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Sep 7, 2023
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Rooms of Doom Mod Apk 1.4.77 (Hack, Unlimited Gold, Golden Box)

Rooms of Doom Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Gold, Golden Box
Category Mod Apk
Size 64 MB
Version 1.4.77
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Rooms of Doom Mod Apk is an online adventure game created by PikPok and designed for all ages. Players are tasked with unlocking the door to each room as they explore a mysterious castle on their quest to rid the mansion of its unwelcome visitors. As you progress, there will be puzzles (some easy, some hard) that must be solved in order to advance further in your journey. In addition, players can collect coins throughout the various rooms which can later be used to purchase upgrades and gain access into previously locked chambers. With over 30 moments where interaction between players is needed upon entry into a new zone or level; this title offers hours upon hours worth of gaming enjoyment!

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Rooms of Doom Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

The objective of Rooms of Doom is to progress your way throughout different rooms in the castle and complete each challenge within. These challenges can be anything from puzzles, platforming and/or physical movement on screen by using you device’s controls or touchscreen. To help you along your journey coins are scattered around that once collected will unlock further levels as well as lead to access more powerful upgrades for the next stage. As the game progresses it gets increasingly harder however fear not; with exciting power ups, outstanding graphics and a range difficulty options available there is something suitable everyone!
Welcome to Rooms Room – let’s make our way through this dangerous mansion together!

Play With Fun this game?

Absolutely! Rooms of Doom is a highly interactive game with challenging puzzles, thrilling platforms and various enemy obstacles that will keep your entertained for hours. The game also has an easy-to-use interface which makes playing on touchscreens just as fun as playing with a controller or mouse. Plus, you can collect coins throughout the different levels to purchase powerful upgrades so that you can progress further in your mission – there’s something for everyone here, no matter what level of gamer they may be!

Is it a multiplayer game?

Rooms of Doom has a single-player mode and does not offer any online multiplayer options. However, the game can be shared with friends by playing together on the same device or joining an invite-only in-game meeting room. All players are connected at all times throughout their adventure so you can help out your fellow gamers and share tips to complete each challenge successfully! There is also a leaderboard where results from around the world will be presented – who’s going to climb to the top?

Rooms of Doom Mod Apk

Features of Rooms of Doom

Challenges and Puzzles

Every moment is a challenge with Rooms of Doom! Each room brings unique puzzles that must be solved to advance further in the game which can vary from platforming to physical movements using your device’s touchscreen or controller.

Collectible Coins

Scattered throughout the rooms are coins, time-limited packs, chests and even powerful upgrades; all collected by entering an unlocked door that continues on through the castle corridors! These items have been carefully placed for players advising them to tread lightly as any wrong move could lead you right back at square one again.

Upgrades/Power Ups

As each level progress so does its difficulty but worry not as various power ups will help our adventurers along their quest including protective barriers, reviving checkpoints or additional lives and more agility (just what you’ll need when facing challenging enemies).

Multiplayer Mode

Nothing like some friendly competition within friends! The title offers invite-only meetup rooms where up 2 more people can join together for further assists in levels completion – don’t forget about leaderboard entries either because each objectives completed helps rank everyone higher worldwide (who has bragging rights?).

Interface Design

With both a classic platformer setup complete with joysticks as well touch screen options available via smartphones; every player no matter their device type will find this adventure has something suitable when playing alone or helping alongside others while feeling comfortable knowing it responds accordingly dependent on whom is gaming too highly intuitive!

User Settings/Customisation Options

For those looking deeper into personalising experiences there are also setting/customization options available such gaining access certain levels quicker via currency purchase inside store areas plus soundtracks galore taking us through banging tunes inspired dark fantasy TV shows & movies alike giving just what we want musically without disruption gameplay sequence see winners grin afterwards!

Unique Visuals Experience

From generic ogre creatures popping out shadows cross different elements residing upon mysterious settings such transforming statues unexpectedly animating & everywhere looks unusually mystical -users would feel straight away suspense build before actually get into action notice impressive graphics cutting edge awareness plus amazing decorations filling immersive environment places never known nor seen ever before —all made way port better games consoles wheel given team high quality post production worthy of applause + much replayability appeal making sure longevity plays part journey victoriously embarking onto end point destination success story always favorable outcome true expert here goes nothing let’s go discover today !!

Rooms of Doom Mod Apk

What is Rooms of Doom Mod APK?

Rooms of Doom Mod APK is an add-on providing additional features or bonus content to the original game. The mod provides access to a variety of unlockable items, including access to new rooms and levels, premium coins for the purchase of upgrades and powerful weapons in-game, increased stats such as speed, strength & energy regeneration plus many more. With this added content now available on iOS devices as well; expect Rooms Dooms very own spin off release containing new stories all combined with classic ‘pick up & play’ game mechanics! Get ready to face monsters galore across mysterious lands when diving into brand new realms exclusive only via downloading our Mod APK – fast paced action awaits you!

Features of Rooms of Doom Mod APK

Unlimited Gold

With the Rooms of Doom Mod APK, players will have access to unlimited gold which can then be traded for powerful weapons and upgrades in-game. This eliminates the need to ever worry about running out when stocking up on new items due it newly unlocked levels or just replaying old chapters whilst trying different tactics each time!

Golden Boxes

Each golden boxes that are scattered across a variety unlocking secret items such as rare power ups and unique attire allowing your characters look more badder than before! Look sharp upon entering into next level thanks capabilities our modded version granting even greater authenticity serving endless replay value hidden areas yet been explored freely throughout play enjoyment element never too late jump aboard safe secure ~ no issues attached at given instance .

Increased Stats

Last but certainly not least is increased stats enabling gamers possess faster speed (required make effective jumps from platforms or avoiding enemy attacks) enhancing strength quality already existing energy regeneration during missions every task will supercharged times 10 amounting tabled heights fighting against invading creatures conquer all take glory ..after successfully installing downloading this only add-on it’s off we go completing extraordinary trials.

Rooms of Doom Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Rooms of Doom Mod Apk

• Download the latest version of the Rooms of Doom Mod APK from the provided link.

• Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ located in your device’s security settings.

• Install and launch onto you chosen device by tapping on button slowly once it become enabled login connection using account credentials page dedicated for mod apps removal process easy entire set up takes 5 – 10 minutes roughly arrive end comfortably followed guide correctly.

• Enjoy! With extra features, premium coins and more stats with this add-on; conquering endless puzzles throughout each level just got a lot easier!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Ensure that your device meets the requirements for running Rooms of Doom Mod APK.

• Check to make sure the download link of the mod is valid and working properly

• If downloading via mobile, make sure sufficient space has been allocated on internal storage or SD card before continuing with installation process.

• In certain unfortunate cases, it may happen that corruption in USB driver lead inability detect connected devices so uninstall reinstall corresponding software following guidelines stated inside website also check antivirus settings ultimate increase chances success times 2 major problem occurs suggest contact support staff help case power direct use hot fi .

Rooms of Doom Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


The unique visuals of Rooms of Doom Mod APK are simply awe-inspiring! Each level incorporates stunning visuals as you progress throughout a mysterious castle filled with secrets; mysterious objects, transforming statues and creatures alike await each adventure inside this captivating virtual world that feels close enough to reality whilst stayed within its own virtual design space.

Music/Sound Effects

Set in a foreboding land the audio soundtrack alone will bring chills down your spine with various tones from classical horror-inspired music through western folksy tunes interspersed within levels decorated further immersive settings containing object sounds when interacting cause succeeding exploring further depths never visited period while playing thank game wonderfully crafted voices melodic chorus keep heart racing moments going about rather have settle ending breaks tension atmosphere released relaxation signal next coming section swell more events soon enough think feel believe action comes alive forever eternity at end days!


Rooms of Doom Mod Apk is an exhilarating action-adventure game offering hours upon hours of entertainment with captivating visuals and audio. With unlimited gold coins, golden boxes and increased stats made available via our Mod APK; it’s never been easier to progress through all the mysterious chambers within the castle walls! Download now to experience some spellbinding gaming moments that will keep you on your toes like never before – let’s unlock every room together today!

Rooms of Doom Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Rooms of Doom Modded APK free?

A1: Yes, the mod is completely free to download with no in-app purchases or additional fees.

Q2: Will my progress be saved permanently when using the mod?

A2: Yes, your progress is saved permanently and all game elements are unlocked for you to access.

Q3: Do I need an internet connection when playing Rooms of Doom Hack APK?

A3 :No, Rooms of Doom Hack APK Free Download does not require an internet connection when playing.

Q4: Does the mod add new levels/environments within the game?

A4: Yes, additional levels and areas exclusive only to our Mod are included with new bonus content as well!

Q5: Are there any cheat codes available with this mod?

A5: No, Rooms Of Doom MOD apk Free Download does not contain any Cheat Codes or Hacks. All contents inside remain same as original version except few extra features enabled in this modifications version like unlimited gold coin & golden box packs.

Q6: Can more than two people join a server using this mode?

A6: No , rooms doom MOD apk can be played by one player at single time which means if someone invites others person then both have play separately from different devices even though they online group connecting each other respective location get necessary help required completing certain parts mission requiring team collaboration ideas successfully organised battle realms standing live many players end without damage no harms come winning checklist off checklist.

Q7 Is it compatible with mobile platforms (iOs and android)?

A7: Yes – The Room Of Doom Mod Apk Free Download can run on your mobile devices such iOS Android phones & tablets !


• Download the latest version of Rooms of Doom Modded APK from a reliable source.

• Ensure that your device meets the requirements for running this mod before attempting to install it.

• Make sure sufficient internal storage or SD card space is available when downloading over mobile devices.

• Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ located in your device’s security settings before continuing with installation process depending on platform being used.

• Enjoy! With extra features, bonus content and no need for an internet connection – unlock each room today by taking advantage of our add-on mod offered here today!



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