Happy Color Hack Apk 2.10.2 (MOD, Unlimited Tips)


Happy Color Hack Apk 2.10.2 (MOD, Unlimited Tips) Android + Mod – Android game happy color puzzle
Normal version + Mod version (Unlimited Tips + No Ads) individually
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Happy Color® – Malen nach Zahlen
Happy Color® – Malen nach Zahlen

Happy Color MOD Apk Unlimited Tips Happy Color ™ – Color by Number is a fun and entertaining puzzle-style game for kids and adults from X-Flow for Android released for free on Google Play, and we’re going to launch its latest release today We have followers of this genre along with your presence. In this game, you will deal with only one thing, and it is nothing but the world of colors. Choose from hundreds of beautiful paintings and paint them according to the number on each section. Use the colors you have to paint every painting to the best of your ability to create unique designs and paintings. The gameplay is not sophisticated, and you are alone, with a wide range of colors and colorless homes to paint with and paint in a colorful world for days! If you are a fan of puzzle games and are interested in this game, download it now and tell us what its worth, after your experience.

Happy Color Mod apk

Happy Color Mod apk

Happy Color Mod Apk – Color by Number Mod Game has been downloaded more than 100,000 times by Android users worldwide from HackDl and has earned a good score of 4.9 out of 5.0 out of thousands of votes. In this game, hundreds of paintings with different and attractive colors and different designs are waiting for you to paint them to fill your leisure time and show your art to your friends and relatives. You’ll be able to watch the game images first, and then download the free version of the Mod for free from the powerful HackDl servers. Like other games on the site, this game has been tested by us and run without any problems.

Happy Color Mod Apk Version v2.10.2 changes:

* Finding the final colors easier
* Improved touch of the desired area
* Displays the playback of how to paint the shape
* Optimized battery game usage
* Improved overall game performance


Player Good review

  1. Love the app & so well worth the money to buy to get rid of the ads. It’s very calming & relaxing with so many pictures to choose from. I do wish the color pallet is automatic without constantly clicking the next color number. But minus that I still love the app.
  2. This is a fun & addicting app. I love it because when you choose a color, it doesn’t color it in all at once. You have to look for them & the smaller areas can be difficult at times. Thank goodness for zoom & also, if you need it, a hint that will take you to one of the places for that color that you missed. I like looking for them to save the hints. You also get bonus pages to color & there is a daily pic & a weekly pic. All of these pics are free. Thank you for a very creative app! Calming too
  3. A color-by-numbers “game” – nice way to pass time, relax. Huge choice of pictures, categorized by themes like nature, animals, buildings, interiors, food, famous artworks, hobbies, people, fashion, fantasy, travel, mandalas, etc. And licensed categories such as Disney. Need hand-eye coordination & patience, but completing a picture is satisfying. Enjoy color combos, light/ shadow, drawing styles. Wish for titles/artist credits – travel pics I’m not sure of & now have fave coloring artists.
  4. Four stars because it’s the best coloring app I’ve tried. But another recent update brought more of the longer ads, which is frustrating. Longer ads eat up battery, leaving less time for us to use the app. I understand that the ads pay the bills, but is there an ad-free pay option? I would be willing to pay to color more and see less, or at least shorter, ads.
  5. this kind of game is new to me. I tried a few. I like this one best of them all!! easy and fun and relaxing!! great colors too! Thank you! Oh, and yes there are ads but again, what games don’t have them?! I just ignore them. Now I have a new phone, a note 9, it doesn’t work as well with the s pen. This is still my favorite and only one I play with. has all kinds of different pictures for everybody. No problems with the app at all.

Player Bad review

  1. Love this game but having the same frustrations as other users. Most frustrating is the app freezes and I can’t get it unstuck. I would gladly pay for it to not have to deal with ads if it wouldn’t freeze. Will try other brands. UPDATE: Followed advice to reboot tablet and after several days of playing there have been NO problems. Happy player here.
  2. I really enjoy this app, but every single night shortly after 9pm I get an alert from it. I HATE this. My friends and family know better than to reach out to me at this hour, why is a coloring app doing it? I wouldnt mind it at noon, or anytime during the day for that matter. But quit waking me up! Very annoying! And before you tell me to turn my phone off, understand that I have elderly parents and need to leave my phone on in case of emergencies. Coloring IS NOT AN EMERGENCY.
  3. Love this app but over the last few days it has really slowed up. I have updated, cleared cache etc but it takes a couple of seconds in between each tap on the screen for the colour to fill. Any advise? TIA I have now uninstalled this as it was so painfully slow 🙁 Now I have reinstalled it is fine but unfortunately I have lost all the last year’s pictures and I had done hundreds!!
  4. I like the app but the ads can be annoying. Banner ads at the bottom cause the screen to freeze. The longer ads appear too frequently. Then there’s the storage issue. It saves all the things you color on your device. That adds up quickly. If you delete them, you lose progress towards the little goals. It’s fun, but the screen freeze will probably be what kills it for me.
  5. I have had to uninstall this app because it keeps kicking me out. Ads for hints would go back and I couldn’t get back to the pictures. I’d try to restart my tablet, but to no avail. I will see if reinstalling helps. If not, I’ll Uninstaller this one permanently and off to any other number of coloring apps.

Free Download Link

Download installation file with Original APK– 44 MB

Download installation file with the MOD APK – 44 MB

  • Android version required: 4.0 and above
  • Prices in the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +7 years