Hunter Assassin Hack Apk 1.44.2 (Mod, Unlimited Diamond)


Hunter Assassin Hack Apk 1.44.2 (Mod, Unlimited Diamond) + Mod – hunter-killer action-adventure for Android
Normal version + Mod Hack version (unlock + unlimited diamond) individually
Tested with Offline Run

Hunter Assassin
Hunter Assassin
Developer: Ruby Game Studio
Price: Free+

Hunter Assassin MOD Apk Unlimited Diamond Hunter of Assassin is a title action style game released by Ruby Game Studio for Android devices. The aforementioned game studio has already offered other successful games for the gamer and has a good track record, including Gym Flip. Hunter Assassin is another successful game studio that has become one of the most popular Android games in the game with over 5000,000 installations! So if you are going to try a new game, we suggest you don’t miss Hunter Assassin Mod Apk. In terms of gameplay, this game is very simple, and its mechanism is not complicated. The structure of the game is in stages and your main task is to find and kill enemies at every stage. To do so, your only weapon is a knife that you must use to move enemies without a fuss and kill them in a surprise attack. But as soon as you kill one of the enemies, the other enemies realize that they are trying to get to you and to shoot you with a shotgun. To prevent this from happening, you must run away as soon as one of the enemies is killed and hide in a corner and avoid being caught in a flashlight and not detected in order to kill the enemy again in an appropriate position.

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk game, you kill each of the diamond’s enemies, and you can then release new characters using these diamonds. The new characters are randomly released, but each new character has unique features that you will become more familiar with during the game and can be useful in different ways in your speed and performance. In addition, there are many missions during the game that will enable you to get more diamonds, which can include killing a certain number of enemies, not being detected by enemies, performing ceremonial stages, and many other missions. Other. The difficulty level of the game is well proportioned and linear. This means that in the early stages almost everything is easy, and you can easily get past the enemies, but the closer you get to the final stages, the more enemies become stronger and more challenging. All in all, this game is a lot of fun and will definitely bring a good experience. The controls are very simple, and all game functions are easily done by tapping the screen of your device. Visually, the game’s graphics are well-designed, with minimalist style and isometric top-down viewing environments. Hunter Assassin scores 4.2 out of 5.0 on the Android Market, and the Forsyth team intends to give this game a free and tested. At the end of the story, you can download the original version of this game from our servers and have fun!

Hunter Assassin mod apk latest versionHunter Assassin Mod Apk

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk Version v1.44.2 changes:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes
* Added new steps

Player Good Review

  1. google game, but needs to get harder as i unlock more levels. Suggestions: add more enemy types or add more enemies to a level to make it more difficult to complete and kill all the enemy. GG… also, I would like a multiplayer option where you have to shoot and find the assassin to win 👏👏good job👏👏. Thank you for reading my very long post.
  2. It has taken me ages to find a game like this it doesn’t beat you around the head with ads, you don’t have to use a life or energy to play a level, the art style is great, it runs far smoother than any others, and it gives you something or work towards with upgrading your assassin, making him even more powerful give this gave a try, you will love it
  3. Note to developer’s:- this game is so op game i really like this, but the mistake is that I passed 300 lvl’s, but these levels are easier than the old levels and no new soldier u need to do this my suggestion is to after a century of lvl’s a new 🆕 soldier will come. And in one century it will contain only 2 solders 100 to 199 it will contain only 2 solder’s normal and shield soldiers and 199 means 200 to 299 it will contain the normal soldier and the new 🆕 soldier pls add it 🙏
  4. It is a very good game but I think it is too easy I recommend making it a bit harder level by level or else it is an amazing game it is perfect for long drives I play this game whenever I am bored I am rating this game five stars if I had a chance I would rate it a thousand stars Apologies I made this too big
  5. This game is amazing, i like this game very mu h because the hunter is very fast, and it is a relaxing game from my side any other player maybe dosen’t mean it by the relaxing side vut it is relaxing game for my mind . Such a extraordinary fantastic mind blowing game

Player Bad Review

  1. So many ads I like this game so much But because of this disgusting and idiotic ads I’m fed up For each level there are 100s of ads I would have given full 5 stars if there were less ads Each time I play this game I feel refreshed but because of these ads my moods get spoiled and I feel like sometimes breaking the phone Pls I request the game managers to reduce ads in this game
  2. If anyone is playing this game, then be careful from stolen data. This app is asking to give permission of device to collect data for ads, but it’s not real, so never give permission. If they ask, then never play such types of game. Never play and never give any permission of your device.
  4. So Anning it’s so stupid that the shield stops you and its KILLS YOU IF YOU GET cornered then you get killed !!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 so I only give 1 STAR
  5. There’s a key drop in some levels, when you get 3 you can open a 3 of nine boxes (watch ad for another 3, and the same again to get all 9). The thing that runs me up the wrong way is that the ‘Best Prize’ is ALWAYS in the last 3 you can open. It tries to seem random, but I’ve been trying this for months now and happens every single time. Obviously fixed to get you to watch as many ads as possible…

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Download file Game MOD APK– 55 MB

  • Android version required: 4.1 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +3 years