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Sep 8, 2023
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Pull the Pin Mod Apk 182.0.1 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Pull the Pin Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Apk
Size 149 MB
Version 182.0.1
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Pull the Pin Mod Apk Free Download

Pull the Pin is a challenging and addictive new puzzle game from Ketchapp. Its simple to play but difficult to master! All you have to do is pull the pins one by one in order for the pieces of your puzzle goal, be it stars or gems, reach their destination on top of each other! Be careful: if at least one piece falls out before completing the perfect stack – start over again. With its brightly colored graphics and diverse levels, Pull The Pin provides an ever-changing stage for playing with physics while keeping things fresh and engaging. So don’t forget steady hands are required if you want to win this challenge!

Gameplay Overview

Pull The Pin is a surprisingly addictive game that will put your physics skills to the test. In each level, you must pull pins in order to release pieces which have the ultimate goal of tipping over and stacking onto one another, forming a complete stack at the end of it all. You can pull pins individually or do multiple pulls simultaneously by swiping with two fingers across them; be careful though as too many botched moves will result in red alert mode where timebased objects start dropping but dont worry! If you manage to reach this point before any pieces fall out of place theres an opportunity for salvation still! With five worlds and plenty levels within each one, Pull The Pin also offers special challenges calledPower Pins which can help or hinder your progress depending on how judiciously they are used; collect stars along with prestige points raised as levels progress. Ready? Crack open Pull The Pin fast reflexes hold clues for success here!

Pull the Pin Mod Apk

Hidden Objects MOD APK

Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

Pull the Pin offers an exciting way to play with or against your friends from all around the world. The game includes a variety of social features that allow you to take on friends challenges, compare each others progress, and brag about your accomplishments! When starting off in multiplayer mode, simply search for friend codes and easily connect them; then start playing right away! There are no complicated controls: Pull Pins requires quick reflexes as well as judicious use of power pins scattered across levels. Whether racing against time or outwitting rivals it always remains thrilling when competing headtohead. Plus players can even create their own puzzles and share with others! So come join this unique challenge dominate leaderboards while creating fun memories together with your buddies online in Pull The Pin Multiplayer Mode today!

Pull the Pin Mod Apk

What is Pull the Pin Mod APK?

Pull the Pin Mod APK is a modified version of the original popular game Pull The Pin. This variant allows players to access some additional features which are otherwise unavailable in the standard version. In this mod, gamers can gain unlimited coins that can be used for purchasing hint boosters and unlocking special levels with exclusive content! It even grants adfree play; where you dont have to deal with those pesky ads when gaming! Players might also find different kinds of power pins or obstacles throughout stages allowing them to become creative at solving each level. Get ready for endless hours of thrilling challenge through Pull The Pin Mod today!

Pull the Pin Mod Apk

Features of Pull the Pin

Immersive Graphics

Enjoy colorful and vibrant visuals in every level, from the opening screen of each world until its final challenge. With hightech surfaces, detailed 3D environments and interactive physicsbased game mechanics Pull The Pin will keep you engaged throughout your journey!

Innovative Levels

Progress through interesting levels full of physics puzzles waiting for you to solve them by carefully pulling pins one after another or prove your intelligence with objects like cannons that need to be precisely aimed at slots on the board. With new surprises hiding around every corner this game never stops offering a fun experience!

Challenging Gameplay

Overcome different kinds of obstacles scattered around difficult stages; even special powerpins can help or hinder gamers depending on how theyre used so make sure to make critical decisions if interested in victory while completing those tricky objectives!

Multiplayer Mode & Friend Challenges

Test yourself against friends from all over the world by sharing friend codes OR create private headtohead tournaments as players take turns competing with each other online; taking advantage of social features like ranking up monsters compared being rewards for their performance.

Bonuses & Rewards

Rack up coins buy purchasing hint boosters and unlocking challenging buttons hidden inside some levels plus get additional bonus points when completing secret tasks inside certain levels as well as complete collections raises prestige ratings faster than normal play times too saw speed ahead without compromising any standards .

Create Your Own Puzzles

Ready manufactured head start? Design your own Push Along chain reaction rates today by shaping variously components within puzzles present challenges savvier than most sophisticated ones currently available ! Produce brain teasing sequences fool others into oblivion

Ad free Play Time

Enjoy uninterrupted rounds focuses solely thrilling gameplay instead rest relating advertisement break where players find extra reason complain about gaming session experiences

Additional Content Upgrades always Available

Receive consistent updates add incoming opportunities alter current course events demanding,certainly Glamour involved Plus receive daily reward gifts keep us rich enough gain upper hand challenging events brought forth reawakening senses anticipation.

Pull the Pin Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


Pull The Pin delivers an immersive and beautiful gaming experience through its 3D environment, detailed character designs, interactive surfaces with realistic graphics. Every level is optimized for the best visual performance. Adequately featuring elements like stars or gems as they fall onto perfectly stacked piles; all these create a realistic picture that will keep players excellently engaged!


Pull The Pin features music composed by talented professionals to set the mood for each level of play. Music accompaniments vary from calming tones to intense beats at times when you need extra adrenaline rush, making it perfect audio backdrop while progressing through stages filled with pins and powerpins waiting to be pulled!


Overall, Pull The Pin is a fun and addictive puzzle game with an immersive 3D environment, gorgeous visuals and high quality soundtracks. With its interactive mechanics that demand players exercise quick reflexes as well as read tricky physicsbased situations. You can play solo, challenge yourself online in multiplayer mode or even create your own puzzles to share with friends! Boasting five different worlds each full of obstacles to overcome crashing boxes preparing for launch sequence or aiming cannons the journey requires resourcefulness amid all this surprise content; while reward points system like coins allow purchase useful boosts such hint powerups superior gaming experiences. So come join this thrilling ride now in Pull The Pin today!

Pull the Pin Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Pull The Pin Mod APK?

A1. Pull the Pin Mod APK is a modified version of the original popular game from Ketchapp that allows players to access some additional features which are otherwise unavailable in the standard version, such as unlimited coins for purchasing hint boosters and unlocking special levels with exclusive content! It also grants adfree play so gamers can enjoy uninterrupted rounds focused solely on thrilling gameplay instead of dealing with ads.

Q2. Does Pull The Pin offer support for multiplayer mode?

A2: Yes, it does! Multiplayer mode allows you to challenge your friends from all around the world and compare scores or create private headtohead tournaments where players take turns competing online; even share certain friend codes allowing easy connections when playing together!

Q3 How do I use power pins while playing?

A3: Power Pins arespecial pins scattered across each level; they can help or hinder depending on how quickly theyre used when gaming so judiciously read every situation before taking action if interested in victory over games adversaries too !

Q4 Are there any other bonuses available during game ?

A4 : Yes throughout stages coins may be collected which one can purchase useful enhancing progresses like boost . More advanced users now find shortcuts reach higher demands than ever provided collection items reward points raised for completing objectives succeed attractively high rankings against opponents friendly environment created here .

Q5 Is this mod safe at play ?

A5 : Absolutely , given free availability no malicious malware concerns arise downloading into device devices run comfortably independent f full security check beforehand ensuring problem free experiences everyone involved along way.



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