Smashy Road Mod Apk (Hack, Unlimited Money, Coins)


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Bearbit Studios B.V.
Aug 16, 2023
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Smashy Road Mod Apk 1.5.2 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Coins)

Smashy Road Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Coins
Category Games
Size 23 MB
Version 1.5.2
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Smashy Road Mod Apk is an open-world racing game developed by Bearbit Studios. The game’s goal is to survive as long as you can while avoiding capture by police, SWAT teams, and military forces that are after you. You must drive fast around city streets, trying to outrun your pursuers before they catch up with you in their pursuit vehicles! Collect power-ups such as nitro boosts or money bags for extra points and rewards. As time progresses, more dangerous enemies will appear, making it increasingly difficult to escape them, so stay one step ahead at all times!

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History and popularity of the game

Smashy Road was released in June 2015 and has become a viral game. It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, with over 40 million downloads worldwide! The unique open-world concept combined with the challenge of outrunning pursuers has made it a favorite among gamers everywhere. Smashy Road Mod Apk also features daily challenges that give players extra rewards if they can complete them quickly enough, as well as leaderboards where you can compare your scores to other people playing around the globe.

Smashy Road Mod Apk

Main features of Smashy Road

Open World Concept

Smashy Road features an open-world concept, allowing players to drive around the city streets and navigate away from pursuers as they see fit. The map consists of various roads and shortcuts that can be taken to outrun police vehicles or reach destinations faster than your opponents. Power-ups are also available throughout each level, which give you various boosts such as nitro speed increases or money bags for extra points or rewards. Collecting these power-ups is essential if you want to escape capture!

Challenging Levels

In addition to being able to survive against waves of pursuing forces, there are several different levels with increasing difficulty featured within the game, ranging from easy (tutorial) up to hard mode, where stronger enemies will appear more frequently, making it difficult even for experienced gamers! This ensures no two playthroughs ever feel the same while offering plenty of challenge and replay value—something avid racing fans won’t find elsewhere easily. Players must remain one step ahead to complete missions successfully without getting captured by enemy AI patrols patrolling across popular routes like highways, etcetera.

Customizable Vehicles

Not only does Smashy Road feature great graphics, but its customization options make things look more relaxed than before. Cars driven by players have over 20+ customizations, including paint jobs, rim upgrades, and body enhancements, giving them personalized appeal whenever necessary during key races or situations arising on the course! There are multiple vehicle types, spanning trucks, muscle cars, and sports ones, depending upon preference (which kind becomes selectable after completing specific goals), to choose between, so get ready to race and go fast! Additionally, like in real life, tuning elements upgrades engines, further boosting acceleration and top speeds, making those close shaves easier to pull off when required.

Variety of game modes

To keep gameplay fresh, there are four distinct modes available. The first “wanted” task involves evading pursuit teams that set loose to chase down protagonists throughout the stage; the second “escape” entails reaching the finish line quickly under pressure, competing vs. other racers doing likewise; the third “time trial” challenges drivers to beat the clock in the fewest number of laps made possible; and the last is “endless drive.” Here, the goal is to stay alive long enough to avoid detection, whatever means are taken, meaning some decisions do come to mind!

Daily Challenges with Rewards

A significant reason why Smash Road has been successful in past years is due to the daily mission system present, which lets users compete for rewards rarely found anywhere else in similar titles. Alongside regular awards, receive playing head achievements, test reflexes and precision driving skills, and bring home goodies from virtual garage-specific tasks completed within time constraints (e.g., hour-by-hour basis) on a high-ranking leaderboard amongst friends, family members, and outside internet communities. The overall fun factor rises dramatically once you try the first few rounds, thanks to the lack of predictability and the continuous gaming experience provided here, ensuring you never lose interest soon enough.

Leaderboards and Achievements System

As mentioned above, rank among peers globally via the online scoreboard. Current stats are tracked, assessed, and compared to the competition, unlocking several trophies and accomplishing several objectives. This adds an immense competitive layer to the already-existing title. Folks who wish to prove themselves the best racers in town should start chasing accolades right now! Finally, progress is saved in the cloud, enabling you to resume unfinished sessions anytime your device is connected, resulting in seamless playtime devoid of any disruptions whatsoever. Thus, the ideal pick for any occasion wanted, plus thrilling 1v1 battles, would decide King Street!

Online Multiplayer Mode for Intense Races Among Friends

The last central element defining the greatness of Classic car chases is the most crucial inclusion in multiplayer components. Action-packed competitions held on server locations featuring up to 8 people Battle supremacy track chaos ensues moments later as rage-inducing rivalries are witnessed, creating unforgettable memories for participants involved, especially in the case of a winning streak achieving a victory lap afterward. What a fantastic feature! It allows you to participate in ongoing events hosted in your immediate vicinity while maintaining optimal connection strength and lag. Free performance guaranteed a smooth sailing result. The prevailing champ announced the proverbial podium presentation, ending proceedings spectacularly. Every match played was unique, none alike, others adding excitement to the repertoire of the entire package. Conclusion point: mention the choice of either team solo paths or personal discretion regarding the opponent selection process. Don’t forget to check the leaderboard standings too!

Smashy Road Mod Apk

Game Tips

• Try memorizing the map layouts and routes to gain a strategic advantage over your pursuers.

• Always be aware of upcoming power-ups, such as nitro boosts or money bags, that can give you an extra edge during challenging situations.

• Plan by tracking where different vehicles spawn so you can use them when needed most!

• Use combos like drifting around corners for faster turns and acceleration while escaping from pursuing forces.

• Be sure always to keep moving; don’t stay still too long; otherwise, enemies will catch up with you quickly!

• Make use of the daily challenges for extra rewards and points.

• Try to stay ahead on leaderboards by competing with your friends or strangers across different platforms!

What is the Smashy Road Mod APK?

Smashy Road Mod APK is a modified version of the original Smashy Road game that provides players access to additional features and content. This includes unlimited money, unlocking all cars, nitro boosts for faster speeds, and much more! The mod also allows you to play offline, so you can enjoy playing even without an internet connection. With this modification installed on your device, racing through city streets has never been easier or more fun!

Smashy Road Mod Apk

Features of Smashy Road Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The Mod APK version of Smashy Road Mod Apk provides players unlimited money, allowing them to purchase whatever they need without worrying about running out! This means you can buy upgrades for your vehicles or items from the in-game store and never have to worry about spending real-life cash, as there is no limit on how much virtual currency you can obtain within this modded game.

Unlock all cars.

Another great feature provided by the Smashy Road Mod APK is full access to all cars available in the original game, including hidden ones not accessible otherwise! You’ll be able to drive around city streets with any car model imaginable, ranging from sleek sports cars through powerful trucks depending upon preference, providing a highly customized experience wherever necessary during key races or situations arising on the course!

Nitro Boosts for Faster Speeds

Nitro boosts provide an extra edge when attempting to escape pursuers, especially in those intense moments leading up to the finish line. Try to reach the top! Such power-ups significantly increase vehicle speed, making maneuvering around obstacles and winning laps easier. If a victory lap is desired, consider installing the mod to gain a massive advantage over competitors. Race track times drop drastically as a result!

How to Download Smashy Road Mod APK

• Go to your device’s and search “Smashy Road Mod APK.”

Download the installation file from a reputable source.

• Allow permission for unknown sources in your smartphone’s settings if necessary.

• Once downloaded, open the installer package and follow the instructions displayed until the setup process is completed.

• Enjoy the modded version of Smashy Road Mod Apk!

Smashy Road Mod Apk

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make Ensure you have a stable internet connection for downloading the installation file.

• Check your device’s settings to ensure it allows unknown sources and that permission is given if necessary.

• Ensure enough storage space is available on your smartphone or tablet before downloading.

• If problems persist, try using another browser or restarting the phone altogether before attempting again!

Visual and sound quality


The visuals featured in Smashy Road Mod Apk are stunning, and the game’s open-world concept makes it feel like you’re driving around a real city street! Cars have over 20+ customizations available for customization purposes, while power-ups provide an extra edge during races or when attempting to escape pursuers leading up to the victory lap! All these elements combined make up a beautiful visual experience that will delight anyone who plays this title.


In addition to great graphics, sound design plays a vital role here, making all scenes come alive. Every time someone starts playing Smash Road, the background soundtrack is composed of energetic beats in various styles, matching the pacing tone of each level perfectly and complementing the entire gameplay process. This lets users immerse themselves further into the virtual environment created by developers! Additionally, some cars feature customized music that can be activated once the vehicle is selected from the main menu, adding to the overall auditory spectacle offered throughout the gaming session itself.

Smashy Road Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Smashy Road Hack Apk free to play?

A1: Yes, the game is available for both Android and iOS platforms at no cost. In-app purchases can unlock additional content or upgrade your cars faster.

Q2: What types of vehicles can I drive in this game?

A2: Depending on your preference, you can choose from over 20 types, ranging from muscle cars to trucks and sports cars.

Q3: How do I get access to power-ups during races?

A3: Power-ups such as nitro boosts or money bags will appear randomly throughout each level; collect them quickly while avoiding capture by pursuers! These provide extra advantages when attempting to escape certain situations on the course, so keep an eye out at any given time!

Q4 Are there leaderboards where my score can be compared with other players worldwide?

A4: Absolutely! Leaderboard rankings track stats globally across every platform, meaning an individual’s rank amongst peers is always visible here. Scores are judged based on performance within a match or challenge, making comparing results to the entire gaming community outside your personal network possible!

Q5: Does playing online always require me to have a good internet connection?

A5 Not necessarily, since the modded version allows users to enjoy the same experience offline without having to worry about any lag issues whatsoever; thus, it’s ideal for picking those occasions when you aren’t connected, resulting in a seamless racing session granted uninterruptedly regardless of the location chosen at the end of the day.

Q6: Can multiple people join a race together (i.e., in multiplayer mode)?

A6 Of course, up to 8 participants can enter server-hosted competitions that become intense rivalries as rivals try to claim the top spot on the podium. After the final verdict is decided, a split-second timing calculation takes place to determine a clear-cut winner, ending proceedings in style, point mention choice, or either team solo paths are selected at their discretion regarding the opposition selection process. Don’t forget to check the standings!

Q7: Are there daily challenges offering rewards for completing specific tasks under the set conditions or limits provided?

A7 Yes, those who wish to test their reflexes and precision driving skills to bring home goodies from the virtual garage can start chasing accolades right now! The daily mission system lets users compete for rewards rarely found elsewhere in similar titles, such as awards received while playing, earning head achievements, time constraints on an hourly basis, and a high-ranking leaderboard amongst friends, family, and outside internet communities. The overall fun factor rises dramatically once the first few rounds are tried, despite the lack of predictability and the continuous gaming experience provided here, ensuring they never lose.

Smashy Road Mod Apk


Smashy Road Mod Apk is an intense and exciting open-world racing game that provides a unique experience for any player. The challenging levels with increasing difficulty make it increasingly difficult to escape capture by enemy AI patrols patrolling across popular routes like highways, etcetera. At the same time, the variety of customizable vehicles available gives players plenty of options when choosing their ride for each race or mission! It also features daily challenges offering extra rewards if completed enough and leaderboards quickly so you can compare your scores against other people playing from around the globe. Furthermore, its MOD APK version unlocks additional content such as unlimited money, unlocking all cars, and nitro boosts, allowing users to gain a massive advantage over competitors and see their track times drop drastically!


• Always download the installation file from a reputable source, and check your device’s settings for permission from unknown sources.

• Make use of power-ups such as nitro boosts or money bags that can provide extra advantages during challenging situations!

• Plan by tracking where different vehicles spawn so you can use them when needed most!

• Try to stay ahead on leaderboards by competing with your friends or strangers across different platforms!

• Use combos like drifting around corners for faster turns and acceleration while escaping from pursuing forces.



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