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May 18, 2023
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Hero Wars Mod Apk 1.170.000 (Hack, Unlimited Money, Unlock Skills)

Hero Wars Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlock Skills
Category Games
Size 23 MB
Version 1.170.000
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Hero Wars Mod Apk is a fantasy RPG mobile game from Nexters Global. It features fast-paced battles in an ever-expanding world where players must join forces and create guilds to battle epic enemies like Archdemon and his minions. As they progress through the game’s levels, they can collect heroes with special powers that range from magical spells to powerful weapons suitable for any situation or enemy type! Players also have access to various customizable options, such as team formation tactics, equipment upgrades, trainable skills, etc., allowing them to customize their characters according to their personal playstyle preferences. With its stunning graphics and easy controls, Hero Wars offers hours of exciting gameplay on smartphones and tablets!

Harem Heroes Mod Apk

History and popularity of the game

Hero Wars was released in September 2016 and has since become one of the most popular mobile games worldwide, reaching over 100 million downloads. It was also named Facebook’s Best Mobile Game in 2017. In addition to being available on iOS and Android devices, Hero Wars can be played on PC via Steam or by accessing its official website. The game continues receiving updates with new content, such as heroes, battlegrounds, etc., ensuring that players are always entertained! As a result of its immense popularity, this title even spawned an animated series that aired from December 2019 until April 2020, further increasing Heroes War’s reach across different platforms and audiences alike!

Hero Wars Mod Apk

Main features of Hero Wars


Hero Wars offers over 85 unique heroes, each with distinct special abilities and characteristics that can be further upgraded or customized to suit the player’s individual preferences or team formation strategy! They are divided into 8 classes: warrior, mage, priestess Assassin, etc., which provide more strategic options in battle while also allowing players to explore various playstyles depending on what type of hero they choose for any given mission.

Guild System

Players can join forces by forming guilds and fighting against epic bosses such as Archdemon himself! This allows them to access powerful bonus rewards when participating in group battles or simply chatting within the chatroom since it unlocks exclusive content that cannot be accessed only in solo-play mode. Additionally, friendly rivalries may form between clashing guilds to better motivate their members towards victory!

Equipment and Upgrades

To ensure your characters stand out among other combatants, you must equip them with specialized gear suitable for any situation, from swords and armor pieces to magical artifacts whose effects will help turn the tides during heated conflicts! Customize these equipped items according to personal preference via upgrade systems (such as runes), which give additional bonuses like increased attack strength, improved resistance levels, etc. With this feature, success is about more than good strategies but proper preparation beforehand.

Arena Challenges

Brave warriors who wish to test themselves should head straight to the arena, where they face off against rivals, both AI-controlled and real-life opponents alike; if victorious, they shall receive a multitude of prizes ranging from mythical mounts to legendary weapons to valuable resources used to progress faster in the game itself. You could either try to dominate the leaderboards through sheer skill alone or by engaging teams in specific matchups to achieve ultimate glory. If you prefer to compete with friends through social media, then co-op matches are the perfect choice. After all, big baddies won’t be trounced, right?

Story Mode Campaign

Every journey is complete with a few adventures; otherwise, we would merely walk around in circles. Thankfully, included campaign storyline-filled quests and puzzles add an extra layer of excitement. Complex tasking often provides a much-needed break from intense PvP action elsewhere in the title; completing series tasks is handsomely rewarded. Of course, we feel a sense of accomplishment worthy of gold. So get ready to unravel mysteries lurking behind the depths of dungeons and mysterious lands, prove your worthiness, and become a true master of the land.

Tournament Events

Are you feeling competitive? Then join tournament events to gain honor and fame by defeating opponents. Rewards await those who manage to make it through the ultimate battles! These frequently occur, so you’ll always have a chance to participate. Leaderboards track progress for each individual and the entire team; there are even exclusive tournaments based on unique themes that require teams to adhere to specific rules to qualify. This brings a new level of play, ensuring all players stay invested in the title.

Achievements and Rewards

One of the most rewarding aspects of Hero Wars is unlocking achievements and receiving valuable prizes in return for completing them, such as powerful hero cards, potions that restore health points, magical artifacts capable of restoring mana reserves, etc. You can also invite friends via various social networks (like Facebook), which allows them to access rare goodies every time they complete a challenge or achievement, thus further incentivizing cooperation between guild members and motivating everyone toward tremendous success!

Hero Wars Mod Apk

Game Tips

• Level up and upgrade your heroes to increase their stats.

• Utilize the right team formation strategy depending on which enemies you face in battle.

• Equip items with runes for extra bonuses like increased attack strength, improved resistance levels, etc.

• Don’t forget to use potions and magical artifacts during the battle for additional boosts.

• Participate in group battles with your guild members or challenge others via the Arena mode.

• Join special tournaments based on specific themes requiring teams to adhere to certain rules to qualify.

• Invite friends via various social networks (like Facebook), which allows them to access rare rewards every time they complete a challenge or achievement, thus further incentivizing cooperation between you and them!

What is the Hero Wars Mod APK?

Hero Wars Mod APK is a modified version of the original Hero Wars game. It offers players access to various cheats and additional features not available in the standard version, such as unlimited money and coins, unlocked levels and characters, etc. It also removes all ads, so you can focus on playing without interruptions! All these modifications make this an ideal choice for those who would like to shorten the grind or get ahead faster than others, allowing them to enjoy their gaming experience even more while at the same time competing with other experienced gamers!

Hero Wars Mod Apk

Features of the Hero Wars Mod APK

Unlimited Money

One of the main features that Hero Wars Mod APK offers is unlimited money, which can be used to purchase heroes and upgrade their stats quickly without going through the typical grinding process of obtaining resources. This makes it much easier for players to progress further within the game and customize characters according to personal taste preferences!

Unlock Skills

Another feature in this modified version allows you to unlock powerful skills your favorite hero possesses, such as extra attack damage, increased health points, etc. These modifications ensure no enemy stands a chance against mighty forces controlled by the player! Furthermore, since numerous options exist, team combinations could fit any battle situation imaginable.

No Ads

If ads are getting too annoying during gameplay, then worry not because the modded apk removes all advertisements so you can focus on playing uninterruptedly; additionally, with a few mouse clicks, you can even toggle off or on visual effects graphics settings depending on your device’s performance and need to keep running smoothly. All this provides more control over the gaming experience, thus ensuring maximum enjoyment every time you get on the battlefield to fight evil villains who threaten the entire kingdom.

How to Download Hero Wars Mod APK

• Search for “Hero Wars Mod APK” on your web browser or use direct links from reliable sources such as Hackdl.com.

• Once you have found the file, click on it to start downloading and wait a few seconds until it is complete.

• Go to your device’s Settings menu and make sure that installation of apps from unknown sources is enabled; this will allow the apk file to be installed correctly without any issues!

• Once the download is complete, navigate to the file and install it; you may need to provide device permission to proceed.

• After a successful installation, open up the game and enjoy all the additional features the mod apk provides!

Hero Wars Mod Apk

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure you have enough storage space on your device for the game’s installation.

• Check that all your internet connections are stable and secure; disconnect any unnecessary ones, as they may interrupt the download process.

• Double check to see if Origins from Unknown Sources are enabled in Device Settings; otherwise, this will prevent successful installation!

• Re-download the file from a trusted source and try again, possibly due to a corrupted apk or an outdated version.

• If all else fails, contact technical support for assistance with resolving any other issues you may have encountered!

Visual and sound quality


Hero Wars Mod Apk features stunning graphics that bring the game to life! Its vibrant colors, detailed character models, and beautifully rendered environments create an immersive experience for players as they explore a vast world filled with epic battles against powerful enemies. The 3D animation also helps add more depth to such scenes, making them look even better in motion and giving you complete control over every battle’s strategic aspect without compromising its visual quality!


Quality sound effects and fitting music tracks are essential in creating a dynamic atmosphere during combat, from swords clashing and shields bashing up to magical spells casting their enchantments upon the battlefield. Every detail was carefully designed to get the most out of each action, so we could focus on the tasks at hand instead of getting overwhelmed by the chaotic noise around us. All this creates the perfect backdrop for intense conflicts between heroism and evil, which guarantees a satisfying gaming experience time and time again.

Hero Wars Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I play Hero Wars Hack Apk?

A1: To start playing, download the game on your device (iOS or Android) and create an account. Then you can begin customizing your heroes with different weapons and equipment, joining a guild to team up with other players for cooperative battles against mighty bosses such as Archdemon himself! You’ll also need to complete various quests to progress through game levels while competing against others via arena mode or even special tournaments on specific themes.

Q2: Can I get unlimited money in the Hero Wars Mod Apk?

A2: Yes, you may access the mod apk, which offers several cheats, including a limitless number of coins available to purchase items within the store. This version is, however, not officially supported, so be sure to use it at your own risk. Additionally, if found out, it could result in a permanent ban from the server too!

Q3: Are there social media integration options?

A3: Yes, Facebook logins integrated into the system allow friends to join the journey together and earn exclusive rewards. Furthermore, daily tasks give extra incentive to stay connected since their completion is rewarded handsomely. So take advantage of the opportunity to make new friends along the way.

Q4: Is there a way to get free heroes in the Hero Wars Hack Apk?

A4: You can obtain additional characters by collecting hero shards, which are available as rewards for completing missions or participating in various events. You may also receive them via special offers and promotions (such as daily login bonuses) or even purchase packs of these items from the store!

Q5: How do I upgrade my equipment?

A5: To keep your weapons and items up to date with the latest advances, you should use the “Runes’ system, which allows you to add bonus effects such as increased attack strength, improved resistance levels, etc. Additionally, each item has requirements that must be met before fully unlocking its potential, so be wise when selecting upgrades to ensure maximum efficiency during battles!

Q6: Are there any achievements that reward players?

A6: Absolutely. Upon completing specific challenges, players receive valuable prizes ranging from powerful cards to potions that restore health points and magical artifacts that regain mana reserves. New ones added regularly keep everyone motivated while playing games, thus ensuring they always have something to strive for. So remember to recheck your progress to see what other goodies you could pick up.

Q7: What type of content does the Heroes War Mod Apk provide?

A7 With over 85 distinctively unique heroes plus an additional 8 classes, Guild System Arena Challenges Story Mode Campaign Tournament Events Achievements Rewards Mod APK Versions Much More Is Included in the Package It is clear why this title remains one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. Not to mention, constant updates and new features keep things interesting at all times, whether tackling big baddies alone or with friends alike; there are no limits to the possibilities here, where the fun never ends.

Hero Wars Mod Apk


Hero Wars Mod Apk is an exciting and immersive RPG game that offers hours of fun. It’s stunning 3D graphics, and vast selection of heroes provide excellent visuals. In contrast, fast-paced battles provide a thrilling experience, solo or in a team with other players worldwide! Additionally, plenty of customizable options, such as equipment upgrades, special skills, etc., allow you to tailor your characters according to your preferences. The mod apk version also comes packed with features, including unlimited money and coins, unlocked levels, and characters—the perfect choice for those who wish to get ahead faster than others! So what are we waiting for? Download today, unleash your true potential within yourself, and enjoy the immense popularity this title has brought upon itself after all these years.


• Hero Wars Modded Apk was released in September 2016 and has become one of the most popular mobile games worldwide.

• It offers over 85 unique heroes with customizable options such as equipment upgrades, trainable skills, etc.

• Players can join forces by forming guilds to battle epic bosses like Archdemon himself!

• The mod apk version comes packed with features, including unlimited money and coins, unlocked levels, and characters—the perfect choice for those who wish to get ahead faster than others!

• Completion of series tasks is rewarded handsomely, while achievements provide valuable prizes too.



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