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Conquer the world with brilliant tactical strategies!
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Sep 12, 2023
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Rise of Firstborn Mod Apk 7.9.0 (Unlimited Money)

Rise of Firstborn Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Apk
Size 128 MB
Version 7.9.0
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Rise of Firstborn Mod Apk Free Download

Rise of Firstborn is an epic strategy game set in the world of Game of Thrones, where you battle legendary heroes and infamous villains for the coveted Iron Throne. As King or Queen, your task is to build your citys wealth and power while protecting it from rival factions who wish to take control. Wage war with brute force or master delicate diplomacy in order to conquer Westeros! Outsmart armies with advanced tactics as you navigate treacherous landscapes filled with intense battles and entertaining missions that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Command a great hero lineup featuring characters from both sides including Tyrion Lannister, Stannis Baratheon, Margaery Tyrell, Ramsay Bolton all led by yourself! Your rule will be remembered forever as a legacy fit for true royalty when Rise of Firstborn finally releases on mobile platforms later this year.

Rise of Firstborn Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

Rise of Firstborn offers fastpaced, turnbased battles in an engaging and unique world. As ruler of Westeros, its your job to lead a powerful army comprised of familiar faces from the Game Of Thrones series. Prepare for a variety of challenging missions that will test your strategic ability: build defensive structures as quickly as possible to minimize enemy damage; deploy strong warlords or specific heroes to fight for you; apply stickers onto units with a wide selection availableall while using whatever resources you have at hand wisely! Fight bigger enemies with more troops by forming temporary alliances or surprise attackers via hidden pathways through tough terrain taking risks is often rewarded! Prove Your might and Rise like never before.

Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

Rise of Firstborn boasts an intense and competitive multiplayer mode. Gather your friends or challenge random opponents as you build and manage teams of renowned fighters from the fantasy world in realtime Player vs Player battles! Strategy is key here, with a hotly contested fight over resources fast becoming a main objective within each match. Voice chat will allow team coordination that extends beyond tactical strategy to increase communication and ensure victory. Join clans or form your own alliance on Lineage 2: Revolution, then start making alliances across different realms to strengthen every factions position through collective effort diplomatic efforts happen more often than bloodshed! It‘s time to answer the great call of arms when Rise arrives on mobile soon!

Rise of Firstborn Mod Apk

What is Rise of Firstborn Mod APK?

Rise of Firstborn Mod APK is a modified version of the hardhitting strategy game released later this year. It features additional content such as extra money, unlimited resources and god mode that grants players invincibility against all enemy units. This mod requires an Android or Apple device and will be compatible with both devices operating systems when running the original Rise of Firstborn version on them. And you can customize your army to a greater extent choose from various skillsets for heroes such as Dragonslayers, Macesmen , or Bowmasters Vanguards for example every character has its own unique abilities that you can unlock in Battle Mode! Any player who gets their hands on this tweaked edition is going to have a much easier time with completing missions compared to nonmodders, allowing them achieve objectives they couldn‘t before due to limited resources or budgeting constraints.

Rise of Firstborn Mod Apk

Key Features of Rise of Firstborn

Strategic battles

Rise of Firstborn features intense turnbased battles that require quick reflexes and the application of effective strategies to win. Advance your armies through various attacking and defending tactics while facing challenging difficulties with gradually increasing difficulty levels over time. Once intimately familiar with terrain, weapon control, troop strengths and more victory is yours!

Unique cast

Experience a thrilling narrative featuring characters from both sides but entirely new stories when playing as King or Queen in Rise of Firstborn; lead famous heroes like Tyrion Lannister , Stannis Baratheon , Margaery Tyrell , Ramsay Bolton all under your command !

Real time PvPs

Engage in multiplayer mode either alone or by gathering friends for realtime Player vs Player matchups against others fierce opponents putting everything learned about strategy up until that point into good use . chat functionality allows for team coordination without much vocal communication as the game progresses towards victory!

Investigate secrets & hidden pathways

Unfound paths often lead to success through unexplored terrains added bonus content including money cheats give extra funding during those times where its needed most . These risky roads can reward players well if taken correctly uncovering great rewards such enemies defeated are unable be seen otherwise help develop field awareness thus making conquering Westeros easier than before .

Alliance Building

Strengthen each clan by creating alliances across multiple realms lineages 2 revolution offers lobbies aiding intricate alliance formation between different parties which makes planning countries offensives simpler yet far more complex due this feature form coalitions long term ones make sure complete tasks given any alliance buddy boost performance level out possible discrepancies other external factors damage disadvantaged groups chances conquest .

Unique war styling

Customize various aspects ones army pick heroes with different skillsets such Dragonslayers Macesmen or Bowmasters Vanguards every fighters unique capabilities when unlocking them Pay attention right setup for each battle as losing key characters could cost your troops dearly; rising above these military adversities critically situations define success or failure.

Resource Management

do not expect handouts but instead manage resources carefully with they‘re at disposal might even apply stickers onto units wide selection still additional money cheats give extra funding those times where its needed most eventually increase income through taxes sacrificing some development other parts kingdom expenses defense production related activities should become norm once familiarizing game mechanics.

Legacy mode

Victory be remembered forever legacy fit for true royalty! Rise of Firstborn screens show beautiful Kingdoms complete range colours scheme green grass, royal blue sky doesn‘t stop there players who travel this land discover hidden secrets powerful artifacts this will certainly bring more excitement people not satisfied just winning against opponent state own territorial claim replace traditional competitive model more immersive experience.

Rise of Firstborn Mod Apk

Graphics and Sound Quality


Rise of Firstborn will immerse players with its stunning visuals lush landscapes, detailed characters, and a wealth of environmental elements wellsuited to the plot. With realistic animations such as dragons soaring across the screen to gothic fortresses gleaming in golden light every scene is captivating! Music forms a massive part of getting into character here; while navigating the kingdom a sense of calm or impending danger based on whats being played will create an exciting atmosphere throughout each battle.


Audio serves a huge purpose in making Rise Of Firstborn immersive for gamers, serving as warnings against enemies preparing for an assault or ways cheer victorious warriors their battles. Voices also help paint vivid scenes ebb and flow combat where many units cry out orders from off screen leading dedicated war bands forward at once A truly epic soundtrack was composed capture spirit medieval siege warfare complete with horns blasts choir angelic singing this choral score swells during climaxes dark lullaby tunes serve notice dire foe lurking corner battlefield beckoning adventurers come forth test strength!

Rise of Firstborn Mod Apk


Rise of Firstborn is an exciting strategy game which captures the ethos and world view of Game Of Thrones in a whole new way. Players will take on roles such as King or Queen, commanding troops onto the battlefield both familiar and entirely original heroes to bring forth a powerful city state against unknown enemies. With realtime PvP battles, hidden pathways for surprise attacks , diplomacies formed through alliances , custom army builds along with their unique abilities & resource management every mission carries an element not seen before! The captivating graphics & intense soundtrack guarantee that each battle remains engaging throughout all encounter while leaving room for exploration narrative growth outside primary goal domination . Rise of Firstborn truly gives life back fantastical setting fans come know love is set release mobile platforms soon; so if youre into turn based/real time warfare then this perfect pick up Season 8 premier early 2019 don‘t forget download mod apk enough money cheat your way victory!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of game is Rise of Firstborn?

A: Rise of Firstborn is a strategy game set in the world of Game Of Thrones, where players take on the role as King or Queen and strive to build their citys wealth and power while protecting it from hostile factions. It offers fastpaced, turnbased battles with an array of challenging missions that test strategic capability while also featuring realtime PvP multiplayer mode as well. Additionally battle royal inspired events such as hidden pathways for surprise attacks , diplomacy formed through alliances , custom army builds along with their unique abilities & resource management give variation never experienced before!

Q. How can I play this game?

A: The official version will be available for iOS/Android mobile devices when its launched later this year, but you can also download (the mod) APK version which includes extra money cheats and god mode features if needed just remember that both require compatible devices running those operating systems .

Q. Are there any special features added to this modded version Hero upgrades ?

A : Yes players have access improved content compared original title all ranging from additional money cheats help during times limited resources advantages invincibly against enemy units when playing in God Mode alongside customized tactics like placing stickers onto combat forces maximizing chances mission success even heroes from both sides further expanded each having skillsets like Dragonslayers Macesmen Bowmasters Vanguards unlocks specific abilities relevant situation something done none others found normal scenarios !

Q. Can I join clans /form own alliance playing This Mod Apk ?

A : Absolutely Netmarble Entertainment has Lineage 2 Revolution link every realm allowing intricately complex politics form part games play style players enlist clans existing leagues or even form their own powerful associations whatever suits interests best then begin diplomatic efforts strengthen each factions position .

Q. What is the legacy mode ?

A : Legacy mode serves as continuation after victory has been achieved as ruler Westerns come reign remember forever, allowing revisit beautiful kingdom wide range colors scheme green grass, royal blue sky. Furthermore detailed exploration maps hidden secrets powerful artifacts unearth during travels carried out with different characters something many will find exciting fulfilling! This along Battle Royalesque events launched soon ensuring all gamers who pick up Rise of Firstborn have memorable experience whenever hit battlefield!



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