My Heroes Dungeon Raid MOD APK (Hack, Damage/Defense Multiplier, Dumb Enemy)


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May 16, 2023
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My Heroes Dungeon Raid MOD APK 16.60.0 (Hack, Damage/Defense Multiplier, Dumb Enemy)

My Heroes Dungeon Raid MOD APK
MOD Features Damage/Defense Multiplier, Dumb Enemy
Category Games
Size 296 MB
Version 16.60.0
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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My Heroes Dungeon Raid MOD APK Free Download

Welcome to the My Heroes Dungeon Raid Mod Apk! This exciting and thrilling Android game will take you on a journey through dungeons filled with monsters, traps, puzzles, and treasures. You’ll need all your wits about you as you battle against the forces of evil in this epic adventure. Assemble your team of heroes from across time and space—each has unique abilities that can be used strategically during battles or when solving tricky puzzles. Collect powerful weapons, armor pieces, and magical artifacts along the way to help strengthen your party’s chances for success. With multiple difficulty levels available, there are challenges suitable for everyone, so get ready to explore some dangerous places full of danger but also great rewards!

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My Heroes Dungeon Raid MOD APK

Main Features of My Heroes’ Dungeon Raid

Character Customization

My Heroes: Dungeon Raid allows players to customize their characters with various options, including gender, race, and class selection. Players can also choose from an array of weapons and armor pieces that will help them in battle and magical artifacts that provide special abilities or bonuses when used correctly during combat encounters.

Strategic Combat System

The game features a turn-based tactical system where each character has access to unique skills depending on the type they have chosen at creation time; these range from powerful spells for mages to devastating physical attacks for warriors! Each encounter requires careful planning if you want your team members to survive unscathed, so use every advantage wisely!

Challenging Puzzles and Traps

As you progress through dungeons, various puzzles are scattered throughout, requiring quick thinking and problem-solving skills to bypass traps or unlock doors leading further into the depths below ground level; some even require multiple steps before being solved successfully! Be prepared because failure could mean certain death.

My Heroes Dungeon Raid MOD APK

Rewards and loot drops

After completing battles against monsters within dungeon levels, rewards such as gold coins, experience points (XP), rare items like potions, etc., may be dropped by defeated enemies, giving players an incentive to continue exploring deeper underground areas filled with greater challenges but more valuable treasures too!

Multiplayer Mode

For those who wish to take part in cooperative play sessions online, this feature is perfect for allowing friends to join forces and tackle difficult bosses together while competing leaderboards show who among them is best equipped to handle the toughest foes out there!

My Heroes Dungeon Raid MOD APK


To add an extra layer of replayability, achievements trophies are awarded upon completion of specific tasks set across the entire campaign mode, adding another element of competition between gamers striving to become top-ranked heroes on the world wide web rankings list.

What is the My Heroes Dungeon Raid Mod APK?

My Heroes Dungeon Raid Mod APK is a modified version of the original game that has been altered to provide players with additional features and benefits. This includes unlimited coins, XP boosts, special items or weapons not available in the regular version, and other bonuses such as increased damage output during battles. The mod also removes any level restrictions, so you can progress through dungeons at your own pace without worrying about grinding for hours to reach higher areas!

Features of My Heroes Dungeon Raid Mod APK

Damage Multiplier

The My Heroes Dungeon Raid Mod APK allows players to significantly increase their damage output during battles, making it easier to take down enemies quickly and efficiently. This is especially useful when tackling difficult bosses or large groups of monsters, as the extra firepower can make all the difference in these situations!

Defense Multiplier

Along with increasing your attack power, this mod also provides an additional defense multiplier, which helps reduce incoming damage from enemy attacks—perfect if you’re struggling against tougher opponents who hit hard but don’t have much health themselves!

Dumb enemy AI

Another great feature included within this modified version of My Heroes Dungeon Raid is that it makes certain enemies ‘dumber’ than they would normally be, meaning they won’t react quite so fast or accurately when attacking your party members, giving players more time to plan out strategies without having to worry about being overwhelmed too easily!

Unlimited Coins and XP Boosts

Last but not least, unlimited amounts of coin experience points (XP) boosts are provided, allowing gamers to purchase items and upgrade characters faster than usual, allowing them to progress through the game faster while still enjoying the same challenge difficulty found in the original title.

My Heroes Dungeon Raid MOD APK

How to Download My Heroes Dungeon Raid Mod APK

• Visit the official website of My Heroes Dungeon Raid.

• Click “Download” and select your device type (Android or iOS).

• Follow the instructions to install it on your device.

• Once installed, open up the game and enjoy!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure you have enough storage space on your device.

• Check that the game is compatible with your version of Android or iOS.

• Ensure that all necessary permissions are granted before installation begins.

• If there’s an error message, try restarting the download process or reinstalling it from a different source (e.g., the Google Play Store).

My Heroes Dungeon Raid MOD APK

Visual and sound quality


My Heroes Dungeon Raid features stunning 3D visuals that bring the game to life and make it feel like you’re exploring a fantasy world filled with monsters, traps, and treasures! The character models are detailed enough for players to recognize their heroes even from afar, while the environments have been carefully crafted to create an immersive atmosphere during battles or when solving puzzles.


Accompanying these impressive graphics is equally as good sound design, which includes various effects such as weapon clashes, spell casting noises, etc., along with atmospheric background music setting the tone for each dungeon level and giving players a sense of dread and excitement depending on the situation they find themselves in! Furthermore, the voice acting provided by the characters adds an extra layer of realism, making them seem more alive than ever before.


Q1. Is My Heroes Dungeon Raid Hacked APK safe to download?

A1. Yes, the Hack is completely safe and has been tested for viruses before being released online, so you can be sure that it won’t cause any harm to your device or data when installed correctly!

Q2: What are some of the features included in this modified version?

A2. The main feature of this mod is an increased damage multiplier, which allows players to deal more damage during battles, as well as a defense multiplier, which reduces incoming enemy attacks. Unlimited coins and XP boosts are also available, along with dumbed-down AI enemies, making them easier targets than usual!

Q3: How do I install My Heroes Dungeon Raid Modded APK on my Android device?

A3 To install, first visit the official website, click ‘Download, select the type (Android or iOS), then follow the instructions to complete the process.

Q4 Does the game require an internet connection to be played?

A4 No need to worry about having an active connection to order and enjoy the title since all content is stored locally within the application itself, meaning no worries about slow speeds or lagging issues while playing single-player or cooperative multiplayer modes alike!

Q5: Are there leaderboards that track progress against other gamers worldwide on the web rankings list?

 A5 Absolutely – each dungeon level completed rewards experience points (XP) depending on the difficulty chosen by the user. These accumulate over time, allowing you to compare scores with friends, family members, and even strangers across the globe to see who among them is best equipped to handle the toughest foes out there!

My Heroes Dungeon Raid MOD APK


My Heroes Dungeon Raid is an exciting and thrilling Android game that will take you through dungeons filled with monsters, traps, puzzles, and treasures. You’ll need all your wits about you as you battle against the forces of evil in this epic adventure. With character customization options available during the creation process, as well as a strategic combat system, challenging puzzles and traps, rewards loot drops, multiplayer mode achievements/trophies, and visual effects/graphics quality provided, it is a mobile title worth checking out for anyone looking for something new to try today! The mod version provides additional features such as damage multipliers, defense boosts, and unlimited coins. XP boosts dumbed-down AI enemies, making them easier targets than usual—perfect for those who wish to tackle difficult bosses together while competing leaderboards see who among them is best equipped to handle the toughest foes out there!


• Follow the official My Heroes Dungeon Raid social media accounts for updates and news.

• Join online forums to discuss strategies with other players or ask questions about game mechanics.

• Watch YouTube videos of experienced gamers playing through dungeons to get tips on tackling certain levels, bosses, etc., best.


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