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Hidden Objects MOD APK 1.22.34 (Unlimited Money/Hints)

Hidden Objects MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Hints
Category Mod Apk
Size 520 MB
Version 1.22.34
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Hidden Objects Mod Apk Free Download

Hidden Objects is a free-to-play hidden objects game online that puts players in the shoes of an investigator tasked with solving the mystery of a haunted abandoned coastal town. Players will journey across picturesque locations to find hidden objects and clues needed to uncover this eerie secret. Along the way they must solve puzzles, complete quests, renovate old buildings, and interact with characters who help them on their adventure! The ultimate goal is to put together all pieces of information necessary for uncovering the paranormal enigma behind Coastal Hill.

Gameplay Overview

Players will search for hidden objects in various locations, including locales like a farmhouse, a flooded forest, and an old graveyard. As they progress through each area of the game, puzzles must be solved to unlock access to new levels. Players can also engage in exciting quests that open up new areas and reveal more information about Coastal Hills mysteries. There are many minigames available throughout the adventure that add variety such as scavenger hunts on street corners or locked chests with quiz games contained inside! Additionally players may purchase items from shops as well as renovate abandoned houses in order to restore them back into livable accommodations giving bonus rewards while boosting your reputation around town!

Hidden Objects MOD APK

Vice Online MOD APK

Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

Players can also engage in exciting multiplayer modes like a ghost mode where players compete for the fastest time while gathering hidden objects to an asynchronous turnbased cooperative game in which two friends join forces and solve riddles and puzzles together. There is even a local party mode featuring sixteen minigames that up to four people can play at the same time!

What is Hidden Objects Mod APK?

Hidden Objects Mod APK is a modified version of Hidden Objects that allows players to get unlimited coins, gems and other resources. This APK also provides access to all levels in the game as well as exclusive characters and special items normally unavailable unless purchased with real money. Other features such as faster or infinite energy replenishment may be included depending on which mod version you download.

Hidden Objects MOD APK

Features of Hidden Objects

Beautiful Locations

Hidden Objects feature a variety of stunning locations to explore, each with an intense level filled with numerous hidden objects awaiting discovery.

Challenging Puzzles

Solve puzzles and riddles to unlock new levels and discover the creepy secrets that lie within the abandoned seaside town!

Quests & MiniGames

Immerse in quests, minigames as well as scavenger hunts around every corner that tests your knowledge in a fun way whilst earning rewards for each step progress you make along the game!

Multiplayer Mode

Compete against other friends or team up together play individual ghost mode timed races for fastest towards completing stages or join forces by playing asynchronous multiplayer turnbased games together!

Character Customization

Create your own unique character from different included skin tones, hairstyles, facial features Clothing items each adds personality to help motivate you through out this adventure/ mystery mystery ordeal

Shop Items & Collectibles

Visit mystics shops across Coastal Hill where one can purchase weapons, tools , special exclusive clothes items all which will come helpful during investigating

Renovated Houses Reward Double Points

Help restore abandoned houses into livable accommodations by investing coins provides players extra points during their satisfaction8 Bonus Rewards Unlock bonus rewards when aiming high scores on certain tasks such as collecting scurvy sea shells or when claiming achievements from games you complete.

Hidden Objects MOD APK

Visual and sound quality


Hidden Objects offers beautiful visuals with intense details that allows players to immerse in the environment while they adventure through Coastal Hill by locating hidden objects scattered on each level.


The world of Hidden Objects comes alive with its atmospheric soundtrack and sound effects including dialogue amongst NPCs, unique background noises for each individual place you explore all setting up an interesting auditory experience bound to keep you playing for hours!

Hidden Objects MOD APK


Hidden Objects Mod Apk is an exciting mystery adventure game online that puts players in the role of an investigator to save Coastal Hill from a paranormal enigma. With beautiful visuals, challenging puzzles, quests and minigames, multiplayer mode and other addicting features Hidden Objects strikes the perfect balance between classic hidden object games with narrative driven gaming!

Hidden Objects MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the purpose of the Hidden Objects Mod APK?

A1: The Hidden Objects Mod APK allows players to access all levels, exclusive characters and items in the game without having to pay with real money. It also provides additional advantages such as unlimited coins, gems and fast energy replenishment.

Q2: Is it safe to use a modded version of this game?

A2: Using a modded version of any online video games can be risky because often than not they are violating terms & service agreement set by developers therefore its best practice not to attempt using this in official tournaments or leaderboard rankings unless explicitly stated that mods are allowed.

Q3 : Does playing on offline mode allow usage for modified features from Mods ?

A3 : No since you‘ll need internet connection for authentication checks which forbids users from utilizing extra abilities granted whilst playing offline modes or when connections become unstable . Therefore , making modifications via Mods will only work online mode where tests wont be conducted regularly hence able take full advantage enhanced perks with modified codes within your account‘s device .

Q4 : Are there daily rewards given after logging into an account after certain amount days / weeks ?

A4 : Yes hidden objects offers monthly login bonuses and achievements that give out rewards once accomplished either selecting special character items , bonus points towards leveling up or exclusive tools related activities . Rewards stack up over time if you continue logging back into your profile!

Q5 Can I play against other people while using the Modified Apk?

A5 Yes While most modifications provide an interesting improvement edge during individualplayer quests Players still standing against others gamers participating various multiplayer modes such as ghost mode or team games PvP. Since these particular features require official server located within set region, extra modifications cannot be done due to the integrity of its core gameplay designed remain competitively fair no matter what point an user may be at .



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