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Sep 10, 2023
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Super Starfish MOD APK 4.0.11 (Unlimited Money)

Super Starfish MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked, Menu
Category Games
Size 141 MB
Version 4.0.11
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Super Starfish Mod Apk Free Download

Super Starfish Mod Apk is an underwater puzzlesolving game. Players must defend their aquarium from deadly starfish that are taking over the planet. Use strategic movements to dodge and move away from the swarms of starfishes while exploring vibrant and colorful environments as players progress through each level. As they complete levels, their aquarium will slowly fill up with exotic fish, plants, decorations and other items which can be used to customize it in unique & amazing ways!

Gameplay Overview

In Super Starfish, players must protect their aquarium from starfishes by quickly dodging and maneuvering away from them. Utilize strategic movements to succeed while simultaneously exploring various planets with vibrant colors just waiting for you to enjoy! Customize your aquarium with exotic fish, plants, decorations and other items as the levels progress. Time your moves carefully in order to survive each level and make it out alivedo you have what it takes? Challenge yourself by solving puzzles like collecting groups of stars or using powerups for extra bonus points! May the odds be ever in your favor as you weave between obstacles and race against time itself.

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Super Starfish Mod Apk

Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

Gather your friends and explore the Super Starfish universe together! Engage in competitive races with up to four players, race against a preset time limit or compete against each other for top rankings as you dodge starfishes and collect points. Players can customize their characters with custom items, new levels will gradually unlock as they progress through the game enabling them to challenge their friends who already own it!

What is Super Starfish Mod APK?

Super Starfish Mod APK is an modified version of the game with unlimited coins, extra levels and no inapp purchases. It provides a way for players to experience the full game with all its features without having to pay any money or buy expensive items. The mod also removes all ads, so theres no interruption while playing! Although it may not be official and has limited support, Super Starfish Mod APK remains a great way to enjoy this addicting puzzlesolving game without restrictions.

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Super Starfish Mod Apk

Features of Super Starfish Mod APK

Unlimited Coins and Extra Levels

Super Starfish Mod APK provides players with unlimited coins, additional levels to explore, and no inapp purchases so they can never run out of money while playing the game.

No Ads

The mod also removes all ads popping up during gameplay which gives uninterrupted enjoyment.

Customization Options

Players are able to customize their characters with unique items from custom shops or through rewards earned while completing levels ingame making every playthrough a unique experience!

Modification Support

Despite not being an official mod version, users can find reliable support for this modified version allowing them access to new updates and bug fixes as soon as possible without the need of waiting on developers for months on end .

No Restrictions

Unlocks all features available in Super Starfishs original version such as infinite challenge stages and extended playtime giving you full access without any limitations or boundaries when it comes time to test your skills

Super Starfish Mod Apk

Advantages and Disadvantages This Mod Apk


1. Unlimited coins and extra levels without having to pay or buy items ingame.

2. No ads for uninterrupted enjoyment which is not always possible with the original version of Super Starfish!

3. Customization options from custom shops giving players an opportunity to make unique characters that tailor perfectly into their own playstyles, increased replayability and new experiences every playthrough!


1) Not supported officially with limited support meaning that there may be no update availability if any issues arise while playing the game himself so its up to ones own knowledge and skill when trying out Mods such as this one

2) Security risks due to its being a modded version potentially putting your device at risk since official versions remain prefered by many people

3) Potentially breaking copyright laws depending on how someone acquire this modified version of the game.

Super Starfish Mod Apk

How to Download Super Starfish APK

1. Go to a trusted source and search for Super Starfish Mod APK available downloads.

2. Once found, download the file onto your device while maintaining a safe connection with whatever hosting platform youre using.

3. Before beginning installation make sure to check whether or not it is uptodate as no one would like outdated Mods on their device!

4 .Once downloaded, open the file by selecting Install and allow any permissions requested until complete application set up takes place .

5 .Wait for installation to finish before running Super Starfish Mod APK and start playing!

Visual and sound quality


Super Starfishs amazing graphics bring a stunning color palette with beautiful environments to explore, interesting character designs and eyecatching visuals. Its user interface is also simple and intuitive allowing for easy navigation throughout the game.


Fantastic soundtrack composed by Mario Emán that embodies the games atmosphere filled with excitement during fast actions or relaxing ambiance during puzzle solving moments that will really draw players in while playing Super Starfish Mod APK.

Super Starfish Mod Apk


Overall, Super Starfish Mod APK is an amazing way to enjoy this classic underwater puzzlesolving game with all its features unlocked while also having the ability to customize characters and explore exciting beautiful environments. Whether alone or challenged in multiplayer mode, players can test their agility and solve puzzles as they race against time while dodging starfish. Its vibrant visuals paired with stunning soundtracks makes it a fantastic game thatll make perfect for anyone looking for casual games!

Super Starfish Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can players customize their characters in Super Starfish Mod APK?

A: Players have the option to easily customize their characters through custom shops where they can purchase unique items with coins or rewards gained from completing levels. This feature provides hours of fun for gamers looking to create a character that truly expresses themselves and adds another layer of enjoyment to the game.

Q: Does Super Starfish Mod APK contain ads?

A :No, it is completely adfree, allowing you uninterrupted pleasure while playing without any interruption!

Q Is this mod version safe and official?

A No, although it does not pose too many risks due to its being an unofficial modified version therefore theres no guarantee when trying out Super Starfish Mod APK as user support may be limited compared with official versions available elsewhere . Therefore ensure full security measures are taken before installations by always using trusted sources such as google play store only!

Q What platforms are compatible with this modded version of Super starfishes?

A The game is currently only supported on Android devices however new updates might include compatibility for other systems but until then Android remains optimal choice when playing super starfishes .

Q Can multiple players join together in multiplayer mode?

A Yes one great thing about super stars fishes mod apk is its ability lets friends gather around play competitively up four people at same time making better gaming experience allows all compare scores rank each other at end each match !



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