Jelly Shift Hack Apk 1.8.11 (Mod,Unlimited Diamonds)


Jelly Shift Hack Apk 1.8.11 (Mod,Unlimited Diamonds) + Mod – Jelly Shift v1.6.2 + Mod – Gelly Deformation Game for Android Devices
Normal Edition + Mod Hack (Unlimited Diamonds + Unlocking Items + Remove Ads)
Tested with offline run

Jelly Shift - Obstacle Course
Jelly Shift - Obstacle Course

Jelly Shift Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds – is a very fun and entertaining casual game for the Android operating system with a new, unique style. Jelly Shift has all the good features of a well-crafted game. Of course, there is no surprise when we know that the maker of the game is a creative and very lovely SayGames studio maker! SayGames is a specialty in making creative and similar games, and the games of this game company all have special features. The company’s top-rated games include fantastic fantasy and fantastic games such as Twist Hit, Snow Drift, House Paint, Clean Road or Train Taxi. The beautiful game Jelly Shift can be considered as a kind of puzzle game called Journey in the form of an entertaining game. In this game, you must pass a gelatine object that originally forms a rectangle through the obstacles enclosed in the path so that this object does not encounter obstacles. With a simpler explanation, you can say that you are physically controlling the ability to deform from portrait to horizontally. But apart from these two modes, you can also bring the object into a square, and actually, the shape and shape of that object change as you move it to vertical or horizontal. To do this, just place your finger on the screen and, with the obstacles facing you, swipe downwards to move the shape of the jelly object horizontally, and vice versa, when you pull it up, this The jelly starts to approach the portrait mode. Obstacles are also the gates to cross the gel to make the gel body slightly smaller than the size of the gates so that without the slightest contact with them you can pass the jelly through the obstacles.

Jelly Shift MOD Unlimited Money apk


Jelly Shift Mod Unlimited Diamonds Other challenges to the game can be seen in the presence of abyss. In the Jelly Shift there are abyss where there are two narrow bridges. Obviously, you can not pass through them with a vertical shape, and so they should lie in the form of a tree trunk, turning the jelly into a horizontal position. The overall nature of the game is the same, but there are several challenges in it. For example, during each stage there is a special item like fruits or other foods that are moving ahead of you. The only way to get there is to turn off several obstacles in perfect order, to get the special power to speed up and destroy other obstacles. In Jelly Shift, you can also purchase and unlock various items for professionalization and deformation of the jelly’s body and its color. One of the best features of this game is its fantastic and fantastic graphics, along with fast, fluid and dynamic gameplay. The game view is designed at best, so that you have a good view of the path. Except these cases, great sound effects and sounds are used for Jelly Shift mod. Jelly Bean Deformation has been released with over 10.5 million downloads and a score of 4.7 out of 5.0, which can be downloaded from the latest version of the regular version of the regular version. It has been downloaded from the Farsi server for a long time. Entertain in this game. This game is one of those games that can not be dismissed after the first run!

Note: In game mode, all game characters are unlocked + almost diamonds are unlimited + ads have been removed.

Jelly Shift Mod Apk Version v1.8.11:

* Added new skins (characters)
* Improves game sound and add new effects
* Bug fix

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Download the installation file Mod Apk – 39 MB

  • Android version required: 2.3.2 and above
  • Prices in the market (for information!): Free
  • Age rating: +12 years