Pokémon Quest MOD APK (Hack,Unlimited Money,God Mode,High Damage)


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Oct 19, 2021
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Pokémon Quest MOD APK 1.0.6 (Hack,Unlimited Money,God Mode,High Damage)

Pokémon Quest MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money,God Mode,High Damage
Category Games
Size 161 MB
Version 1.0.6
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Pokémon Quest MOD APK Download

Pokémon Quest Mod Apk is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The game was released on May 30th, 2018, in Japan and on June 27th worldwide. In Pokémon Quest, players explore Tumblecube Island with their team of up to three Pokémon as they battle wild monsters, collect items, cook recipes to attract new friends (Pokémon), build bases, and complete quests from friendly NPCs. Players can also customize their base camp, which serves as an area where Pokémon can rest between battles or be used to store collected items, such as power stones that are needed for evolution purposes.

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Pokémon Quest MOD APK

Main features of Pokémon Quest


Players explore the mysterious Tumblecube Island, a cube-shaped land filled with wild monsters and friendly NPCs. As they traverse different areas of the island, players will encounter various obstacles, such as rivers or mountains, that can be crossed by using special items like bridges or ladders to reach new locations on their journey.

Combat System

Pokémon Quest features an action-based combat system where players control up to three Pokémon simultaneously in the battle against wild monsters found throughout Tumblecube Island’s many regions and dungeons. During battles, each Pokémon has access to four moves determined by its type (Fire, Water, Grass, etc.) and any Power Stones equipped for additional effects during fights.

Base Building and Customization

After completing certain quests from friendly NPCs, players gain access to base-building mode, allowing them to build structures around their campground area, including shops, restaurants, and more! These buildings provide bonuses when interacted with while also serving as storage spaces for collected items, such as power stones needed for evolution purposes. Additionally, bases can be further customized via decorations obtained from exploring island caves or purchased directly from NPC vendors located within player campsites.

Pokémon Quest MOD APK

Recipe Cooking

One unique feature present in Pokemon Quest is recipe cooking! By combining ingredients gathered across tumbled cube islands into recipes cooked over fireside stoves inside your custom-built kitchen structure, you attract powerful Pokemon allies who join your team after being fed these delicious dishes! Recipes range anywhere from simple one-ingredient meals to complex five-item feasts, so there’s plenty of variety available here depending on what kind of Pokemon friends you’re looking to recruit!

Evolution Mechanics

Evolving Pokemon plays a significant role in the progression process in this game since it allows creatures to become more robust versions of themselves, unlocking even more significant potential than before, but doing so requires specific materials called “Power Stones,” which must first be acquired either by battling enemies, looting chests scattered about the world, or buying them from merchants stationed near the player’s campsite. Once you’ve accumulated enough, select the desired creature to evolve menu and watch the transformation right before you!

Multiplayer Mode

In addition to the single-player content offered in the primary story campaign, Pokemon Quest offers an online multiplayer component. This lets groups of up to four people come together to tackle challenging dungeon bosses cooperatively, with rewards earned upon completion shared among the entire party, making it an excellent opportunity to make some extra money while grinding out levels alongside buddies while having fun too!

Amiibo Support

Last but not least, the Nintendo Switch version supports amiibo figures. Scanning a compatible figure unlocks bonus material exclusive to that character. For example, scanning a Pikachu figurine unlocks the chance to obtain a rare electric-type move stone used in evolving pokémon. In other words, pick a few favourites and scan away if you want to get the most bang for your buck!

Pokémon Quest MOD APK

What is the Pokémon Quest Mod APK?

Pokémon Quest Mod APK is a modified version of the original Pokémon Quest game. It includes various modifications and tweaks to enhance gameplay, such as increased experience gain rates, unlimited money and items, unlocked characters, and more. The mod also allows players to access content typically locked behind paywalls or require in-game purchases for free.

Features of the Pokémon Quest Mod APK

Unlimited Money

The mod allows players to have unlimited in-game currency, allowing them to purchase items and upgrades without worrying about running out of money. This makes it easier for players just starting the game or those looking for a way around grinding levels, as they can easily buy whatever they need!

God Mode

With this feature enabled, all Pokémon on your team will be invincible during battles, making it much easier to defeat enemies quickly and efficiently while reducing the risk of losing any valuable resources, such as Power Stones used for evolution purposes.

High Damage

Players using this mod gain access to high-damage modifiers that significantly increase their attack power when battling wild monsters across Tumblecube Island’s many regions and dungeons. As a result, even the weakest creatures become formidable opponents capable of taking down the toughest foes in no time flat!

Unlock all characters

Last but not least, Pokemon Quest Mod APK allows users to unlock every single character available within the title, including rare and legendary ones that typically require special conditions to be met to obtain. These characters come fully levelled up and ready to battle immediately, so there’s no need to waste precious hours trying to level grind and get the same results!

Pokémon Quest MOD APK

How to Download Pokémon Quest Mod APK

• Visit a trusted website that offers the mod.

• Download and install the APK file on your device.

• Enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings if necessary to allow installation of third-party apps from outside sources.

• Launch the Pokémon Quest Mod APK and enjoy!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure you have enough storage space on your device to install the mod.

• Check that “Unknown Sources” is enabled in Settings to install third-party apps from outside sources if necessary.

• Ensure that all required permissions are granted during installation (e.g., access to photos, media files, etc.).

• If the download fails or gets stuck at any point, try restarting your device and reinstalling the APK file again.

Visual and sound quality


Pokémon Quest Mod APK features high-quality 3D graphics that bring the world of Tumblecube Island to life in vivid detail. The game’s bright and colourful visuals make it a pleasure to explore its many regions while providing an immersive experience for players as they battle wild monsters or build their custom base camps from scratch!


Accompanying these stunning visuals is an equally impressive soundtrack composed by Junichi Masuda, perfectly capturing this title’s adventurous spirit. From upbeat tunes heard during battles against powerful foes to soothing melodies playing in the background when exploring the island’s various locations, there is something here everyone will surely enjoy!

Pokémon Quest MOD APK


Q1. Is the Pokémon Quest Hack APK safe to download?

A1. Yes, the hack is safe and secure. It has been tested for viruses before being released on trusted websites such as ApkPure or Aptoide. Additionally, all files are digitally signed by their respective developers, ensuring that they have not been tampered with before the installation process takes place on the device.

Q2: Does this version of Pokemon Quest include microtransactions?

A2: No, the mod does not feature a microtransaction system, so players can enjoy playing without worrying about spending real money to progress further in the game!

Q3 What kind of content is available within the title?

A3: The main focus here is exploration: battling wild monsters, collecting items, cooking recipes, building custom bases, completing quests from friendly NPCs, and unlocking powerful characters! There’s plenty of variety to keep entertained until hours end. Sure won’t get bored anytime soon!

Q4 Can I play multiplayer mode using this modded version?

Yes, you certainly can join up with 4 friends to tackle challenging dungeon bosses cooperatively, with rewards earned upon completion shared among the entire party, making it an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash while grinding out levels alongside your buddies while having fun too!

 Q5 Are there cheat codes present in the title that allow me to gain an advantage over other players in online battles

A5: Unfortunately, no cheat codes exist currently; however, since its open-source nature allows anyone skilled enough to potentially create their own set of unlockables and use them for the personal benefit if desired, doing so would require a significant amount of coding knowledge, which may be beyond the reach of most people.


Pokemon Quest Mod APK is a great way to experience the game with enhanced features such as unlimited money and god mode. The mod also allows players to access content typically locked behind paywalls or require in-game purchases for free. Additionally, it includes high-quality graphics and sound/music, along with an action-based combat system where up to three Pokémon can battle wild monsters found throughout Tumblecube Island’s many regions and dungeons. With all these features combined, Pokemon Quest MOD APK provides hours of entertainment to keep you returning for more!


• Explore Tumblecube Island with up to three Pokémon.

• Battle wild monsters using an action-based combat system.

• Build and customize your base camp for storage purposes or resting between battles.

• Cook recipes over fireside stoves to attract powerful Pokémon allies who join teams after being fed these delicious dishes!

• Evolve Pokemon by collecting Power Stones from battling enemies, looting chests scattered about the world, and buying items from merchants near the player’s campsite.

• Unlock all characters, including rare and legendary ones, which generally require special conditions to be met to obtain

• Play online multiplayer mode, where four groups come together to tackle challenging dungeon bosses cooperatively, with rewards earned upon completion shared among the entire party!



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