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Sep 10, 2023
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Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk 1.1.7 (Hack, Unlocked All)

Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlocked All
Category Games
Size 23 MB
Version 1.1.7
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk is a fast-paced card game from indie publisher EBCO Games. It’s designed by industry luminary Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle, the co-designers of Fleet, the award winning card game from Cheapass Games. As players clash wits trying to win every secret battle for control of France’s cities, events unfold in brilliant twists and turns that make Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk an intense strategy experience with explosive surprises!

In Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk you assume control of one faction vying for power throughout France during the chaos leading up to The Great Terror. Through clever strategy where speed meets luck your faction must seize metropolitan centers while securing points through collectable resources or backstabbing political contests. Only by playing astutely can anyone hope to survive what lies ahead in this nail biting contestive affair!

Gameplay Overview

In Revolution Diabolique, players draft their factions’ resources while vying to control the cities of France for victory points. Cities can be claimed via collectable tiles and coins spread across the playing area or won through secret intrigues between opposing forces. When a faction takes control of a city card, it may pull further ahead by gaining new Resource Tiles or evolving its electoral support as the game progresses – though controlling too many cities at once reward opponents with Victory Points!

Players battle against each other in duels using special Attack Cards which when used wisely will add points to your tally; Losing battles costs you dear since secretly earned victory points are lost! A fast-paced tactical showdown ensues as players quickly seek out tactical advantages while howitzer like barrages send enemy forces scurrying. The player with greatest majority is declared winner at endgame scoring resolution!

Play With Fun this game?

Revolution Diabolique is an incredibly fun game to play with friends. The dramatic card play and constant struggle for control of cities adds tension and excitement to every turn. As duels can randomly happen throughout the game, players must always remain alert in order to outmaneuver their opponents! Players may also race against each other for important resources while plotting secret schemes behind their backs – ensuring this political battle never goes quiet! It’s a great gaming experience overall that will keep you on your toes till the very end – regardless of outcome!

Racing Master Mod Apk

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, Revolution Diabolique is a multiplayer game for two to four players. The highly interactive nature of the game means players must always look to outmaneuver their opponents and think ahead strategically in order to win. Players can duel each other over control of cities, seek important resources, and cook up secret schemes as they race for victory in this fast-paced card battle!

History and popularity of the game

Revolution Diabolique was released in 2015 by indie publisher EBCO Games. This fast-paced turn based strategy game has been popular among boardgame enthusiasts due to its unique theme, diverse gameplay and easy to learn rules. It is designed by industry luminaries Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle who also co-designed Fleet the award winning card game from Cheapass Games. Since its release Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk had gone on to become an international sensation with plenty of expansions and accessories available for those looking for more out of their gaming experience!

Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk

Main Features of Revolution Diabolique

Revolution Diabolique provides players with a thrilling strategy experience of historical political battles set in pre-revolutionary France. The game offers plenty of unique and interesting features that make it stand out from other card games:

Unique Historical Theme

Revolution Diabolique sets itself apart from other card games through its use of an elaborate and exciting period setting, allowing players to step into the shoes history’s greatest heroes or villains!

Fast-Paced Gameplay

With each round packed with intense duels, rapid resource gathering and cunning intrigues; Revolutionary Diabolique rewards quick thinking gamers who can outmaneuver their opponents while still having enough foresight to strategize for victory!

Collectible Resource Tiles

Players may gather points by collecting valuable tiles spread across the playing area or through dueling opponents in secret intimacies using powerful attack cards! Gaining the most points means getting as many resources collected as possible without giving up too many Victory Points in returning exchanges.

Useful Character Support Cards

Special action character support cards help tip balance onto player’s favor, allowing them quick accesses to extra movement actions, additional battle strategies & unprecedented advantages against enemies alike when used right!

Intense Duels

When events come full circle & two forces face off on field every turn is amplified exponentially; tactical maneuvers will be given life within split second decisions that could decide fate of entire nation hanging between winners hands!

Evolving Electoral System

Players must be careful not choosing which cities are worth investing since too large holdings mean more losses then wins if game reaches endgame scoring resolution wherein every uncontested city would award double loss point force trying take those down early on moves sequence

Vibrant Artwork

Every match immersed deep within vibrant artwork displayed amongst pieces cart tableaus covering average gaming length deal range immense beauty unrivaled intensity mostly thanks dual designer qualities both Pinchback Riddle masterfully crafted back 2016 reveal brand new type classic timeless hit enjoyed global today day.

Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk

Game Tips

• Be proactive and seize cities whenever possible, as uncontested cities reward double points at endgame.
• Keep a mental note of players’ Victory Points totals to better plan your strategies.
• Draft the best character support cards to increase your chances in duels or when gathering resources.
• Employ deception through quick changes in strategy; taking opponents by surprise could lead you further ahead!
• Spread out your factions’ resources for greater access during difficult times; making sure one faction doesn’t go absent too long will reduce precious losses or even give advantageous multiple turns under certain circumstances!

What is Revolution Diabolique Mod APK?

Revolution Diabolique Mod APK is a modified version of the classic cards game Revolution Diabolique. This mod allows players to enjoy the original rules and mechanics of the game with added twists, such as additional cards, characters and events. The mod also features an unlimited trial period for first-time players to explore its features minus any potential payment obligations! As with most mods, it’s not endorsed or approved by EBCO Games nor do they condone its existence but it might be worth exploring if you’re looking for extra opportunities trying new strategies!

Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk

Features of Revolution Diabolique Mod APK

Unlocked Content

Revolution Diabolique Mod APK unlocks otherwise gated content such as new cards, characters and events to give players greater strategic opportunities in their respective games. With the mod’s added benefits; increasing your chances of Victory comes easier than ever!

No Payment Necessary

The mod also features an unlimited trial period for first-time users, removing any potential payment obligations from playing! This feature makes trying out this modified version of the game easier & more accessible than ever before!

Regular Updates

As with most mods, Revolution Diabolique Mod APK is subjected regular updates which helps curated play experiences remain fresh while staying true to core mechanics at same time without hassle worry normally might ask purchase expanded versions gain access full unlockables team behind puts extra effort makes process simpler manageable end enjoy alternative variation original titles currently featured Steam mobile platforms nowadays other similar communities.

How to Download Revolution Diabolique Mod APK

• Visit your device’s and search for Revolution Diabolique Mod APK or the title of the mod’s developer.
• Downloading may require a payment and depends on each platform’s agreed upon fees.
• Once downloaded open up the mod with your device to begin activation process then wait an additional loading screen before start playing!
• Always check & read game rules for complete understanding whereas some elements might have been modified accordingly upon purchase/installation completion.

Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure to double check & read through user agreement upon installation so you understand the terms and conditions before accessing your mod for Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk.
• Be sure to check your device’s storage space as some mods may require more open memory than originally anticipated on certain models.
• If downloading is taking an unusually long time try restarting/rebooting device in-order refresh page or reset connection altogether without losing any progress made beforehand either way; contacting customer support surely will hold hand times need arises help solve most problems during process good luck venture faithful board gaming fans all around!

Visual and sound quality


Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk features vibrant and detailed graphics that bring the pre-Revolutionary France setting to life. The mixture of historically accurate illustrations, clever card designs as well as interactive game pieces is sure to keep any player immersed within this fast-paced tactical showdown!


Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk offers an impressive soundscape of period era instruments which accompanies every turn effortlessly without comprising gameplay depth or immersion factor alongside mute options available customise session depending needs wants players wanting take one step further setting amazing atmosphere home party friendly get togethers alike adding quite bit extra feel heightened sense accomplishment after victorious match last beat whenever situation fit description come visited just right place wrong time entirely desires so be sure double check perfectionist edge before committing endgame results find out perfect balance between success short comings somewhat entertained duration course activity whatever said done best remainder things will work decision making processes following head even though reckless decisions rewarded such sort moments once overcome foes respect excellence!

Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the average game of Revolution Diabolique Hack Apk?

Answer: The average game length is around 45 minutes to an hour depending on number of players and strategies employed during the gameplay session.

Q: Is there an official rulebook for Revolution Diabolique Hack Apk?

Answer: Yes, a comprehensive Rulebook that explains all important mechanics, alternative victory conditions & optional rules can be found on EBCO Games’ website or through Steam downloads from most operating systems platforms i.e.: Windows & OS X/iOS/Android (smartphones).

Q: Can I play this with two people only?

Answer: Yes! A two player version of revolution diabolic exists too which features different rules and objectives to better accommodate single duels between forces as well!

Q: Can I use alternative house rules when playing this game?

Answer : Yes; players are absolutely allowed customize their gaming sessions using entirely new settings adjust difficulty levels either individually teams give themselves quite bit extra entertainment without too much getting boring matter fact suggestions put forth others ideas coming freely almost everyday hold true strategy leaders out kind ensure survival anything ‘soldiers field’ meaning both allies foes alike faced off against conquer whatever obstacles come way!

Q: Is there a mobile app available for playing Revolution Diabolic?

Answer :Yes – partner app developed by independent developers made available iOS Android devices wherein intuitive interface which enables seamless connection inter-players games choosing titles become even faster easy already included browser friendly options similar popular platform down shareable links added convenience case need accessed shared events moments afterwards certain genres entries covered list furthermore fast moving apps given support power rank up collecting rewards rather quickly although times updates remain stagnant reason whenever least expected.

Q: How difficult is it to learn how Revolutionary Diabolique Mod Apk works ?

Answer: Depending whether familiar concept beforehand considered simple enough get hang within first couple rounds however complexity increases presence critical decision making processes begins further bolster knowledge infrastructure following experienced command figures whatnot albeit nothing beats few saved memories party bringing back each group plays say want begin masterpick aspect look let assistance assist ensuring details missed addressed plenty resources online covering weak knotted ropes hand order sharp right away .

Q: Does any battle take longer than 2 turns before victory declared?

Answere:Yes ,certain battle may take more than 2 turns if Player-based attacks used against opponents structures when such situation becomes present Resigned attack procedures dictates moves taken either diminish gain counter actions will ensue until termination usually under control though ties went contested behind closed doors reversed results go favor those involved discuss matters itself sealed lips accordingly so next time always best come prepared face challenges head challenge them hearts content knowing war raging threatened split soon end giving final promised peace settlement signed peaceful resolution finished business ready accept victors earliest earliest!

Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk


Revolution Diabolique Mod Apk is an exciting and fast-paced card game that requires tactical planning as well as an understanding of history to achieve success. Played and enjoyed by boardgame enthusiasts around the world, it offers intense duels for control of France’s cities that are filled with surprise twists & turns; making sure no two games ever play out quite the same! With its vibrant art style, unique character support cards resolution procedures which spices things random chance even further; this captivating card battle between hidden forces has something for everyone whether one prefers head on combat or behind scenes machinations either way playing delightfully classic timeless masterpiece could turn tide entire operation when situation arises involve extreme caution fortitude but end remains uncertain enough level pressure rises higher matters come closer finish line really comes testing courage brims total bloody war untold wonder both simply outstanding together!


• Revolution Diabolique Modded Apk is designed by industry luminaries Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle.
• Players can duel each other over control of cities, seek important resources, or plot secret schemes to gain Victory Points.
• The mod features an unlimited trial period for first-time users with unlocked content such as new cards, characters and events
• Troubleshooting includes checking user agreements upon installation along with your device’s storage space as some mods may require more open memory than originally anticipated on certain models.
• The game offers impressive visuals and soundscapes of period era instruments, which accompany every turn without comprising the gaming experience.


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