Rocket Star Hack Apk 1.49.0 (MOD,Unlimited Money)


Rocket Star Hack Apk 1.49.0 (MOD,Unlimited Money/Coin/Diamonds) + Mod – Android + Clock Game
Regular Edition + Exclusive Mod Edition (Money, Coins and Diamonds Infinity) individually
Tested with Offline Run

Rocket Star MOD Apk Unlimited Money/Coin/Diamonds The Rocket Star – its full name is Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon Games, the name of the first official Brazilian studio Pixodust Games game in the style of cliche and fun simulator games where you have to try to be the biggest Become a rocket factory. It is noteworthy that HackDl World is the first USA website to publish this game with its proprietary mod version. In this game that just like all Idle Clicker style games you have to create or upgrade the original items by clicking, you are going to be a space maker and a big company to build and launch space rockets. To this end, there are dozens of different systems, tools, and forces. You can increase the production and development of your plant by hiring different engineers and accelerate your cash flow. Your main task involves building, managing and developing a rocket launcher. You need to manage different parts of this system. Each section can be managed individually. To increase the efficiency of each segment, you can increase the number of forces in that segment or use more specialized and faster forces. Which part needs to be upgraded depends on your strategic and managerial abilities, but the right thing to do is to upgrade all parts equally. In Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon Games you can upgrade each episode up to several hundred levels! It may be said that there is no very specific ceiling for the level upgrades.

Rocket Star MOD Unlimited Money apkRocket Star MOD Unlimited Money apk


Rocket Star MOD Unlimited Money/Coin/Diamonds – Games Once it’s your rocket with the help of various engineers, it’s time to launch it! In this section, after launching the missile, you should quickly tap the buttons that are marked to gain more points. That way you can build a great company by hiring more engineers and scientists and soon become the world’s largest rocket factory! You can even build a separate base at the International Space Station, or even travel to other planets and the moon and set up another branch of your plant there! There are hundreds of different items to buy and upgrade in the Rocket Factory game that can entertain you for a long time. Like many other games of this genre, the game has the ability to auto-operate even if it is not running. Once you have expanded your plant well, it comes down to big missions and orders like building and launching space satellites, building colonies on other planets like Mars, and building a full-fledged base per month. All in all, it can be fun to play with. Upgrading the different parts is a pleasure, and each player can have their own system to upgrade the different parts of their factory. Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon Games Runs on almost every Android device with fancy, simple graphics and low volume. The Rocket Factory game received more than 550,000 downloads and received a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0. Below you can download the game in a test version of the regular and mods of HackDl.

Rocket Star Mod Installation Tutorial:

Note that the featured version of Money, Coins and Diamonds is infinite. This feature makes the early part of the game (training) impossible and unable to end it, as it requires your money to upgrade to the first level to move on to the next part, but where Your money will increase instead of decrease, the game stuck here. We have developed a dedicated and pre-prepared database to address this problem. Putting this data in the desired location eliminates the first part of the game. If you want to install the mod version, you should use the following method. In order to avoid any problems, install and run the game exactly as described below:

1. If you have a regular version or any other version of the game, delete it first.
2. Before installing the Mod version, first download the Mod package and then extract the folder into the Android/data path of the device’s internal storage.
3. Install the downloaded version of the download package on your device.
4. Run the game and enjoy the infinite version of money, coins and diamonds (increase instead of decrease)!

Rocket Star – Rocket Factory MOD Apk version v1.49.0:

* Improved game performance
* Minor bug fixes

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Download Direct Attack Game Install MOD APK- 64 MB

  • Android version required: 4.0.3 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +3 years