Hero Factory Mod Apk 3.0.27 (Hack,Unlimited Money)


Hero Factory Mod Apk 3.0.27 (Hack,Unlimited Money) + Mod – Android hero factory simulation game
Normal version + mod version (get unlimited experience by killing monsters) separately
Tested with offline performance

Hero Factory
Hero Factory
Developer: PlayHard.Lab
Price: Free+

Hero Factory Mod Apk Unlimited Money – Idle Factory Manager Tycoon is the name of a game in the simulation genre published by PlayHard.Lab game development studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. PlayHard.Lab game development studio has already released other great games for gamers in the Android Market and is the creator of games such as Smash Kingdom: Slingshot Action Defense and Redbros. Hero Factory – Idle Factory Manager Tycoon is one of the great games of this game studio, which has been able to bring another exciting experience for gamers interested in simulation genre games by providing an attractive and fun gameplay. Hero Factory – Idle Factory Manager Tycoon is basically an idol and management game that uses role-playing elements in its gameplay. In this game, you own a hero production factory, and you have the task to equip the heroes with war equipment and send them to fight the monsters. If you can defeat the monsters, you will get gold, and you can use the gold you earn to upgrade the hero production factory and equip your heroes as much as possible. In this way, you gain the ability to kill all kinds of monsters, and you can earn huge amounts of money by becoming a large amount of gold and become a great capitalist.

Hero Factory mod apk

Hero Factory mod apk

The idea of ​​Hero Factory Mod Apk – Idle Factory Manager Tycoon is very simple, and its gameplay mechanisms are not very complicated. At the beginning of the game, you have to kill the first monster with a few clicks on your screen in order to earn gold. You can then use the gold you earn to launch the first production line of the Hero Factory. By doing this, your heroes will be automatically equipped with weapons and sent to fight monsters. The more monsters your heroes defeat, the more gold you get, and you can use these golds to launch other production lines to send more heroes to fight monsters. Each production line produces a specific class of heroes. For example, the first production line produces swordsmen heroes, the second production line produces archers heroes, the third production line produces heroes who have two swords, and so the next production line produces classes of other heroes. During the game, you will become more familiar with this product line and their hero classes. Also, it is possible for you to upgrade and roll up your heroes’ equipment by killing monsters and obtaining magic stones and combining them. Hero Factory – Idle Factory Manager Tycoon is one of the most popular and popular games in the Android Market, which has managed to get a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 among gamers with more than 5,000,000 downloads in this market. For this reason, HackDL team intends to provide this popular and popular game to you dear ones in a tested and completely free way. You can now download this game through the direct links at the bottom of the article and enjoy it!

Hero Factory Mod Apk Changes in version 3.0.27

– Artifact content update
– Boss challenge content update
– Added 10 times equipment draw
– Increase the maximum equipment level
– 3x increase in offline battle speed
– Decreased monster attack power
– Some minor bus are fixed.

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