and search “Treasure Hunter Mod Apk Free Download”

• Select the correct version of the mod from the list.

• Hit install and wait for it to complete the download process.

• Once done, click on open game or find inside your Mobile Application options

• Enter your credentials and begin playing the game.

• More Adventure!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Clear Cache – Deleting corrupt or unwanted files and cookies from your device can help with any errors you might encounter during installation.

• Reinstall Game/Mod – If the issue is persistent, it may be time to try the uninstallation of both current game and mod followed by reinstalling them again.

• Check Internet Connection- A weak internet connection may prevent from downloading or installing successfully, so check your network connections before attempting once more

• Check for Updates – Issues may arise due to outdated games or mods; thus, it is important to check the latest versions available on Google Play before installation.

Treasure hunter Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


The graphics in Treasure Hunter Apk Mod offer a beautiful and realistic vantage point with realistic-looking ship designs, which help bring the game to life. Pirate foes are designed vividly, making opponents feel alive while sailing on treacherous seas. There’s also an engaging variety of rich colors through outland exploration while uncovering secret venues distribution smooth animations portraying every situation that players come across during their quests for fame and fortune – all set within larger open world environments waiting be explored!

Music/Sound Effects

With each traversal through dangerous waters comes thematic yet calm soundtracks tuned specifically to immerse oneself in maritime artistry, grand scale basslines, vocals, choir, fine melodies, orchestral instrumentation balance musical moods one minute crying storms, next tranquil wave ride feats shield defended against cannon blasts, the core insure gripping Audio appeal takes these Liveliness frontiers direct Brain oceanic adventure awaits beckoning never stopping pursuit legendary loot !


Overall, Treasure Hunter Mod Apk is one of the best simulation games available on market that offers an unforgettable adventure full of thrilling naval battles, hidden treasures and random events. With its easy-to-understand mechanics and visually stunning yet intense environments – it will take your breath away while challenging you mentally in a fun way. You’ll be able to customize characters, equip ships with powerful cannons, or upgrade them as needed – all within detailed materials, ensuring that levels are completely interactive every time! Take control of your own vessel , sail across mysterious borders, pass turbulent seas, and uncover grand treasure. Greatness awaits !!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What platforms is Treasure Hunter Hack Apk compatible with?

A: Treasure Hunter Hack Apk Free Download can be played on Android mobile devices from version 4.1. It can also be played on iPhones and iPads but requires iOS 6 or later and must have a minimum RAM of 1GB for optimal performance.

Q: Is there an online multiplayer mode available?

A: Currently, there is no official multiplayer support in the game itself however, you do have the option to play co-op with another person by teaming up against pirate forces!

Q : How often are new levels released ?

A : New levels get released roughly every month as part of updates that always include extra features such as discounted prices for in-game items or double experience points when completing certain missions – so make sure to stay tuned often via social media or website notifications!

Q : Are there any cheating codes available ?

A : No , unfortunately , the game does not allow players to enter any cheat codes during gameplay. There are also no exploits/hacks that work currently, as these measures were all removed since launch .

Q : Are there ways to save progression ?

A : Yes! Any progress made in the game during a session can be saved through the use of checkpoints which allow players to start from where they left off even after quitting out and re-starting their devices .

Q: Is it possible to make real money with this game?

A: Treasure Hunter Modded Apk Free Download does not offer any forms of real money winnings. However, there are plenty of in-game rewards that you can collect as you progress through your journeys, such as coins, jewels, or other items.

Q: Is there an estimated length for completion?

A : While each playthrough will vary depending on the difficulty selected, certain overall tasks must still met before achieving total victory eye world domination ! Steady Conquest battling Pirate antagonists chasing item pulls hours while experts accomplished feats slight quicker . All great things treasures deserve solid plan respect systematic approach ensure Masterful execution right now shower gold Its time plunder !!


• Treasure hunter Modded Apk is a simulation game that offers players exciting adventures, treacherous seas and endless rewards.

• Enjoy customizable characters, ships, upgrades and special bonuses as you go about your mission to become the greatest pirate of all time.

• Defend your ship against powerful enemies in epic naval battles while seeking well-hidden loot in remote destinations!

• The modded version of the game provides an enhanced gaming experience with unlocked content such as extra weapons or unlimited coins/lives.



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