SciFi Survivor Mod Apk (Hack, Menu, Damage, God mode)


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Sep 27, 2023
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SciFi Survivor Mod Apk 1.0.42 (Hack, Menu, Damage, God mode)

SciFi Survivor Mod Apk
MOD Features Menu, Damage, God mode
Category Mod Apk
Size 66 MB
Version 1.0.42
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Welcome to SciFi Survivor Mod Apk, the new high-octane action game that’ll test your wits and skills while racing around an alien planet in search of resources! You take on the role of a lone survivor stranded in an unknown world teeming with hostile creatures. In order to survive, you must battle wild monsters and scavenge for helpful items like weapons, food, fuel, or medical supplies. The only way out is to find a hidden portal that takes you back home – complete all missions and locate it before time runs out!

SciFi Survivor Mod Apk


Gameplay Overview

In the game, players have to find resources scattered across a hostile alien planet. This will involve battling monsters in turn-based combat battles using different weapons and strategies while managing their health and items. Players must scavenge for resources to build objects like shelters or vehicles that they can use for protection or travel around the map faster. There are various objectives, such as constructing machines, powering control hubs, etc, that need to be completed; failure would result in taking damage which further depletes health points but rewards with experience points at the successful completion of tasks or battle encounters. The main objective is finding portals back home within a time limit – along with valuable artifacts and experiences gained by traveling through treacherous lands!

SciFi Survivor Mod Apk

Play With Fun this game?

Yes, of course! SciFi Survivor is a fast-paced and highly addictive action game that’ll get even the most avid gamers hooked. Your decisions, short and long-term, can make or break your survival chances in this thrilling sci-fi adventure. Equip yourself with an arsenal of weapons as you battle monsters onscreen and scavenge resources to build tools like shelters or vehicles during turn-based encounters – all within the time limit for added excitement. So grab your friends (or foes!) together today, choose from multiple difficulty levels, select characters, each with their own set of special abilities, and Embark On An Epic Adventure! Now are you ready? Play SciFi Survivor Mod Apk now!

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SciFi Survivor Mod Apk

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, SciFi Survivor is a fully loaded multi-player game. It allows up to 4 players simultaneously for an intense competitive battle experience. Players can team up in pairs or squads and fight it out against other teams as they scavenge and construct tools for their own survival on this hostile planet while completing missions within time limits. By playing with friends, you can not only compete against each other but also strategize better, exploring the limits of your character’s abilities! Enjoy a thrilling adventure like never before with Sci-Fi Survivor!

Features of SciFi Survivor

Turn-Based Combat System

SciFi Survivor is an action game with a turn-based combat system that will test your wits and strategy skills as you battle hostile creatures on this unknown alien planet. Make use of different weapons and objects to have an upper hand in the fights – players can move around between turns, set traps for enemies, break cover and attack more effectively or deploy special abilities like ‘Taunt’ or ‘Lunge Strike’ to tip the fight in their favor!

Building & Crafting

SciFi Survivor provides players with a complete scavenging kit, including necessary tools so they can build machines, shelters, etc, from resources found on the map – something essential for survival given the harsh environments of some stages, whereas crafting involves upgrading existing items into high-tier versions using certain materials needed during production. Crafted gears offer better stats, thus increasing chances of successful completion of missions within the shortest possible time frame!

Survival Strategies

The goal is long-term survival, which means maintenance; This might include making repairs/recalibration after hours of rigorous tactical fights or managing hunger level by exploring what different sections have to offer while maintaining your health (it serves as currency). Your actions today would determine tomorrow’s success; therefore, play accordingly, keeping all these complexities in mind before initiating the next mission.

Dynamic Environments

In Scifi Survivor environment plays a major part when defining difficulty levels; From swamps causing damage over stagnating marshes to full labyrinths mapped out throughout jungles offering barrel puzzles) each stage poses its own hurdles stifling progress until you learn how best navigate through them efficiently without wasting much precious time resources \ rationing supplies well ahead.” You will be taken aback by unique obstacles thrown at unexpected times.”

Explore Unique Hubs & Areas

As part of the adventure, explore unique hubs areas littered throughout the world – where the player discovers hidden towns, forgotten cities, mesmerizing landscapes, weapon caches, dungeons secret strongholds (shaped blocks, mazes hollowed ground ) – it could even lead rise to shattered landscape team could use portals conquered locations to swap across asylum void travel distances search reagent located remote places ease journey home end our seek help nonplayable characters residing sectors global galaxy “Keep lookout clues hint towards special additives available.

Unlock Special Abilities

Players can unlock special abilities and unique wilds (extra moves items give added advantage) using XP earned over the course game. Such bonuses affect small tweaks to final results. Plan more accordingly chances scoring better rewards times Optimizing shots unleash deadlier attack combos other awesome skills enhance gaming experience asking perfect something similar like no other title across market” Besides regular weapon usage advance tactics needed execute some certain levels ease moving:”

Time Limit Challenges

Players will be given a time limit to complete each mission – failure would result in taking damage! Therefore they must think of innovative solutions that would require apt use of items and weapons while rationing resources for the main objectives, such as locating hidden passages, powering control hubs, etc, within the designated time frame – promise endless engagement and total fun!

SciFi Survivor Mod Apk

What is SciFi Survivor Mod APK?

SciFi Survivor Mod APK is the modded version of SciFi Survivor—the new turn-based action game for Android devices. It has modified features such as Unlimited Money and Unlocked Pins, which enhance gameplay. With these additional advantages, players can buy premium items and access all levels without having to wait or pay for them in-game, making it your one-stop solution for enjoying high-octane battles on alien planets anytime and anywhere.

Features of SciFi Survivor Mod APK


This Mod APK comes with a custom menu that allows players to access all areas of the game quickly and easily. From equipment to inventory management, character customization, unlocking special abilities, and more – it provides total control in your hands!

Damage Reduction

Damage will no longer be an issue as the mod APK ensures that you take considerably less damage during battles or while completing tasks– keeping you safe & secure at all times!

God Mode Activation

Besides reduced damage impacts from enemies, players can also make use of God mode and activate maximum health limit for survival, dubbing them “Invincible” against enemy attacks for a short duration – once depleted, they need to accumulate kills and repeat action again for extended survivability chances!”

How to Download And Install SciFi Survivor Mod Apk

•Go to the and search for ‘SciFi Survivor Mod Apk Free Download.’

•Press Install to download the game.

•Once installed, open it and press continue on your screen after reading the privacy policy, etc.

•Now go to a third-party website like for free and search for SciFi Survivors Mod APK file compatible with your device’s OS (Android/iOS).

•Download and launch the installer to install the modified version of the game.

•Make sure to enable Unknown Sources installation from security settings on your device before downloading and launching the Apk file.

•Once done, start playing SciFi Survivor Mod APK Free Download – Enjoy!

SciFi Survivor Mod Apk

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

•If you cannot find the Mod APK file, make sure to download the correct version as per your device OS on a trusted website.

•If in case you face any installation errors, go to security settings and enable ‘Allow Installations from Unknown Sources’ Permissions.

•In certain cases where files are corrupt, try re-downloading from another source and check if it works out appropriately this time or not – then install without any further hiccups!

•Make sure all versions of the game already installed are completely uninstalled before downloading/installing a new one (this might be causing trouble).

•For further assistance, contact the customer care team directly, either via the customer care number/email provided by the original developer.

Visual and sound quality


The graphics of SciFi Survivor Mod Apk are very detailed and unique in design that makes the game world feel real and alive. Choose from various options during character customization where you can make your survivor look exactly like you want it to be with wild skins, tattoos etc! Additionally, striking visuals delivered by bright colors on the screen create an immersive experience as you explore different locations across parasite-ridden lands seeking passage back home!


SciFi survivor Apk Mod boasts some amazing soundtracks composed keeping alien-themed futuristic fantasies in mind, which gives perfect life-like elements to the overall package; composition is handcrafted for each level \ and suits mood enabling grander than ever fighting montages Ahead journey battle space monsters to swap bullets through galactic halls. Throughout the campaign culminating self-championship series try to reach out to interstellar tunnels and locate the entrance portal freedom. “Passionately recorded music adds great depth to entire atmosphere unlocking multimedia aspect never heard before.”


SciFi Survivor Mod Apk is an amazing action game that places players on a hostile alien planet where they must battle monsters in turn-based combat while managing health and resources. With its dynamic environments, time limits, and mysterious hubs to explore, all packed into a sci-fi-themed experience, it opens up unique opportunities for adventure seekers of all ages! Furthermore, the mod APK version features unlocked pins and unlimited money, making gameplay easier than ever before – so what are you waiting for? Download SciFi Survivors Apk Mod Free Download now – start your journey today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SciFi Survivor Hack APK safe?

A. Yes, the hack APK is secure and has been tested multiple times without any issues to make sure it does not harm your device in any way.

Does the mod version have all features of the original game?

A. Yes, while providing unlocked pins and unlimited money as an added advantage, this version of SciFi Survivor Hack Apk Free Download comes equipped with unaltered gameplay just like its counterpart – the only difference being modified benefits for a better user experience!

Is it legal to download Mod APKs from third-party websites?

A. Yes, as long as they are downloaded from secure websites like Apkpure or Modapksforfree and installed only after enabling the ‘Unknown Sources’ installation- it’s totally safe!

Does downloading a modded version of the game require root access on Android devices?

A. No, the process is the same for non-rooted/rooted Android phones just enable unknown sources installations before launching apk file(s).

How many players can play SciFi Survivor Modded Apk Simultaneously?

A: Up to 4 players can take part in an intensive competitive battle across a hostile alien planet simultaneously while trying their best survival strategies, so equip yourself with plenty of weapons and items!

Can I continue progress from my original version of the game after switching to mod APK?

A: Yes, just make sure you’re connected with the same account before replacing old files to ensure no data is lost while transferring progress over!

Does the mod version require the latest updates for Android/iOS ?

A: No, SciFi Survivor Modded APK Free Download works perfectly without any additional requirements apart from basic configurations such as OS (Android/iOS) and security settings – enabling Unknown Sources Installation mentioned above!


•Make sure to download mod APK from reputable sources only. 

•Enable Unknown Sources Installation before initiating downloads. 

•Keep enough space available in your device for a smooth gameplay experience.” If you encounter any trouble during downloading/installation process, just contact the customer care team registered developer.” 

•Log into original account (if applicable) after replacing older files to ensure there is no data loss while transferring game progress!



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