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OS Music Player v1.0 [Unlocked] – A fast and graphic Android music player application
Unlocked version – Introduced for the first time in Iran

OS Music Player Full Unlocked is a fast music player with a graphical user interface developed by the HACADE STUDIO Design Studio for Android . This powerful audio player, supporting a variety of popular audio formats and a range of unique features, enables users to easily enjoy their full-length music and enjoy their high-quality audio. Easily access the list of all audio files in a variety of categories, such as a folder, artist, etc. By creating your own exclusive playlist, you can run them in batches. A set of pre-configured equalizer stations for various types of rockets, such as rock, etc … is available on the list of available options that you can choose from each one and enjoy your music. In addition, OS Music Player can be a training program for music enthusiasts because during playback, you can view the text of the running music and match the karaoke programs. This professional app is not missing out and you can get it with us.


Some features of the Android OS Music Player:

  • Auto-sync albums and music files
  • Supports a variety of popular audio formats
  • Customize the equalizer bands to your liking
  • Access to a set of pre-configured equalizer stations
  • Create and edit playlists
  • Show music texts on the screen and when performing music
  • Categorize files by folder, album and artist
  • Bluetooth headset support
  • Fast scan of all tracks in memory

The OS Music Player has been able to capture the trust of thousands of Android users with a range of capabilities for a very short period of time, and receive a 4.5 out of 5.0 payment within the $ 1.99 network, which is now available for the latest unlocking version. Get it by accessing all the features of Farsribi’s high-speed servers in Iran.

os music player V1.0 version changes:

* Release the original version of the app on Google Play – The first release in Ira

os music player


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Download full installed and uninstall software – 5 MB