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Telegram Mod Apk 10.1.1 (Premium Unlocked)

APP INFO: Telegram Mod Apk
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Category Mod Apk
Size 30 MB
Version 10.1.1
Requires Android 5.0
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Telegram Mod Apk Free Download

Telegram Mod Apk is a messaging app that allows users to send and receive messages, photos, videos, and other multimedia content. It also provides an encrypted chat feature that keeps conversations secure between two participants. Telegram has been around since 2013 but recently gained popularity due to its end-to-end encryption technology for chats and its ability to create large group chats with up to 200 members simultaneously. With more than 400 million active monthly users worldwide, it’s one of the most popular communication apps available today!

Fast And Synced

Using TelegramTelegram is fast and easy. Messages are synced across all your devices, so you can start a conversation on one device and continue it from another without missing a beat. Plus, messages are stored in the cloud for up to 7 days at no additional cost! This frees up storage space on your phone or tablet while maintaining secure conversations with friends and family members worldwide.

Robust Security And Privacy Settings

Telegram puts user privacy first by using end-to-end encryption for chats as well as offering various security settings like passcode lock screen protection which requires users to enter their password every time they open the app, two-step verification where users must input an extra code sent via SMS when logging into new computers/devices; self-destructing messages that disappear after being read once (or never); private chatrooms accessible only if both participants know its number sequence, etc… So not only is messaging through TelegramTelegram encrypted but also safeguarded against any unauthorized access too!

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Telegram Mod Apk

Unlimited & Secure

Telegram offers unlimited storage for your messages, media, and files. Telegram also provides a secure platform compared to other services as it doesn’t have access to user data or content stored on its servers, ensuring that only you control the security and privacy of your conversations!

100% Free, Open & Powerful

Telegram is 100% free, open source, and can be used on any smartphone or tablet. It’s also mighty, with features like quick replies for frequently sent messages; customizable notifications, so you never miss a message again! Plus, it has an easy-to-use bot API that allows developers to create bots that interact via messaging apps – this opens up endless possibilities and integration into other services making Telegram one of the most versatile communication platforms today!

Reliable & Fun

Telegram is also remarkably reliable, delivering messages quickly and reliably even during network issues. Plus, it has many fun features like stickers and GIFs to express yourself in conversations! So if you’re looking for an all-in-one communication app that puts user privacy first while giving users the power to do more – Telegram might be just what you need!

Easy To Use

Telegram is incredibly easy to use. Even if you’ve never used a messaging app before, the intuitive user interface makes it simple – sign up with your phone number or email address, add contacts from either of those sources (or by importing them), and start chatting! You can also explore advanced features like secret chats for extra security and customized notifications so that you always know when someone important has contacted you.

What is Telegram Mod Apk?

Telegram Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Telegram application, which provides users with additional features, tweaks, and customizations. Unlike other modded apps, this one does not require root access or special permissions! It’s safe for your device since it doesn’t modify system files or code but adds extra functionality via its components. Some of these additional features include new themes; pinning messages; improved search functions; advanced notifications settings etc. With all that plus much more, you can get an even better experience when using TelegramTelegram than what’s available right out of the box!

Telegram Mod Apk

Features of Telegram Mod Apk

Theme Customization:

Telegram Mod Apk allows users to customize their application with various themes and colors, making it easier to personalize the experience of messaging on the app.

Improved Search Functionality :

The search feature in this modded version has been improved significantly so that users can find messages quicker than before! This is especially useful when looking through long conversations or large group chats. You can quickly locate what you’re looking for without spending too much time scrolling up and down pages to remember where something was previously said.

Advanced Notifications Settings:

With advanced notifications settings available in Telegram Mod Apk, users have more control over how they receive alerts from specific contacts/groups, etc. They can enable sound notifications only if important people message them, mute certain groups when needed, or turn off all notification sounds while still receiving a pop-up alert whenever someone sends a new message – perfect for those who want complete silence but don’t want to miss out on any updates either!

Pinning Messages:

Another great addition that comes along with this modified version of TelegramTelegram is the ability to pin your favorite messages at the top of the chat history screen so that these won’t get lost among other texts anymore – just like favorites lists work on modern browsers such as Chrome & Firefox do today!

Multi-Account Support :

Lastly, one cool thing about using TELEGRAM MOD APK IS THAT IT ALLOWS USERS TO LOGIN WITH MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS AT ONCE. This way, multiple devices/phones connected under the same account will be synced together, allowing quick switching between accounts quickly via a single tap instead having a login process each time.

Premium Unlocked:

Telegram Mod Apk also has all premium features unlocked, such as unlimited file size for sending documents & media and higher quality image/video compression when uploading to the app.

Telegram Mod Apk

How to Download and Install Telegram Mod Apk

1. Download the app from a reliable website like onto your device

2. Enable “Unknown Sources” in your settings menu if you haven’t done so already

3. Install Telegram Mod Apk onto your phone/tablet by following any further instructions that appear after opening it up & tapping the install button at the bottom right corner of the screen

4 Once installed, launch the application and use extra features available within this modded version!

5. Enjoy the free premium features of Telegram Mod Apk!

Advantages and disadvantages of using Telegram Mod Apk


• Ability to customize the app with various themes & colors

• Improved search functionality for quicker access to messages and conversations

• Advanced notification settings to stay on top of essential updates without sound interruptions.

• Pinning favorite messages and multi-account support makes managing multiple accounts from a single device/phone easier.

• Unlocked premium features such as unlimited file size, higher quality image/video compression, etc., provide more value than just using the original version available on!

Disadvantages :

As this is a modified version not released by Telegram’s official developers, there are potential risks when downloading and installing applications like these onto your devices (especially if done through unreliable sources). Malicious code could be present within modded apps leading to data loss or other serious issues – we recommend only downloading trusted versions checked over carefully before running them! In addition, some users may find extra customization options too overwhelming, which might lead to confusion while navigating the application.

Telegram Mod Apk


Overall, Telegram Mod Apk is an exciting twist on the original version of Telegram, which provides users with additional features that are not available in the regular one. If you’re looking for a way to customize your messaging experience and take complete control over how it looks & feels, then this mod may be a perfect choice! However, make sure to download reliable versions only, as potential risks are involved when dealing with modified applications like these!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is Telegram Mod Apk safe?

A1: It is generally considered a safe and secure modded version of the original telegram app. However, we recommend only downloading versions from trusted sources as they have been checked carefully before release. Potential risks are always involved when installing any modified applications onto your device!

Q2: Does Telegram Mod Apk require root access?

A2: No, this application does not need special permissions or rooting to work correctly! All that has been done is enable the “Unknown Sources” option settings menu, then install the file onto the phone/tablet afterward.

Q3 How can I customize my theme on TELEGRAM MOD APK?

A3 Customizing themes & colors within this application is pretty straightforward – tap the hamburger icon (three lines ) top left corner main page and select the appearance section, where you will find multiple options to adjust the look and feel according to personal preference!

Q4 Are there limits to sending files using TELEGRAM MOD APK?

A4 Not at all – thanks to unlocked premium features included within the modded version, send more extensive documents/videos without worrying about size restrictions like would usually occur regular ones available Google Play Store also supports higher quality image compression so that photos sent appear better resolution their recipients end too!

Q5 What are the advanced notifications settings features offered by TELEGRAM MOD APK?

A5 Advanced notification setting allows users to configure how alerts are received for each contact group separately example, enabling sound alerts to only important people messaging them, muting certain groups needed turning off sounds while still getting pop-ups whenever someone sends a new message, etc. This provides much more control than usual, ensuring you can take advantage of everything critical, even if you stay silent most of the time!


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