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Sep 17, 2023
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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush MOD APK 5.9.3 (Unlimited Money)

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Category Mod Apk
Size 146 MB
Version 5.9.3
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush Mod Apk Free Download

The devastatinglypopular mobile game Tiles Hop: EDM Rush takes classic gameplay and cranks it up to eleven. Played with engaging and cute physics, the colorful tiles require players to delicately land a ball on each tile placed in front of them as soundtracks fill their ears from either custom music or professionally composed songs. The official EDM rush version provides an even more comprehensive soundtrack selection, allowing users to lose themselves within the beats while also developing skills related to gaming technique. Of course, levels can be played so that difficulty progressively increases never again will boredom become an issue! Recent updates include subtle visual changes as well adding extra tools for customization like alleys or customizable spin mechanics for each ball character available in the store; theres something here that everyone will enjoy!

Gameplay Overview

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush is an addictive and vibrant mobile game perfect for any type of player. The objective of the game is to precisely land a ball character on all colored tiles in order while playing alongside professionally composed or custom imported music. Players must use their finger, keyboard, mouse, or other accessory to last up tilts and guide their balls toward their objectives. As players progress further into the levels bonus items are picked up unlocking hidden treats ingame like alleys tools which can help rack up scores even higher! Special characters make it easier by adding unique abilities that change with distance covered allowing quick level completion along with leaderboards where global rankings offer bragging rights among friends. Enjoyment reigns supreme long enough to keep everyone coming back for more!

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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush MOD APK

Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush offers a multiplayer mode to let friends join the stressfree, rhythm filled gameplay! Players can battle each other in level of their choosing or just show off their best scores. With up to four players at once they can either compete for top spots on leaderboards or just have fun making poignant challenges with one another; its all possible and easily accessible through systems simple setup process. The party never stops until someone gets thrown out of time which wont happen when you involving Tiles Hop EDM Rush!

What is Tiles Hop: EDM Rush Mod APK?

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush Mod APK is an extension of the popular Tiles Hop app, created specifically to provide players access to premium features. This mod unlocks special tools for customizing characters and abilities, music imported with ease through parsing links from social media, additional levels added daily and a points bonus system for fasttracking progress. With solid performance as much as four times higher than regular apps its no wonder this version is favored by both casual gamers or professionals alike; it‘s all here within one glorious mobile package!

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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush MOD APK

Features of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush Mod APK

AdFree Gameplay

This mod eliminates all ads while youre playing, giving a 100% no disturbance experience by removing the need to close popup windows or banners midgame.

Power Ups & Characters Customization

Unlock special boosts, exclusive tools and alleys for ramping up your scores plus select from any of fifteen colorful characters customize their abilities according to how far you go in each level!

Easy Music Import without leaving App

Play songs off social media clips as easy as pasting links right into Tiles Hop EDM Rush Mod APK for access; complete music library with smooth transition through overlapping BPMs included too!

Level Bonus System & Analyzer Tool

Great way to pick out best courses available suited towards current strength before engaging with daily levels or tournaments; specially crafted points system also brings gems galore mode often check progress accurately within seconds of getting through levels successfully!

Professional Soundtracks and Animations Included

Engage beaten provided by international producers alongside energetic animations graphed out every hit along the way surely loved intricate details perfected down finest line ensuring each game jam packed fun awaiting at every corner.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush MOD APK

Advantages and Disadvantages This Mod Apk


1. Adfree gameplay with no ads interruption or interruptions.

2. Easy music import and access to extended tools for customization like alleys, character abilities and power ups options allowing players more freedom when it comes to playing the game how they want!

3 High quality soundtracks and animations provided by professional producers bring great atmosphere over levels enjoyable even in short bursts .


1 Reduced compatibility across devices due needing resources running higher expectations despite dedicated development goals not all platforms always supported

2 More memory space requirements then original version occupying significant amounts device memory

3 Special features exclusive owners mod apk those without proper bypassing techniques certainly miss out biggest developments make unique seen around other titles.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush MOD APK

How to Download Tiles Hop: EDM Rush APK

1. Download the Tiles Hop: EDM Rush mod apk from any reliable source.

2. Locate and open the downloaded file on your android device to begin installation process.

3. Read recommended changes made after download, give access requested stored message app devices if needed for proper running application ( requires least versions Android 5+ ).

4 Read carefully through privacy policies set forth before continuing with install process agreements may include personal data collecting info sharing agreement etc .

5 Confirm settings post reading then wait until successful installation popup shows across mobile display enter within start screen immediately after being able enjoy bouncy experience while listening beats!

Visual and sound quality


The graphical design of the game is sharp, vibrant and full of detail. It has an inviting cartoonstyle design with sleek lines, bold colors, realistic textures and lighting effects that combine to make it a visual treat. You can tell that a lot of time went into perfecting the visuals as each animation is quite smooth and pleasing to look at.


Tiles Hop EDM Rush brings together music from all over the world in its soundtrack ranging from popular Koreanpop songs to Vietnams top hits! Thanks It synchronous sound blending whether adding your own personalized playlist or leaving settings original created compositions quality great extra dynamics beats map physical movement digital ball creating stand out mix audio visual spectacular . Along visuals fantastic scoring journey made complete intuitive animations for bonus items perks found within levels added incredible outcomes example progress rightly rewarded .

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush MOD APK


The Tiles Hop: EDM Rush mod apk is one of the best casual games for android, providing a unique gaming experience with great music and visuals. Not only does it have an adfree gameplay but also includes customizable tools to create your own characters and abilities, as well as music imported without leaving the app. With its level bonus system and analyzer tool you can play easier challenges or climb up the ranks on leaderboards among friends! All in all Tiles Hop: EDM rush offers an exciting world full of adventure take part now just watch scores soar!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is this mod available to all Android devices?

A1. Unfortunately, the Tiles Hop: EDM Rush mod apk is not compatible with all android devices due to its higher memory space requirement. It is recommended that you check minimum system requirements before downloading the application as it may not be suitable for some devices with more minimalistic configurations.

Q2 What benefits does this Mod Apk bring compared to regular version?

A2 This mod apk brings many extra features that are normally locked or require inapp purchases on other versions of Tiles Hop such as adfree gaming, custom character abilities and alleys, plus level bonus systems which can allow players faster progress towards daily challenges or leaderboards overall! Additionally alternative BPMs when importing music from social media make transitions smoother then ever seen before making one enjoyable combination never seen since original release date .

3 What type of songs supported by imported links inside app ?

A3 You can import any song you want through user friendly link pasting method within game settings ! From popular Kpop hits Vietnams top tunes provided; users even access specific beats particular time signature favorite genres comfort home away from heading store direct . Variety superb choice unparalleled when comes possessing private music library while playing !



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