Sky: Children of the Light Mod Apk 0.14.5 (Hack, Unlocked)


Sky: Children of the Light Mod Apk 0.14.5 (Hack, Unlocked) – Beautiful story game “Sky: Children of the Light” for Android
An incredibly fascinating and unique game in the style of adventure-role-playing
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Sky: Kinder des Lichts
Sky: Kinder des Lichts

Sky: Children of the Light Mod Apk Unlocked – Sky: Children of the Light is the name of one of the most anticipated games in 2019, which was released for several months as a pre-registration or pre-register until the full version of the game in the spring of the year 2020 was released for Android phones and tablets. HackDL has prepared, reviewed and introduced the full version of this game for you dear ones for the first time among all Iranian sites at your request. Sky: Children of the Light is an interesting and completely different game, the experience of which is undoubtedly a special and unique account for you. The American studio that game company inc, which had already made a lot of noise in 2012 by making the revolutionary game Journey and was able to represent dozens of different awards and also won the title of the best game of 2013, modeled Sky: Children of the Light Produced from the same game Journey. This game is an artistic masterpiece in every way you can think of, and its truly unique designs, which we have not seen in any other similar game, are similar to the next generation of mobile games! The eye-catching and detailed graphics of this game will remind you exactly of console games. In addition, the game’s super-smooth and dynamic gameplay, which can be run at 60 frames per second, will bring you a completely unique experience of this game. In addition to these fascinating and admirable designs, Sky: Children of the Light has also scored a lot in the story and adventure content section

The story of Sky: Children of the Light Mod Apk is related to a dreamy and legendary land that is next to the clouds. The land known as the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone who travels to this land will be present in the form of children of light. It has been the most beautiful and vibrant land in the world for centuries. A very large part of this beauty was due to the stars that were present around this land. But one day a divine test is considered for this land. The stars do not come out of this proud exam because of their pride, and this issue causes the curse of this land! Now you are in the role of the children of enlightenment, whose duty is always to spread hope and life to the world, to follow the story behind this bitter event and find the spirits that are involved in this issue. You have to chase the lights during the game to determine the fate of this beautiful land, which has now become an abandoned world, and bring the spirit of life back to this land. Sky: Children of the Light is designed in a role-playing style. This game is completely an open world game, and you can move around in dreamy and imaginary lands, run, jump over obstacles or even swim in water, and most of all, more attractive, with the help of spiritual wings. Fly in the sky! In Sky: Children of the Light, you have the task to follow the story line of the game with the main characters and complete the game missions to save this beautiful land. The game designs are completely three-dimensional, and the gameplay is very smooth. With the help of virtual controllers on the screen, you can look around 360 degrees and move in any direction you want. Very exciting and fascinating missions and stages in this game are waiting for you, so do not procrastinate and download this amazing and unique work of art in a tested and complete form from HackDL right now and start your dream adventure!

Sky: Children of the Light Mod apk

Sky: Children of the Light Mod apk

Additional notes:

This game is only installed on ARM64 devices running Android 8.0 and above.
Please note that at the time of release of this game, the version on Google Play is a demo and incomplete version of it, which has been released as a full and original version on many other sites. But note that the version offered by HackDL is a complete version for developers, the volume of which is many times the incomplete version. However, the game is still in beta and may not run properly on some devices.
The game requires the Internet to run and send and receive information from the server.
To open the game settings, tap one of the four corners of the image and select the gear option from the top right.
In the settings section, you can reduce or increase the game’s graphics.

Sky: Children of the Light Mod (Hack) Apk Changes in version 0.14.5

Greetings, adventurers!
Welcome to Season of The Little Prince! The stars align to welcome a visitor from afar in the Vault of Knowledge who wishes to learn about the kingdom of Sky. Accompany the visitor on their journey.
Pre-order the ‘Season of The Little Prince’ Adventure Pass and receive 10 bonus Seasonal Candles.
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Player Good Review

  1. Sky: Children of the Light Mod Apk game is awesome, and I’m sad I didn’t play it sooner. I only have a couple problems, but the game is still fun regardless. My biggest problem is that sometimes you and your friend will switch instances in the middle of doing something. You have to leave, go home, and rejoin your friend. And the only way to prevent it is to hold hands the entire time you’re playing, meaning one person doesn’t even really play. Other than that, the flight is wonky but still fun. (Ran out of characters)
  2. Nice game and good graphics. Although, it can be really tiring when there’s nothing else to do except all the events and traveling spirits (which costs a lot of candles). You get to explore different worlds, meet new friends and listen to great music; all and while following the game’s story. That’s all, apparently. After completing the game, like i said before, there’s nothing much to do but re-explore the same worlds farming for wax to get candles and giving them to TS’s and events.
  3. A truly wonderful game. Amazing graphics and sound quality. It’s very fun and a good way to play with friends. The only few complaints I have is that it constantly feels like I’ve accidentally skipped something I would want or need. Also, it’s really hard to tell what some items are. Try naming them, so we can tell what they are before clicking on them.
  4. *Real Review* This game is really fun. The game is working on the fps for my type of phone, but it is still pretty and clear enough to make out everything. I’d recommend this game to anyone looking for a calming adventure. The ending is really wholesome (to me) and when you rebirth, you keep everything you had e.g.emotes, instruments. and overall, it’s just a nice game to spend your time playing. To the developers: Your team has done a wonderful job with the game and I can’t wait for new updates!
  5. Sky is a wonderful game! I like the music and the sound effects from when you do certain things. I also love the concept of the game; you have to save the Spirits to restore the Sky Kingdom. To me, it kinda looks like some sort of 3d anime, but it’s better. I like the simplicity of the character designs, and how you can get clothes from the Spirits. It’s a good game with a great concept, and I’d recommend it to anyone who asks.

Player Bad Review

  1. Been playing for a year now. Really enjoyed the game. I had my own ups and downs. But since last month, there had been consistent frame drops and the UI and some buttons are just so big. I was hoping for a fix for some time now, but I guess the developers had overlooked this. I think it was since the UI updated. Still hoping this get fixed soon, it is really hard and frustrating to play now. I still trust the devs to fix this, because Sky is really my go-to game during stressful times.
  2. This used to be one of my favorite games many good memories and screenshots I played it daily for almost a year but quit about 2 months ago because it feels like they don’t care about the community at all they keep rushing new updates without fixing any of the bugs that are caused by said updates, and it’s now so bad I can’t even move my character half the time… maybe if they actually start fixing some bugs and make the game playable I’ll return but for now I’m not touching this game.
  3. I’m changing my review from a 5-star to a 1-star. The game is very broken. TGC keeps releasing updates and events without fixing old bugs, so they just keep accumulating and ruining the experience. What’s funny is not only they just released unfinished updates, but they also keep adding in-app purchases that are super expensive. I used to love this game, but in its current state I can’t recommend it anymore. I hope TGC stops being so greedy and fixes stuff BEFORE adding new paid content.
  4. Sky: Children of the Light Mod Apk With all the high reviews, and the fact the game is 833 MB in size… You’d think the graphics would at least be smooth.. NOPE. It’s like it was built for ancient gen phones. Jagged edges, poor optimization. Freezes every 20 seconds or so. An absolute nightmare of a game. (Galaxy S20+, Enhanced Processing Active) Not some cheap, older phone. And yes, I went into settings and bumped it as high as possible.
  5. Back in May i was having an issue with the latest season, i wasn’t able to access daily quests or get the season candles, i reported the issue, and they told me they didn’t experience it, no players reported it so my problem wasn’t real, well just a few minutes ago i checked the official discord to see if there were any server issues, and i found back at the exact same time i was having issues they announced that other players were having the same issues, they gaslit me and lied to avoid compensation!

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