Love Poly Mod Apk 2.2.9 (Hack, Open Stages+Music)


Love Poly Mod Apk 2.2.9 (Hack, Open Stages+Music) + Mod – Interesting puzzle game “Lopoli” Android
Original Version + Mod Hack Version (Open Stages & Music Play + No Ads)
Tested with Offline Run

Love Poly - New puzzle game
Love Poly - New puzzle game
Developer: EYEWIND
Price: Free+

Love Poly Mod Apk Open Stages+Music – New puzzle game A powerful example of a simple, unassuming yet thoughtful puzzle-style game produced by Hong Kong incolor studio. This very small game, with hundreds of different stages, can entertain and challenge you for hours! Love Poly is a puzzle game in which you have to identify pieces of color with a 3D image. How to play is very simple, but it is not so easy to win at every stage. At the beginning of each step, a large number of fine, albeit disjointed, pieces are seen in the image; you should rotate this 3D image in 360 ° to bring the pieces together to create the desired shape. It sounds simple but believe me it is not! In most cases you may not even know what the image you want to create is. So to make the game easier, the creators have created a feature that allows you to see the actual image of the corresponding figure by touching the Help button below the screen to solve these puzzles with more information. Although viewing the final image is a great help in solving these puzzles, knowing this will not be easy for you in the process of scouring the pieces. The designed shapes in this game are all beautiful artwork from images of animals, fruits, polygons and more. One of the features of the game that, along with its interesting designs, makes the Love Poly – New puzzle game a relaxing work of art, is the use of beautifully textured music. Fortunately, there is no set time limit for doing the steps, which means you can safely relax and listen to relaxing music while enjoying a fun game while also challenging your brain. Playing such games not only helps with brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, but also by challenging your concentration and senses, is a good way to increase the efficiency of your mind’s abilities. It is worth noting that the whole game is offline, but some steps in the game as well as the help section require internet and display ads.


Some features of Love Poly Mod Apk – New puzzle game for Android:

  • Beautiful, colorful and three-dimensional puzzles design
  • Dozens of different and innovative puzzles and designs
  • No time limit for each step
  • The soundtracks are relaxing and relaxing
  • Take advantage of video tutorials to help you solve puzzles easier
  • Low volume and mountable on most mid-range and low-end devices
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Love Poly Mod Apk – New puzzle game is a fun and useful puzzle game for the mind. With the original release, along with a modified version of the game, which includes attractive features such as ad removal, FarsWroid recommends that you don’t miss this creative game. Love Poly has released more than a million downloads and a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 on the Google Play Store.

Love Poly Mod Apk Changes to v2.2.9:

* Fixes general game bugs
* Added secret steps

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Download installation file Original Apk – 40 MB

Download Direct Download MOD APK- 41 MB