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Sep 7, 2023
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House Designer MOD APK 1.1460 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

House Designer MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Cars Unlock
Category Mod Apk
Size 96 MB
Version 1.1460
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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House Designer Mod Apk Free Download

House Designer Mod Apk is a fun and interesting game in which you play the role of an aspiring house designer. In this game, you must take on various tasks such as renovating houses, buying items for your own home, earning money to purchase more designs and materials all while striving to become one of the best designers in town! You will get creative designing different rooms while keeping within budget constraints. Furthermore, there are challenging revisions from clients that need your skillful design solutions. With colorful graphics and soundtracks that bring out unique personality in each area of the house-designing process you’ll be driven further into this rewarding world of home decorations!

Gameplay Overview

House Designer is a captivating game where you can be creative and diverse with your design solutions while also keeping within budget constraints. You will explore the different decorative features of each room to create an inviting atmosphere for yourself and your family. Take on challenging renovations requested from customers, with ingame purchases if necessary to get the job done right! While tackling these tasks, make sure you watch your time as there are bonus points awarded for fast completion of jobs. In between assignments, upgrade your house by spending money on furniture and decorations that would better reflect its potential or improve its value! With gorgeous visuals and enriching soundtracks all packing up into one remarkable game package we promise it wont take long before House Designer becomes one of those games always packed up at the top corner in everyones phones.

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House Designer Mod Apk

Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

In House Designer‘s Multiplayer mode, you and your friends can compete on various design challenges or work together to complete renovations. Experience true collaboration in different tasks while communicating design tips and aiding each other with any questions that may arise. Its great for challenging yourselves as designers but even more so for bonding over this fun yet highly competitive game! Have the best of both worlds by playing with others online or locallyits sure to be an adventure like no other!

What is House Designer Mod APK?

House Designer Mod APK is a modified version of the original House Designer game which offers players with unlimited money and other resources to purchase furniture and decorations for their dream home. With more options available than ever before, play through challenge after challenge while customizing each area of your house to perfection! Experience the complete design freedom that this mod provides along with an abundance of goodies awaiting.

House Designer Hack APK

House Designer Mod Apk

Features of House Designer Mod APK

Unlimited Money

With House Designer Mod APK, you will receive an unlimited amount of ingame currency to purchase furniture and decorations for your home without any restrictions.

No Ads

Enjoy playing the game free from advertisements as it has been removed with the mod version for uninterrupted gameplay experience!

Customizable Rooms

Customize each room of your house by unlocking a variety of designs and items to pick from its up to you how creative this project can be!

Stoppable Steps

Some steps in certain objectives are quite tedious but now they can be easily skipped with the help from this mod apk so that progress isn‘t hindered by small problems of time wasting tasks.

Extra Bonuses

Get exclusive bonuses on completing levels faster or meeting milestone goals earlier when using House Designer Mod APK as these additional features have been added just for users of this version!

House Designer Mod Apk

Advantages and Disadvantages This Mod Apk


1) Unrestricted access to funds in order to purchase furniture/decorations with ease.

2) No ads for interruptionfree gameplay experience while enjoying House Designer Mod APK

3) Skippable steps, which help users finish objectives faster than usual without the time wasted on tedious tasks.


1) Lack of Multiplayer capabilities as compared to the original version due incompatible systems

2) Unstable ingame performance due to mods being used

3) Potentially unwanted modifications or bugs resulting from installation of this mod apk.

House Designer Mod Apk

How to Download House Designer APK

1. Download the House Designer Mod APK from a trusted source.

2. Check your devices settings and then enable Unknown Sources for successful installation of the apk file

3. Open up your download folder and locate this mod apk file, click on install to proceed with the setup process

4) Once installed correctly, you may now launch House Designer Mod APK

5) Enjoy indulging into unlimited funds while customizing each area of your house without having to worry about budget constraints!

House Designer Mod Apk

Visual and sound quality


House Designer Mod APK provides users with an upgraded 3D environment filled with intricate details and vibrant colors that are sure to captivate the eyes. New textures have also been added for more immersive feels that keep getting better as your rooms transform into cozy spaces.


A cheerful soundtrack plays in the background with all sorts of sound effects adjusted depending on actions made ingame. Whether its breaking objects or hammering a piece together, expansive soundtracks bring out its unique personality while accompanying each step taken truly laying down foundations for more enjoyable gameplay sessions like no other!


In conclusion, I would strongly recommend House Designer Mod APK for those looking for some fresh new start when it comes to home designing. With unlimited cash and other resources at their disposal, the doors are wide open for them in realizing all of their creative ideas! This mod also offers smooth 3D environment with improved graphics over its original version plus a very enriching soundtrack that provides background music during gameplay sessions. All in all its an entire package of ultimate fun waiting on your fingertips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is House Designer Mod APK a free game?

A1: Yes, House Designer Mod APK is available for download on certain websites for no cost or donations. As of now, the mod version does not require any additional payments to access its unlimited features.

Q2: Does this mod offer multiplayer capabilities?

A2: Unfortunately, no House Designer Mod APK currently lacks indepth multiplayer functionality as it has been designed to be played by users in single player mode only. However some minor online elements can occur throughout the progress of playing through levels.

Q3 : What type of hardware/software do I need in order to play House Designer ?

A3 : Minimum requirements involve owning an Android OS 4+ device with 1GB RAM and 500MB internal storage space along with internet connection enabled at all times (for updates etc). If those conditions are met then anyone should have little issues getting up and running while enjoying benefits from latest modifications!

Q4 : Can someone purchase extra pieces using Money theyve collected within game ?

A4 Inapp purchases aren‘t allowed when playing inside a modified version like house designer mod apk however you may use that money strictly towards items found listed inside the marketplace instead .

Q5 How would one sort out incompatibility between different devices if two people wish too collaborate together under same mission ?

A5 Under such circumstances , it‘s possible to send over save game files which contain information related too task progression that other players don‘t posess yet this would allow them skip momentarily stages when joining others parties !


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