Telegram Final 4.8.5 Android Apk+Windows

Telegram 4.8.5 New Update Android Apk + Windows – The latest and most recent version of Android Telegraph Messenger with Windows Telegram
New and official update on December 12, 1396, with the release of your dear friends
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Telegram – Telegram is a powerful, free and superb high-end, high-speed, and secure digital Fortress for Android operating system, which has been downloaded to more than 500 million times by Android users around the world and is among the most popular. It goes ahead and it’s up to you! Telegram – The telegram has been designed with a focus on two major factors of high speed and security, allowing users to upload their favorite photos, videos, files and text at any rate to their friends anywhere in the globe. Send the earth! Yes, this Messenger is very similar to the Watts Up app, with the distinction that the features that the telegram offers to users are greater than Watts Up, and it is offered to all users who are looking for a free and low-end Messenger. we give! With Telegram, you have the ability to chat indefinitely with your friends and acquaintances, create chat rooms to infinitely many people, and chat in groups, with different files, including Send up to 1 of+ GB of video and make it easy for you to have your messages because all your messages will be saved so you can access them! If you’re looking for one of the best and most complete Android Messenger and Messenger, do not miss the telegram in any way!

Some of the key features of the Android Telegram app:

  • Possibility to create and chat in groups with chat rooms to infinite people!
  • Possibility to send photos, videos, and files up to 1500 MB (1.5 Gigabytes)
  • Save all your conversations on cloud apps to access other devices
  • Extremely powerful encryption for users who do not have the same privacy!
  • Provides incredibly beautiful smileys for use in the user’s chat environment
  • Supports sticks with thousands of great stickers to use + Sticker builder
  • View animated GIF images without the need to download and save them to use on the chat page
  • Have a Windows version to use Messenger on your computer!
  • Possibility to create dedicated channels and invite friends using links and channel names
  • Ability to define administrator and admin for channels created by the main channel manager
  • Possibility to build proprietary robots + default robot builders and …
  • Assign a custom application name to your own + Different privacy stats
  • Possibility to put custom photos for your profile (with the new photo, the previous photo will remain)
  • The option to display your last visit or the Last Seen Recently text for contacts or all users
  • A powerful search function to find arbitrary text among chats in groups and so on
  • Automatically and quickly synchronize information and contacts between your Windows and Android version of your account
  • Different settings for Background and other items to customize your telegram
  • Announcement settings page with dozens of customization options for LED and audio
  • Easy and direct sharing of messages, images, and even channel posts
  • Practical and interesting option for editing messages sent to groups or contacts
  • Supports world languages including Farsi (language setting)
  • 100% free (unlike casinos that should be paid after a while)


Telegram – Telegram with hundreds of millions of downloads from the Android market, rated 4.3 out of 5.0, which we now have on the freshest version of HackDl, and you can get it in one click. If you want to introduce the best Messenger for Android now, be sure the Messenger name is shining; it is better to mention that the telegram is very popular in Iran, and in other countries there is little telegram, and in a few published news stories The latest day is still the most popular Wetsaw App World Messenger!

V4.8.5 version changes :

* There are no changes to this version in Google Play [Changes to the previous version mentioned]

V4.8.5 version changes :

* Simultaneous use of multiple accounts: Ability to use 3 accounts simultaneously in the telegram without the need for unofficial versions. Optionally, you can reapply the conversation by dragging the chat to the left.

Learning Out of Raptor Account Telegram with Spam Spam info Bot:

Telegram, as a popular social networking site among all Iranian users, offers you all the possibilities for free; in general, you are not allowed to use this as a person to users who do not have your number or you do not have their number. And you’ve seen something, send a message! If this is done on a large scale, you will become the so-called “playout” and you will not be able to send a message to users who do not have two-way dialing or “Mutual Contact”! Sometimes this happens unconsciously for some users, so how can we get out of spam telegram sooner than reposting or, more correctly,? There are two solutions to this, one that you can send to E-Mail at, but the second solution is easier to teach in this section (second method)! The @pamboot robots ‘messenger has been set up to solve the users’ spam problem and you no longer need to send an email to the telegram to solve your problem. But how ?!

Step 1: First click on the link to open the Spam bot robot: Robot Link Spam Toggle
Step 2: Select “this is s mistake” after selecting start from the menu
Step 3: Then select “yes”
Step 4: On the new page, select “No I never do any of this”, and you have not done any activity that harms others. In the end, send a short text in English to telegram managers!


Teach you to translate your telegram:

Step 1: Log into the longboat robot environment (

Step 2: Click Start and select “Farsi” from among the languages.

Step 3: Choose your platform

Step Four: Download a few kilobytes file, download it and click Apply localization file.

Step 5: Now your telegram is Farsi; if it is incomplete, close the program once and reopen.

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Download a new update for Intel® Telephony (X86) with Android 4.1.1

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Download the latest update of the latest version of the (1.2.6) for Windows – 21 MB


  • Android version required: 4.1 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): Free
  • The size of each of the telegram installation files: 13 MB