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Sep 21, 2023
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Jewels Magic Mod Apk 23.0922.00 (Hack, Auto Clear Stage)

Jewels Magic Mod Apk
MOD Features Auto Clear Stage
Category Mod Apk
Size 100 MB
Version 23.0922.00
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Jewels Magic Mod Apk is an engaging match-3 mobile gaming experience which can freely be downloaded from both the App Store and the Android marketplace. Here, players must help a wizard Simon create his magical potion to defeat all evil creatures surrounding him and restore peace in his kingdom. The game requires you to combine 3 or more matching jewels of different colors, shapes and sizes with your finger on touch screen phones so as you eliminate obstacles. As your progress progresses throughout the levels new power ups are unlocked which will enable special powers such as lightning blasts that turn certain sections into a desirable gem type! With its simple yet entertaining gameplay combined with stunning visuals it’s sure to provide hours of fun filled entertainment! So get ready for some jewel swapping wonders now!

Jewels Magic Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

Jewels Magic is a match-3 puzzle game. Each level consists of various colored and shaped jewels arranged on the top part of your device’s screen with obstacles blocking their way to the bottom. By just swiping your finger you must move at least three jewels in a horizontal or vertical row which creates matches and eliminates them from play. Different objectives are put into place for each level which includes eliminating all objections before running out time or collecting certain number of gem types or more! To complicate matters ever further obstacles range from blocks that require multiple hits, chains that need more than 3 gems connected to be cleared & rotating patterns “locks” forces you think logically if progress through stages! With over hundreds levels and unique puzzles it definitely provides hours of entertainment!

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Play With Fun this game?

Jewels Magic is a highly entertaining puzzle game. From its varied objectives on each levels that grows increasingly more difficult from stage to stage, it’s sure to get players rapping and swapping their jewels with ease! Furthermore the touch screen interface adds an extra layer of activity as you just simply swipe your way around and create matches within seconds. With the creative power-ups added such as lightning blasts that can turn certain sections into desired gem type are convenient boosts along the way -plus magical spells with legendary characters can either hurt or assist your progress throughout this adventurous journey in Jewels magic Hack Apk kingdom!

Jewels Magic Mod Apk

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Jewels Magic has no online or local multiplayer feature. It is singleplayer game whereby players progress through the levels and enjoy the puzzle solving of acquiring objectives without help from someone else.

Features of Jewels Magic

Hundreds of Levels and Challenges

Jewels Magic provides countless puzzles within over hundreds levels, each providing unique objectives incluing eliminating obstacles before running out time or collect certain number of gem types. As players progress more difficult stages are unlocked as well for those feeling up to a true challnege!

Stunning Visuals

Going on an enchanted quest has never been this colorful with its beautifully rendered game sprites and backgrounds! From vibrant jewel colors to glistening animated gems they all combined together in magnificent setting –even see how the wizard Simon looks like right from the lobby screen before start playing!.

Multiple Power-Ups & Bonuses

With special power ups you can easily make matches even easier such as lightning blasts which turn some sections into desirable gems that match with their color type amidst the puzzle board and giving points bonuses when special combos are made while unlocking powerful spells from legendary characters who will either help or hinder your progress throughout venture!.

Talented Characters at Your Command

In Jewels Magic you’ll come across different characters between wizard Simon, his apprentice Fancia alongside other famous mythical creatures along their way meeting obstacle after obstacle during puzzle solving chaos inducing through level tasks–all working wonders if used wisely by player!).

Strategic Elements & Complex Puzzles

Swapping jewels isn’t the simple task here –way of making matches quickly and efficiently change depending on the variety foes presented which includes blocks that require multiple hits, chains needing more than 3 connected together to be cleared as well rotating pattern “locks” makes sure heads think like always!.

Rewards Galore

With fantastic rewards granted when puzzles are solved between levels its best used carefully manage them for a greater payoff in later stages! As new items become available player may find themselves playing same stages with different strategies as success relies solely on how jewel pieces were swapped at correct places during game play!

Addictive Fun Essential

Jewels Magic is simply fun from the get go challenge yourself experience more engaging entertainment around every corner– You might even end up spending whole day solving those colorful puzzle gems without noticing ! So make time let that magical burst take effect now!

Jewels Magic Mod Apk

What is Jewels Magic Mod APK?

Jewels Magic Mod APK is an apk file which was modified or hacked to remove the power-ups, additional coins and bonuses. This means that while still providing hours of fun filled entertainment, this version allows players to experience a more fairer game play as they don’t have access to any special item before not available until later stages. As such there’s no pay-to win elements associated with it so it truly create comprehensive puzzle solving playing field for everyone!.

Features of Jewels Magic Mod APK

No Power-Ups or Advantages

By removing all special power ups and bonuses from Jewels Magic Mod APK, players can be sure that their gaming experience remains fair compared to other gamers who do not possess the mod apk file.

Auto Clear Stages

As a welcomed extra with this version, player are able to instantly clear any stage without having complete it before hand! So getting through grueling stages never been easier whether its for passing time or simply practice play!.

Accessible Anywhere

For those hoping gain access Jewels Magic Mod APK they’re in luck as it available online within minutes so start playing at home and work–just download away piece mind these days!

Jewels Magic Mod Apk

How to Download And Install Jewels Magic Mod Apk

•Go to any apk download provider such as

•Search for “Jewels Magic Mod Apk” in the search box.

•Click on “Download Now” and wait until downloading process is complete.

•Open File Manager & locate Jewels Magic Mod Apk Free Download file.

•Click on the file & if it asks to install permissions – simply grant it.

•Wait until installation process is complete.

•Visit your Android device maker & go through the app drawer and enjoy “Jewels Magic Mod Apk”!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

•The “Unknown Sources” option is disabled – Head into device settings and make sure the Unknown Sources box is checked under Security.

•Issue with downloading – If download failed or lack of storage space on device then try again after freeing up some space beforehand.

•Installation freeze during process- Try clear cache before taking any action again as this could be caused by overloaded apps holding onto free up memory first instead!

Visual and sound quality


Jewels Magic Mod Apk is a visually pleasing game with its detailed game sprites and vibrant colors popping out of the screen! From jewels,wizards, magical creatures and beautifully rendered backgrounds it ensures total immersion


Say goodbye to boring match puzzling as Jewel Magic features 8 fantastic background music tracks from both electronic music pieces to classical inspired tunes makes playing even more engaging!.


Jewels Magic Mod Apk is an incredible puzzle game with a fun element that’s great for people of all ages. With its easy to learn yet tough master play style and hundreds of levels providing various challenges and stunning visuals -Jewels Magic Modded Apk remains a fantastic match-3 gaming experience that will bring hours & hours on end entertainment!.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Jewels Magic Hack APK available for IOS devices?

A1: No, at the moment this specific mod is only built for Android users.

Q2: Does it require an internet connection to play?

A2: Not at all! you can enjoy your puzzle-solving adventure without being connected online.

Q3: Are In-App purchases present in this version of the game?

A3 :No, as mentioned previously all bonuses and powerups are disabled so it’s a tremendous fair playing field regardless who’s playing!.

Q4: Are there special requirements for using this mod?

A4: Any device running on Android 4.2 and up will be able to run the game without suffering from any compatibility issue thus making it a great choice for most users!

Q5 :What are some common issues users experience?

A5: Most people experience performance issues caused by an insufficient amount of free memory so if experience lagging make sure you lower graphics settings or free up more RAM before giving it another try -also look out corrupted files as these can cause all sorts of mischief!.

Q6 :Are Save Files available with this mod?

A6 Yes – user’s progress is also safe guarded with Jewels Magic Mod APK Free Download as players can resume their journey right where they left off & re-visiting old levels anytime preferable too in need points break!.

Q7: Is Cheating allowed in Jewel Magic Mod Apk?

A7 Absolutely not ! As already mentioned improvement process has been tampered so there no pay-to win elements present throughout entire gameplay – plus being caught cheating could lead unpredicted results like getting thrown out leaderboards forever too!


•Jewels Magic Modded APK is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a more fair gaming experience.

•Logic plays an important factor in later stages within game as rotation pattern locks ensures players think logically and strategically depending on situation!

•Power-ups can be viewed as both a curse and blessing capable of helping or hindering progress throughout level task & attempt completing them before time runs out!.

•Downloading this mod requires no special knowledge, providing access Jewel Magic’s hundreds levels risk free today within minutes right from download provider site!.



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