Sky Roller Mod Apk 1.18.0 (open shoes and characters)


Sky Roller Mod Apk 1.18.0 (open shoes and characters) + Mod – A fun sky skating arcade game for Android
Normal version + mod hack version (open shoes and characters) separately
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Sky Roller
Sky Roller
Developer: HOMA GAMES
Price: Free+

Sky Roller Mod Apk open shoes and characters – Sky Skater is the name of a game in the arcade genre, published by HOMA GAMES game studio for Android devices. HOMA GAMES game development studio is the creator of great works such as Freeze Rider, Idle World and dozens of other great games, and with millions of downloads in the Android Market, it has recorded a good game development record for itself. This game has been able to bring a unique experience for gamers by providing a simple gameplay. Sky Roller gameplay is very simple, and its mechanisms are not very complicated. For this reason, there is no age limit, and it is suitable for all age groups. This game is one of those games that has become so simple that there is no room left for simplification. Sky Roller immediately takes you into a surreal and minimalist world. Where your main character, a skater, moves on a racetrack made up of different geometric shapes, white, gray and black. If you are familiar with games like Jelly Shift from Voodoo game studio, you can almost understand what the gameplay of Sky Roller is like.

Sky Roller Mod apk


In Sky Roller Mod Apk, your character automatically moves in his own path, and your mission is to change the size of his legs by touching and dragging so that he can cross obstacles and collect points. These items can then be used to purchase new skates and unlock other characters. As you will quickly see, there really is not much in this game. This can be a negative point for some gamers, while some gamers choose a game precisely because of this point and because of its simplicity and minimalism. Sky Roller is a great game for the second group of these gamers and is very suitable for filling their free time. Sky Roller managed to get a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 in the Android Market and was welcomed by gamers from all over the world with more than 50,000,000 downloads. For this reason, Android team intends to provide this popular and popular game in two original and modded versions, without any restrictions and completely free of charge for you dear ones. Now you can download this game that has already been tested by our team through the direct links that we have placed at the end of the article and enjoy its performance!

Sky Roller Mod Apk Changes in version 1.18.0

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