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Sep 18, 2023
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Parallel Space MOD APK 4.0.9398 (Pro Unlocked)

Parallel Space MOD APK
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
Category Mod Apk
Size 20 MB
Version 4.0.9398
Requires Android 5.0
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Parallel Space Mod Apk Free Download

Parallel Space Mod Apk is one of the most popular and powerful application that allows users to cloan or make a copy of their existing accounts such as social media accounts, games, emails etc. It has many features like keeping multiple social media/gaming/entertainment account on the same device along with hiding user privacy for extra security. It was released by LBE Tech since 2016 with its current version 3.2 being launched in 2020 and delivers millions of downloads within weeks after launch which made it one of the highest rated cloning applications available in Google Play Store today!

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Parallel Space Mod Apk

APPS Overview

Parallel Space is an application that allows users to easily and quickly clone or make a copy of existing apps. It can be used for multiple accounts logged into different services such as social media, gaming, entertainment, emails etc. Furthermore it also includes options to hide the user‘s privacy from others which ensures extra protection and security of data stored on their device. The interface is clean and simple with tons of themes available making the app very user friendly as compared other cloning applications in market today!

What is Parallel Space Mod APK?

Parallel Space Mod APK is a modified version of the original Parallel Space application, designed to give users access to additional features. It gives users many advantages over the regular version of this app including unlocking premium versions of certain apps for free and accessing more security options for protecting their data privacy from outsiders. As with all mod versions it should be used safely as there are risks associated with using them and always make sure that you have reputable sources when you download files.

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Parallel Space Mod Apk

Features of Parallel Space Mod APK

Unlimited Cloning

With Parallel Space Mod APK users have the ability to clone multiple accounts of different services and platforms with ease. This allows them to run two or more instances for a single app concurrently thus, gaining access to various features such as premium content or extra lives in games etc.

Enhanced Privacy Protection

The mod version also provides advance security options compared to regular version that grant even more privacy for user data when it comes storing information on their device making sure that no one else has access without permission from rightful owner of the device!

Removes Ads and InApp Purchases

Additionally, ads will be blocked completely by activating theadfree mode allowing you an interruption free experience while using this application without any limitations! It also eliminates unnecessary notifications like nags about buying coins/points etc., giving total control over how much money is spent on apps through Google Play Store!

Powerful Themes and App Customization Options 

Using Parallel Space Mod APK you can customize many aspects of your cloned applications such as themes, icon color & shape selection along with other parameters depending upon individual preference which adds up great aesthetics value overall!

Unlock Premium Versions Of Apps For Free (Unofficial)

Lastly, it gives some benefits which are not officially part of this application but still possible due its nature like unlocking premium versions available at certain stores completely for free !

Parallel Space Mod Apk

Advantages and Disadvantages of Parallel Space Mod Apk


Allows multiple accounts for various platforms and services simultaneously on same device.

Unlocks extra features in certain apps for free.

Enhances data privacy with security options like hiding user information from outsiders.

Removes ads and adds a clean, simple interface with tons of available themes to choose from!


There is always risk associated while using mod versions of any application as they are unofficial which means they might not be stable or reliable when cloned apps etc. due their nature being closely tied up with store distributors network architecture setting up rules while distributing apps/games into public domain through their service platform!

Parallel Space Mod Apk

How to Download Parallel Space Mod APK

1. Download the Parallel Space Mod APK from a reliable source.

2. Go to your phones Setting App and Enable Installation from Unknown Sources by navigating to Security settings menu, if it is not already enabled for some reason!

3. Open the downloaded file in any FileExplorer app of your choice and tap onInstall button after consenting all permissions requested during installation process completion!

4 Finally, open up application launcher icon placed at home screen or drawer window directly then access this magnificent cloning engine with powerful features from there on wards without any more steps required !!


Parallel Space Mod APK is an amazing and powerful application that allows users to quickly clone different existing accounts such as social media, gaming, entertainment etc. on the same device. This mod version also provides enhanced security options for keeping user personal data completely protected from outsiders with adblocking feature along with unlocking premium versions of certain apps for free! It has clean and simple interface too which makes it very userfriendly enabling everyone to use this cloning engine without much effort!

Parallel Space Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Parallel Space Mod APK?

A1. Parallel Space Mod APK is a modified version of the original app, designed to give users access to additional features such as unlocking premium versions of certain apps for free and accessing more security options for protecting their data privacy from outsiders. It should be used with caution however, as risks are associated with using modded applications and always make sure that you have reputable sources when downloading files!

Q2. Is it safe to use this application?

A2: Yes, it is safe but always download be sure you trustful source before installing the file in your device protects yourself from malware or other malicious thirdparty services getting into your device!. Additionally making a backup prior installation also helps protect any data stored on local storage even if something happened during process execution !

Q3 What are some differences between regular version and mod version ?

A3: The main difference between both versions lie in extra features available exclusively through mod such as enabling adfree mode so there will not disturbance while enjoying many different cloned apps at same time or unlocking premium content without paying anything which regular users would otherwise unable too get access those benefits!

Q4 Does this application come with any support service ?

A4 :Yes absolutely! As most Android applications do ,they have their own customer service/feedback section setup within settings menu by tappingSend Feedback button located at bottom allowing user send message directly contact developer team case assistance needed anytime soon !

Q5 Does my existing account info remain private when using Clone Applications ?

A5 :Obviously yes unless explicit permission given by rightful owner beforehand all cloned accounts information kept completely private & isolated away from social media platform provider thus preventing unnecessary exposure risk!


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