Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk (Hack, God Mod, More Damage, Add Graze)


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Sep 25, 2023
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Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk 6.16 (Hack, God Mod, More Damage, Add Graze)

Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk
MOD Features God Mod, More Damage, Add Graze
Category Mod Apk
Size 190 MB
Version 6.16
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk is a side-scrolling fighting game featuring characters from the famous “Touhou Project” franchise. Players can control various Touhou characters in battle as they fight their way through 8 stages! Each stage has a unique theme and demands mastery of different skills to complete it successfully. Combat emphasizes timing attacks with perfect precision, careful resource management, fast reaction times and interesting combos for an exciting experience right out of the box! Experience intense bullet hell battles amongst colorful enemies on unforgettable battlefields while dispatching your opponents one after another à la 2D fighter style all providing you with an intense gaming experience that only Touhou games deliver properly!

Gameplay Overview

Touhou Madouroku is a 2D side-scrolling fighting game. Players control Touhou characters as they battle foes and fight their way through 8 stages. Gameplay emphasizes calculation, resource management, reflexes & creativity to succeed each stage has unique enemies & challenges which require mastery of combos to overcome. Compete in intense bullet hell battles while defending against waves of colourful enemy projectiles! Experience firsthand the exciting intensity that only Touhou games deliver!

Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk

Play With Fun this game?

Yes, Touhou Madouroku is an entertaining game! The fast-paced action and challenging stages make for an exciting experience that will keep players coming back. With its various characters to choose from and the ability to customize combos, there’s lots of variety for each player. Plus, with its gorgeous artwork adding to the atmosphere of each stage, it makes every battle memorable! Get ready for some intense bullet hell battles as you master your skills in Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk Free Download!

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Touhou Madouroku is a single-player game. Players compete against computer-controlled opponents to beat each stage as they progress through the 8 stages of the game. Although there are no online multiplayer features, you can still challenge yourself by competing for high scores!

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Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk

Features of Touhou Madouroku

Character Selection

Touhou Madouroku offers a wide selection of characters from the famous “Touhou Project” franchise for players to choose from. Use each character’s unique abilities and attacks as you battle your way through 8 stages with varying obstacles, enemies and strategies! Not only that but many of these characters who already appear in other games can be chosen by their respective fans!


The game features 8 stages with various themes, such as a hot spring resort, limited visibility levels full of ghosts, a hellish battlefield set in an oni castle and more! Each stage has its own objectives, like boss battles or time-attack challenges, which demand mastery of different skills to complete them successfully – providing endless amounts of fun & enjoyment while increasing playability throughout the game.

Combat Mechanics

Combat mechanics in Touhou Madouroku emphasizes timing attacks with perfect precision, careful resource management & fast reaction times as you battle against your foes! Master the skilful dodging of enemy projectiles while dispatching them one after another à la 2D fighting game – providing an intense gaming experience coupled with beautiful visuals for a truly unforgettable experience!

Customizable Combos

An exciting feature in Touhou Madouroku is its ability to customize combos for each character, which gives players more control and allows them to create new strategies. With this feature, even experienced players will have something fresh & challenging for every battle they go into.

Weapons System

The weapons system helps make battles more dynamic by giving characters access to a range of different items during fights, such as bombs that can clean up the screen or extra bullets that provide bonus damage from behind barricades, amongst other excellent items! Not only does it add variety, but it also makes each round unpredictable, adding great replay value & uniqueness options during play-throughs versus mindless grind-style gameplay familiar in many side scrollers today.

Reactive Music System

Touching briefly on aesthetics, any fan of games from the legendary “Touhou Project” franchise knows well enough how amazing their musical scores tend to sound – not just alike catchy tunes or beats either; they are often carefully crafted reactive music systems that adjust according its progress (such is indisputably true here too). An excellent addition, indeed !

Online Ranking System & Achievements

Last but not least, Touhou Madouroku can boast an entirely in-game online ranking system & achievements feature that allows players to track their progress throughout the game while competing with other players around the world for different scoreboards. By keeping competitiveness high and providing incentives outside of merely completing each stage, it adds just one more layer of motivation & longevity alongside excellent technical mechanics, making sure no player will be satisfied any time soon!

Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk

What is Touhou Madouroku Mod APK?

Touhou Madouroku Mod APK is a modified version of Touhou Madouroku that has been altered for Android devices. This modification unlocks features not available in the original game, such as access to more characters and stages, special effects and abilities, improved graphics and sound quality, as well as bug fixes to make for an even better gaming experience! Additionally, this modded version also introduces new content like unique costumes & weapons, providing greater customization beyond what’s possible in the vanilla game.

Features of Touhou Madouroku Mod APK

God Mod

This feature in Touhou Madouroku Apk Mod grants players access to a powerful, invincible mode that makes it easier to progress through the game without worry of loss or failure, no matter which stage they are on.

Increased Damage Output

Take your battles up a notch with this modification! Deal extra damage against enemies due to improved attack values – making even challenging stages that much more manageable while still enjoying an intense bullet hell experience should you choose so !

Add More Graze

Maximize your CHANCES OF SURVIVAL with this version by adding additional grazes AFTER sustaining hits from projectiles; dodge all incoming attacks successfully and enjoy clear skies ahead befitting the actual bullet hell master you genuinely are!

Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk

• Go to any Apk download website or and search for “ Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk Free Download.”

• Download the file on your device

• Follow the instructions given on the screen, such as allowing external sources if using a non-Google Play Store source.

• Click Install when prompted by your mobile device and wait for installation to finish.

• Once installed, launch Touhou Madouroku Apk Mod Free Download and enjoy!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure your device has enough storage space available for installation.

• Ensure that you are using a stable internet connection for the download and install process to be successful.

• Check if your Android OS is up-to-date and compatible with the version of Touhou Madouroku Modded APK Free Download being installed.

• If there are still any issues, try manually downloading & installing it again or use an alternative source (such as

Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


Touhou Madouroku Mod APK boasts sharp and colorful graphics on both regular & wide-screen displays making even intense fights a sight to behold! Characters, environments & background elements are carefully designed to suit each scenario perfectly, so be ready for some eye candy as you advance in the game!

Sound / Music

Get ready for an immersive journey into the realm of bullets with its enjoyable soundtrack that adjusts dynamically according to its progression; remastered versions of classic Hakurei Reimu themes from other games make up part here, check in unexpectedly around unexpected spots while new compositions are created throughout play sessions – delightful sounds indeed !


Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk is an exciting side-scrolling fighting game featuring characters from the popular Touhou franchise. Players can expect intense bullet hell battles, unique stages and challenges which demand mastery of different skills to complete them successfully. The game allows customization through its weapons & combo systems that offer more control than ever before, while gorgeous graphics add to the atmosphere of each stage for a truly unforgettable gaming experience! Experience what only Touhou games deliver properly with its modified version available via Mod APK files distributed online adding even extra content on top for greater depth plus improved visuals/sounds ensuring no two sessions will be alike!

Touhou Madouroku Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Touhou Madouroku Mod APK free?

A: Yes, the modded version of this popular game is 100% free!

Q: Does it require a rooted device to install?

A: No, the installation of this modified version doesn’t require root access – so everyone can enjoy it!

Q. What are some features available in Touhou Madouroku Mod APK?

A: Features available in this mod are unique costumes, weapons, increased damage output and God Mode.

Q: Is there an online rankings & achievements system?

A: Yes! Touhou Madouroku Hack APK Free Download has a fully functional online ranking system that allows you to compete with other players around the world for different scoreboards. Not only that, but it also provides incentives outside of merely completing each stage, increasing competitiveness & longevity alike!

Q: Is Touhou Madouroku Mod APK compatible with Android devices?

A: Yes, the mod has been designed for maximum compatibility over most modern and standard Android devices, so you should have no problem enjoying its vast content plus improved visuals/sounds on your device of choice! .

Q. What is the size of Touhou Madouroku Mod APK?

A: The Mod services a single package file that reports under 60 MB; definitely a great sign considering features & graphical improvements at hand – ensuring quick downloads no matter where you are located around the world !

Q. Does it include any new levels?

A: Yes, Touhou Madouroku Hack APK features all 8 original stages from the game, plus a gravity-altered cave level & remastered classic Hakurei Reimu themes in additional stages/ Boss battles !


• Touhou Madouroku Modded APK is totally free to download and can be installed over most modern Android devices without root required 

• Features unique costumes, weapons, increased damage output & God Mode for an even more decadent experience! 

• Online ranking system allows you to compete with other players around the world for different scoreboards. 

• Offers additional levels of challenge plus improved visuals/sounds, ensuring quick downloads no matter where you are located around the world !


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