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Sep 14, 2023
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Rooms & Exits MOD APK 2.15 (Unlimited Awards)

Rooms & Exits MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Awards
Category Mod Apk
Size 51 MB
Version 2.15
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Rooms & Exits Mod Apk Free Download

Rooms & Exits is now in a locked puzzle escape room filled with the tables and chairs. First thing she needs to do is search around for clues from this puzzling place to unlock the door or spot any hidden exits that can help her out of this mysterious situation. For overcoming each homework problem, Fiona will have certain set of instructions as part of her mission that need to be solved as well. Look around for combinations, keys & intricate mechanisms which gives access to rooms and get into next stage & adding on one more layer complexity she might even find coded messages printed on walls or floor tiles from which ultimately leading one ultimate truth about the crime put inside these Puzzle Escape Rooms !!! Be prepared at times with puzzles having multiple connected stories between finding advance manipulative gadgets lasers, pressure pads and mirrors needed shift objects creating pathways though stages ahead until reveal all riddles!

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Rooms & Exits Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

Puzzle Escape Room is a unique game full of thrilling adventure and fun. You have to help the journalist Fiona as well as the detective agent to solve difficult logic puzzles, explore interesting themed rooms, search for clues and combine items with codes & numbers in order to progress through this imaginative mystery world. Use your power of observation & problemsolving abilities by pushing buttons, swiping panels or moving objects which leads you toward hidden secrets that will eventually unlock cleverly placed doors. Along the way familiarize yourself with multilevel puzzles like pattern matching quiz‘s , math calculations similar activities consisting complicated mazes battle sinister enemies etc You‘re on a quest for truth and only time will tell if you can uncover it! Top shelf graphics make its environment stunningly realistic complexity moreover smooth interactive interactions are strung up though out thus boost up her courage while she saves humanity behind these Puzzle Escape Rooms!

Rooms & Exits Mod Apk

Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

Multiplayer Mode, on Puzzle Escape Room allows players to play with their friends competitively or cooperatively from across the world. Players can team up and join each other‘s game to help solve challenges faster. You and your friends must unravel puzzles as a group; investigate clues, interact with objects in various rooms that can provide you more persuasive evidence leading you close to identifying who is behind those dark events! Face off versus each other for even greater intensity of detective mystery where require combining your efforts before triumph this challenging case against evildoers !! At times by passing mastery level analysis using logic & deduction skills comprised series of hazard stages at selectable difficulty only alumnates unfurl lurid stories then gain total victory together !

Rooms & Exits Mod Apk

What is Rooms & Exits Mod APK?

Rooms & Exits Mod APK is a modified version of the originalRoom & Exits puzzle escape room game offered by developersPlaying Cells. The Mod APK offers gamers an unlimited amount of coins, gems and hints which makes it easier to complete puzzles quickly during Fiona‘s daring adventure. With the help of these rewards players can access all areas in this mysterious world while collecting clues crucial for catching criminal responsible behind this epic crimes! Also comes with additional mods such as removing time limits or restock items so that you and your friends don‘t have to face any obstacles completing quests anymore !

Rooms & Exits Mod Apk

Features of Rooms & Exits

Puzzle Solving & Unlocking Doors

The app offers an exciting set of puzzles that need to be solved in order for players to progress through different levels and unlock doors. These include but are not limited to pattern matching quizzes, math calculations, mazes etc.

Visuals & Interactions

Top shelf visuals make the environment stunningly realistic and smooth interactive experiences will help Fiona on her journey against evildoers!

Multiplayer Mode

Join your friends anywhere across the world playing either competitively or cooperatively depending on your preference; thus creating more immersive experience working together towards unlocking secrets faster!


Figures out clues should be time consuming unless hints activated provided periodic tasks updated otherwise remain stuck at certain positions too long !

In App Purchases

Players have option spend real money purchase coins gems hint options shortcuts reach end goal more quickly ! 6 Rewarded Ads : Watch rewarded ads receive free rewards aid during gameplay fill gaps empty resources avoiding progress coming dead ends !

Upgradeable Gadgets

Various upgradeable gadgets available modify manipulate objects surrounding increase comfort measures move faster consequently solve riddles quicker involved process !

Collectible Secrets Slices

While scouring every corner of puzzle escape rooms look collectible secret slices from walls reveal hidden plots these stolen pieces constitute bigger picture cases!!!

Visual and sound quality

The graphics of the game are highquality and give a realistic feeling, allowing you to get right into the mystery mood as soon as possible. Players can engage in an intense investigation environment with detailed visuals full of secrets and trickery! As for

sound/music, Rooms & Exits provides atmospheric music designed to immerse players even further by adding tension & excitement through different stages; keeping them on their toes at all times! The soundtrack also contains ominous sounds that add suspence enhance storytelling elements help connect through journey properly !! Altogether this game audio complements graphics heavily gives Experience worth reveling surround effect !

Rooms & Exits Mod Apk


To sum up, Rooms & Exits is an incredibly creative puzzle escape room game that allows players to join Fiona and the detective agent on their exciting journey of mystery solving. Puzzles both easy and complex are waiting to be solved by using items gathered along the way. Additionally, theres a multiplayer mode that will enable you to share your finds with friends either competitively or cooperatively! With mod APK version it opens access never ending coins gems hints; equip yourself right gadgets plus uncover secrets beat evildoers put end this epic adventure!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I play the Rooms & Exits game with my friends?

A1. Yes, you can definitely play the game with your friends either competitively or cooperatively! Through Multiplayer Mode, players have an option to team up join each other‘s games solve puzzles faster together helping progress through this imaginary mystery book of secret !

Q2 What are some features that come with Rooms & Exits Mod APK ?

A2. In addition to providing unlimited coins gems hints for easier exploration and progression; Room & Exit Mod APK also offers many additional modifications like removing timer restrictions restocking items so you dont get stuck any particular level while playing this challenging puzzle escape room game !

Q3 Do I need internet access in order to play?

A3 .No internet connection is required for offline gameplay as it works solely on local area networks though inevitable case during multiplayer mode requires beforehand net availablity latter hop others interactively !

Q4 What type of rewards can be obtained ingame?

A4 . Players will receive rewards such as coins , gems and hints scattered throughout map which help easily access all areas thus collecting clues necessary uncovering culprits behind these dark events!. The ultimate goal here also gain grand reward most trusted approval from citizens unlocking cases at fixed time limit charge!

Q5 Is there a difficulty setting available ?

A5 Yes indeed select able levels determine strength skill match into beginners intermediate users lastly professionals according stages inside novel make dependent decision mature stuff people comfy tackling matching their own capabilities respectively !


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