Toy Blast Mod Apk (Hack, Unlimited Coins, Lives, Boosters)


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Sep 22, 2023
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Toy Blast Mod Apk 12848 (Hack, Unlimited Coins, Lives, Boosters)

Toy Blast Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Lives, Boosters
Category Mod Apk
Size 177 MB
Version 12848
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Toy Blast Mod Apk is a puzzle video game developed by Peak Games. The goal of the game is to break clusters of cubes that are connected together in order to clear the board and reach a defined target score within a limited number of moves or turns. To do this, players tap on groups of two or more neighboring cubes with the same colors, and they will be eliminated from the playfield. Different power-ups can help players get higher scores and enhance their gaming experience even further. Its easy gameplay paired with colorful graphics makes it an attractive choice for casual gamers all around the world!

Retro Battle Mod Apk

Toy Blast Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

The base gameplay of Toy Blast consists of connecting two or more cubes with the same color and making them disappear from the game board. As players progress through different levels, they are rewarded with coins or stars for completing various tasks, such as scoring a certain number of points, finishing stages within a limited timeframe etc. These can be used to purchase booster items that help in clearing puzzles faster and easier. Players also have to watch out for obstructive blocks that cannot normally be cleared, so they need to use special power-ups like bombs and rockets in order to clear them away! The ultimate goal is still reaching the required score limit before running out of moves; this increases with every new level, which makes it increasingly difficult over time!

Play fun with this game.

Toy Blast is the perfect game for anyone who is looking for an enjoyable yet challenging experience! Players can have fun exploring all of its different levels and gain rewards as they progress. Additionally, the tricky puzzles that come with each level keep players engaged and challenged at all times. Not to mention, power-up items give them an added boost in order to get even higher scores! These features, combined with colorful graphics and easy gameplay, make Toy Blast Mod Apk Free Download a great choice for everyone from casual gamers to competitive puzzle masters!

Is it a multiplayer game?

Toy Blast does not have a specific multiplayer mode, but players can challenge their friends while competing on leaderboards and tournaments. If friends join together in these competitions, they can compete against each other for the top spot. Aside from that, Facebook integration allows competitive gamers to share score updates with their contacts; this gives them even more opportunities to show off!

Toy Blast Mod Apk

Features of Toy Blast

Varied Puzzles

Toy Blast features over 4000 levels that bring new challenges for players with varied objectives and difficulty levels. These may require the player to score a certain amount of points before running out of moves, clear away blockers, collect items or even time-limited stages!


Various power-up items can help players get ever higher scores on different stages, from powerful rockets and bombs to a hammer that can crush entire cubes at once! There are even special boosters that accomplish unique effects, like giving extra chances in one stage or refilling the move limit!

Coins & Stars System

Reaching pre-defined goals rewards players with coins/stars, which they can use in turn to buy booster packs or attractive costumes for their avatar (as an incentive). They can also be redeemed to obtain extra lives when playing hard puzzles as well as skipping difficult ones without penalty points if necessary.

Online events

Toy Blast holds regular online events and competitions at the global level. Players can join special tournaments that are hosted periodically; they will need to compete against each other in order to win prizes such as coins, stars or even rare booster packs!

Social Interaction

The game also allows those who have a Facebook account with friends already playing it the chance to sync their data across devices; this means that players can continue where they left off on another device without having lost any progress! Additionally, there is an opportunity for comparing scores on leaderboards which encourages friendly competition among everyone that’s participating!

Colorful Graphics

Interactive designs and animations, along with vivid colors, bring life into every board and create an inviting atmosphere whether you’re experienced or just starting out, so anyone can enjoy it no matter how old they are.


As mentioned before, players may spend some of their earned coins or stars on costumes for their avatar as well as decorations like wallpapers from a variety of available themes ranging from foodies to galaxies (even cars)! These may be changed whenever you feel like giving your profile a new touch-up look!

What is Toy Blast Mod APK?

Toy Blast Mod APK is a version of the game with extra features such as unlimited lives and coins, unlocked power-ups, and level skips. This way, you can play easier without having to worry about running out of moves or resources! It is not available for official download, but some websites offer modified versions that could give access to these extra features while making sure that your gameplay goes uninterrupted.

Features of Toy Blast Mod APK

Unlimited Coins

The mod APK offers an unlimited stock of coins that can be used to purchase booster items and costumes in the game without having to wait to fulfill limited objectives or run out of resources!

Infinite Lives

Toy Blast’s cheats do not include lives, but a modded version that allows infinite tries with each stage can give players more chances at succeeding without consequence!

All Levels Unlocked

Every stage will be unlocked so players don’t have to cross them one by one in order to finish the game and progress quickly; even special levels may become accessible with this modification as well!

Toy Blast Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Toy Blast Mod Apk

• Download the latest version of Toy Blast Mod APK from a reputable website

• Enable installation from unknown sources in your device’s (Android) settings menu, if required. 

• Locate the downloaded file and press to install it into your device. 

• Open up the game and enjoy all its extra features!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure that the downloaded file is completely safe and secure. 

• Check your device’s settings for any restrictions about installation from unknown sources. 

• Try installing the game from another browser or internet connection if you encounter dead links on download. 

• Try clearing accumulated data of other apps if you’re running a low-memory device, and make sure that your system has enough space to accommodate the Toy Blast Mod APK.

Visual and sound quality


Toy Blast Mod Apk boasts an aesthetically pleasing design accompanied by vibrant colors and interactive animations. The different components of the game board (cubes, blockers, power-ups etc.) are all uniquely shaped, making it easy to spot and match them together. Overall these contribute to creating a fun gaming experience that draws users in without effort!


Music and sound effects are just as important for setting up the atmosphere in a video game – Toy Blast Mod Apk has this covered through background music with cheerful tones that lighten up any situation, no matter how gloomy! Additionally, each action is supported by sounds from cubes breaking or rockets launching to keep players fixated on their objective all throughout their journey!


Toy Blast Mod Apk is an enjoyable and entertaining game that offers more than 4000 levels to challenge you at every step. It has plenty of rewarding features such as coins and stars systems, special events and leaderboards for friendly competition, costumes & decorations for customization etc., making it not only fun but also engaging throughout your progression through its stages. Furthermore, downloading the mod APK will give access to extra convenience benefits like infinite coins or lives; this makes playing more manageable while still maintaining fairness in competitions! All these different features combined, along with its vibrant visuals paired with cheerful background music, make Toy Blast Mod Apk Free Download a really attractive choice worthy of attention by all casual gamers out there!

Toy Blast Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Toy Blast Hack APK safe to download?

A1. Yes, as long as you are downloading it from a trusted source like the Play Store or other known websites and taking proper precautions while navigating away from malicious ones!

Q2. Will I be able to play with my friends on this version of the game?

A2. The regular version does not have a multiplayer feature, but if your contacts also have the modded version installed, then they will be able to join in your challenge together!

Q3 . Does Toy Blast Hack APK Free Download come with any additional levels of difficulty?

A3 . It comes unlocked for all levels, so difficult stages can become accessible without having to cross them one by one; special levels may even become accessible due to exclusive items that can only be obtained by paying with coins/stars earned throughout the game’s progression!

Q4 Can players still gain stars while playing utilizing this modification?

A4 . If you complete the objectives outlined in each level, then yes – these tasks give coins and /or stars, which makes purchasing items (such as boosters) more convenient later on throughout gameplay!

Q5 How can players earn coins with this mod APK?

A5. They may complete different tasks that range along levels of difficulty; every level completed will reward various quantities depending on the challenge!

Q6 What is the point of customizing their avatar in Toy Blast Modded APK?

A6. Customizing avatars and profiles gives a sense of personalization when playing, as well as providing incentives for completing objectives! Aside from aesthetic touches like costume changes, users may also purchase different wallpapers to spruce up their gaming atmosphere at any time they wish to do so!

Q7 Is it possible to get permanent lives by using cheats like these modifications?

A7. No; however, some versions grant users infinite tries for each stage without penalty points or any other consequence, so as long as you follow the adequate rules set in place, those moments are achievable – just remember not to abuse these advantages and consider your online comrades’ stages to maximizing everyone’s fun!


• Toy Blast Modded APK Free Download is an edited version of the original game with additional features to enhance the gaming experience. 

• It offers unlimited coins and lives, level skips, access to special stages and many more! 

• Always download from trusted sources for a secure modification that won’t damage your device or invalidate any fairness in competitions. 

• Take caution when playing multiplayer, as some modifications can give players an unfair advantage against their com



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