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May 24, 2023
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Love Sick Mod Apk 1.104.0 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

Love Sick Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Games
Size 23 MB
Version 1.104.0
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Love Sick Mod Apk Free Download

Love Sick Mod Apk is a romantic and interactive story-based game. The game aims to help you find true love by exploring different paths in this exciting, comedic adventure. You will play as either Alex or Sarah and make choices that shape your fate throughout the journey! Along with romance, mini-games are included, such as puzzles, arcade challenges, etc., which help add an extra dimension to the experience.

During your quest for true love, you will come across many characters, like family members who may give advice on relationships or even rivals seeking attention from potential partners! Every path has unique risks and rewards, so choose wisely if you want a happily ever after ending. Good luck!!

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Love Sick Mod Apk

Construct the perfect character your way.

Love Sick allows players to construct the perfect character for their journey. Upon beginning your game, you will have a few choices regarding Alex r Sarah’s looks and personality traits. You can pick from various hairstyles, skin colours, etc., which help make each character unique! Furthermore, there is an extensive list of attributes such as intelligence, charm, and athleticism that you get to customize with points, so create the best version of yourself before starting on this wild ride!

Love Sick Mod Apk

Investigate many of the suggested relationships.

In addition to creating your perfect character, Love Sick allows players to investigate many suggested relationships. Throughout the game, you will encounter many characters, from family members like Alex’s brother to Sarah’s best friend, who might be good company for either protagonist! Other than that, there are rivals and potential partners on this journey, so make sure you pick wisely if you want true love.

Listen to the entertaining stories of many girls.

Love Sick allows players to listen and follow the entertaining stories of many girls. As you progress throughout the game, more characters will be introduced with unique backgrounds that could affect your character’s fate! These fun-filled adventures will keep you entertained, as each story has twists and turns in this journey for true love. One day it can lead towards a happily ever after.

Love Sick Mod Apk

Complete your story by completing the pairing question.

Finally, once you have gone through the ups and downs of this romantic adventure, Love Sick gives players a chance to complete their story by completing the pairing question. This is your last step in determining whether Alex or Sarah has found true love, so choose wisely! Will it be with one of those rivals from earlier? Or will your character find happiness with someone else? Find out as soon as possible when playing Love Sick Mod Apk today!

What is the Love Sick Mod Apk?

Love Sick is a story-based game that allows players to explore different paths in their quest for true love. It features an extminigamesracter customization system and many suggested relationships with family members, rivals, or potential partners. Also included are mini-games such as puzzles and arcade challenges, which help add extra entertainment value! Finally, the pairing question at the end of each chapter will determine if Alex or Sarah has found true love, so choose wisely. Love Sick Mod Apk adds unique features like unlocked characters, levels, and unlimited coins, giving you more freedom when customizing your perfect character!

Love Sick Mod Apk

Features of the Love Sick Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

Love Sick Mod Apk allows players access to unlimited coins, which helps them purchase upgrades and customize their perfect character.

Unlocked Characters and Levels

Players can unlock additional characters, levels, and features that otherwise would not be accessible in the standard version.

No Ads

All advertisements are removed so you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without distractions!

High-quality graphics and animation

Enjoy stunning visuals with fluid animations while playing this beautiful game on your device!

Story Mode Replayability

With different pathways each time you play, it’s easy for fans of interactive story games like visual novels or choose-your-own type adventures to try something new over and over simply by selecting a different path when they replay Love Sick mod apk!

Fun mini-games are included.

Puzzles and arcade challenges throughout ensure that even the non-romance inclined can find fun things to do within the world of lovesickness, thanks to these entertaining diversions.

Improved Performance

Thanks to improved optimization added through advanced code changes, Love Sick MOD APK guarantees stable performance!

How to Download and Install the Love Sick Mod Apk

1. Go to the website . and search for Love Sick Mod Apk.

2. After locating it, click on the “Download APK” button to start downloading your desired file size of Love Sick Mod Apk.

3. Once done with the download, open up the Downloads folder or notification panel if you are using a stock Android device.

4) Locate the downloaded package (APK) and tap twice on its icon.

5) This will trigger the installation procedure, where all necessary permissions must be granted before proceeding.

6. If everything goes fine, then after a few minutes, the app should appear among the installed apps.

7 ). Enjoy!

Love Sick Mod Apk

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

1. Ensure your device has enough storage space to download and install the Love Sick Mod Apk.

2. Check if Unknown Sources is enabled in the security settings of your Android phone or tablet. If not, we will allow it so installation from “untrusted sources”, such as, can proceed without problems.

3. If everything above has been resolved, but the problem persists, try downloading the package again. Sometimes corrupted packets cause issues during installations.

4. If all else fails, contact the support team at the website where the mod apk was downloaded, as they should be able to help you further.

Visual and sound quality


Love Sick MOD Apk has high-quality 3D graphics, which make the game look stunningly beautiful and add to its immersive appeal! The characters are well-animated with smooth movements. At the same time, all of the environments have been carefully crafted to bring out each scene’s unique atmosphere.


Alongside great visuals, this mod also packs a punch when it comes down to audio, as there is an impressive soundtrack accompanying your journey throughout Love Sick—one filled with catchy melodies and upbeat tempos sure enough to get you hooked on playing!

Love Sick Mod Apk


Love Sick MOD Apk is an exciting and interactive story-based game that allows players to explore different paths in their quest for true love. It has a complex character customization system; many suggested relationships from family members, rivals, or potential partners and mini-games such as puzzles and arcade challenges help bring extra entertainment value! Furthermore, with stunning visuals and impressive audio, Love Sick Mod APK offers hours of romance-filled fun, so why not try it out today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Love Sick MOD Apk free to download?

A. Yes, the mod apk is completely free and can be downloaded from various websites, such as

Q: What are some of the features included in this version?

Some of its features include unlimited money, unlocked characters and levels, and no ads!

Q: Does it require any special permissions before installation?

A: Yes, you will need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option found within the security settings on your Android device so that installation without issues may proceed.

Q: Are there mini-games available while playing Love Sick Hack Apk?

A: Yes! Mini puzzles and arcade challenges have been added to the game, which helps add extra entertainment value during your quest for true love.

Q: Can I replay stories if I want to explore different paths?

Of course, you can –by simply selecting a different path when replaying story mode, players gain access to new adventures each time they play, making them never get bored or feel grounded down by repetitive content!


• Love Sick Modded Apk is an interactive story-based game that allows players to explore different paths in their quest for true love.

• It features an intricate character customization system, many suggested relationships from family members, rivals, or potential partners, and mini-games such as puzzles and arcade challenges, which help bring extra entertainment value!

Stunning visuals and impressive audio accompany your journey throughout the game, providing hours of romance-filled fun.

• Special features included, like unlocked characters and levels, unlimited coins, etc., ensure maximum replayability by allowing access to new pathways each time you play!

• Finally, with all necessary permissions granted, installation should be hassle-free, so why not try it out today?



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