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Aug 30, 2023
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Hills of Steel Mod Apk 5.8.0 (Unlimited Coins)

Hills of Steel Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Gems
Category Games
Size 166 MB
Version 5.8.0
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Hills of Steel Mod Apk Free Download

Hills of Steel is an action-packed tank battle game where players control a powerful steel beast and take on other commanders in intense online matches. Take command of battlefields spread across the hills and drive your war machine to victory in this thrilling free-to-play multiplayer title from MotionVolt Games. Battle with rivals for dominance by taking advantage of terrains, superpowers, special weapons, allies and more! Collect rewards as you progress through the ranks to unlock new tanks like the mobile gunships or futuristic mechs! Taking out enemies never looked so good – rebel against fate on Hills Of Steel now!

Gameplay Overview

Hills of Steel is a thrilling online tank battle multiplayer game in which the goal is to defeat your opponents on different terrains and landscapes. Players will control their own steel beasts and take on rival commanders as they drive around hills, utilizing special weapons, superpowers, allies and more. Upgrading tanks with rewards can unlock mobile gunships or even futuristic mechs that become available for use in convenient single-player mode. Take advantage of terrain features to gain the upper hand, such as finding prone spots or shooting while behind cover before defeating enemy tanks with powerful firepower! Battle for supremacy now among these Hills Of Steel!

Hills of Steel Mod Apk

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Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

Hills of Steel allows for players to battle and strategize with friends in thrilling multiplayer modes. Join up with your comrades and face off against enemy teams in intense online battles spread across hills or race against each other’s tanks. Invite friends to engage enemies together as a powerful alliance, upgrade faster through rewards, or customize your own tank for enhanced performance and battle royale domination!

What is Hills of Steel Mod APK?

Hills of Steel Mod APK is a modified version of the original game which gives players access to new features, tanks, weapons and resources that are usually not available in the basic version. This modded version allows gamers to enjoy Hills Of Steel with unlimited money or in-game currencies that can be used to quickly upgrade tanks and purchase powerful weapons for taking out enemies more easily. With these cheats enabled, players can take advantage of an edge over their foes when facing off against them!

Hills of Steel Hack APK

Hills of Steel Mod Apk

Features of Hills of Steel Mod APK

Unlimited Money & Resources:

Hills of Steel mod APK provides access to vast amounts of money and various valuable resources for the player to quickly upgrade tanks and purchase powerful weapons necessary for taking out enemies more easily.

Unlockable Tanks:

This modded version offers extra tanks, which are usually not available in the basic version allowing gamers to unlock these special heavy-duty machines with ease without much limitations, expanding their arsenal beyond what is normally found in classic mode.

Ad-Free Experience:

The Hills of Steel Mod APK ensures a seamless gaming experience free from any distraction by completely removing ads from the game, optimizing your enjoyment time with uninterrupted action sequences or battles between you and your opponents every single round!

No Root Necessary:

Unlike other modified versions that require root privileges on an Android device , this particular mod does not need such permissions making it easier for anyone who wants a set of exclusive bonuses like unlocked extra tanks but doesn’t want to go through complicated steps just so they can enjoy themselves freely !

Customization Options:

Finally , there are numerous customization possibilities in this modified game that allows players to customize tank parts or even give them personalized UIs based on personal preference while providing faster upgrades enhancing overall gameplay pace & performance!

Hills of Steel Mod Apk

Advantages and Disadvantages This Mod Apk


1. Unlimited Money & Resources – Players have access to vast amounts of money and resources, which can be used for upgrading tanks and purchasing powerful weapons quicker than before, giving them an edge over their rivals in battle.

2. Ad-Free Experience – As ads are removed in this modification, players can enjoy a more uninterrupted gaming session free from any unnecessary interruption taking away from the action portion of the game!

3 .No Root Necessary – This mod doesn’t require root privileges on an Android device, making it easier for anyone who wants access to exclusive bonuses without undergoing complicated steps such as rooting their phone first !


 1 .Potential Banning/Account Issues – Mod APKs may cause some account issues or even lead to banning since they violate terms & conditions set by developers while still using services that bypass protection, so use them with caution !

2 . Use At Own Risk – Any modifications should always be done under personal responsibility; Hills Of Steel Mod APK is no exception, as tampering with its files could permanently damage the game preventing future restoring attempts leading to serious harm !

 3 .Possibility Of Bugs Or Glitches : Mods like these might also contain glitches / bugs after installation that haven’t been discovered yet; this may result in potential save file loss or other procedurally generated errors, so please do more research beforehand if opting for modding your gameplay experience instead!

Hills of Steel Mod Apk

How to Download Hills of Steel APK

1. Open a web browser and search for Hills of Steel Mod APK.

2. Select from the results that appear and click to begin downloading the file onto your device.

3 .Wait until it completes before launching it with the appropriate permissions necessary to run such an apk file (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources).

 4 .Once launched, follow any on-screen instructions for installation, then agree to the terms & conditions before proceeding with the download & installation process !

5 Finally , once installed , you can now play Hills Of Steel mod Apk while enjoying all of its exclusive features like unlocked tanks, powerful weapons, unlimited resources and much more!

Visual and sound quality


Hills of Steel has stunning 3D visuals that provide an immersive experience while playing. The game features vibrant colours and detailed textures that bring tanks and backgrounds to life with realistic effects. The details are so impressive; it’s like looking at a world in miniature in remarkable detail from every angle!


The sound quality is also top-notch as each tank will roar with its distinct audio when approaching enemies or boosting on terrains – adding to the overall thrill factor by providing the perfect atmosphere for all those tense moments during battle ! Weapons are especially given their own amazing soundtrack making them truly memorable experiences with all-round immersion as they detonate around you on screen!

Hills of Steel Mod Apk


Overall, Hills of Steel is a thrilling online tank battle game that offers an intense and captivating experience for its players. With stunning visuals, realistic sound effects, special weapons and more – gamers are propelled on a dynamic battlefield as they control their steel beast to take down rival commanders. The Mod APK version provides access to exclusive bonuses like unlimited money or resources, which can be used to upgrade tanks faster while unlocking new ones with ease! What’s even better is the fact that it doesn’t require any rooting privileges making it all the more convenient for those who just want quick entertainment without taking too many risks – so why not try this out today & join in on some epic battles now among the Hills Of Steel!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Hills of Steel Mod APK safe to download?

A1. Yes, the mod is safe to download as long as you follow all instructions provided and if it appears on a reputable website such as App Store or markets similar . Otherwise, use with caution since tampering with files could permanently damage the game preventing further attempts at restoring!

Q2 .What advantages does this mod offer?

A2. The Hills of Steel Mod APK provides access to some exclusive bonuses like faster upgrades for tanks along an army’s arsenal, including mobile gunships or even futuristic mechs available for grabbing quickly when compared against classic mode – plus more ammunition & resources not found by default in the same version !

 Q3 .How can I customize my tank ?

A3. customization options are present within the modified version, which allows players to alter parts according to specific preference while providing them enhanced performance driving around hills and collecting rewards each time they complete victorious missions !

Q4 Can friends join me while playing online battles ?

A4 Absolutely; the multiplayer mode allows for up two four persons to join forces under a single alliance, so your comrades become part bigger picture instead of standing alone opposite enemy teams and doing everything by themselves every time round changes, suddenly giving everyone a choice, collaborating win points much more easily than separate roles case classic match-ups !

 Q5 What type of weapons should we expect to find within power-ups menu Hill Of Steel Mod Apk ?

A5 Guns, rockets missiles all come in different varieties playing experience successful bouts between rivals, giving player wider choices experimenting with strategizing tactics setting themselves apart from other commanders trying out crazy combinations unlocking powerful abilities access till the end stages, difficulty level brings higher combat factor surroundings become tougher contested, giving ultimate challenge whether playing solo or co-op with friends !



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