Gravity Rider Zero Hack Apk 1.42.3 (MOD,Unlocked)


Gravity Rider Zero Hack Apk 1.42.3 (MOD,Unlocked) + Mod – Gravity Rider Zero Android game
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Gravity Rider Zero
Gravity Rider Zero
Developer: Vivid Games S.A.
Price: Free+

Gravity Rider Zero MOD Apk Unlocked Gravity Rider Zero is an exciting and exciting racing game genre released by Vivid Games S.A Studio for Android devices. The aforementioned game studio has already released another successful game and has a good record. Gravity Rider Zero is actually the sequel to its previous game, Gravity Rider. In terms of game-play, this game takes you on a motorbike race to other worlds, where you face many obstacles and dangers along its path. Each stage will be different, but your main goal at all stages is to reach the endpoint. The basic principles of the game are the same and you will not see any changes in the game, but what makes this game different from other games is the idea of ​​”going back to the original”. Usually, when a game is franchised, the new game is based on the previous game. For example, new features are added, new modes are added, various technical optimizations are done and many more. This ideology is usually true of all genres and platforms or any other set, but Gravity Rider Zero is not! The creators of this game have reduced everything to the basics and presented a simpler approach. The game now has only one mode and each stage consists of 2 stages. On some stages, you have limited time and on some stages, you have to play with artificial intelligence.

Gravity Rider Zero Mod Apk

Gravity Rider Zero Mod Apk

Gravity Rider Zero Mod Apk game you can use up to 3 hearts, and once the hearts are finished at each stage you will have to start from scratch again. Each stage also has special prizes and achievements that will be awarded to you at the end of the stage depending on your performance (elapsed time, number of hearts left, etc.), most of them in the form of jams and boxes. To enter the race you will be given a motorcycle first but then you can win the race by racing different engines. Unlike most games of this genre, the engines are not upgradable and each engine has its own characteristics that will not change until the end of the game. All in all, the game has more than 5 awesome stages and can be a good score. The game process is very fast and gives a good experience. The controls are very simple, and all game functions are easily accomplished by using the virtual buttons located at the bottom left and right of your device’s screen. With the left buttons, you can balance the engine and move forward and backwards with the right buttons. Graphically the game space is beautiful and eye-catching and has a surreal art design. In addition to these features, the soundtracks are also admirable and multiply the charm of the game. Gravity Rider Zero scores 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play, and the HackDl team intends to give the game a free and tested version with its beloved version. At the end of the story, you can see the introductory video and screenshots of the gameplay to get acquainted with the game and download it from our servers. Hope you enjoy this game!

Gravity Rider Zero Mod Apk Version v1.42.3 changes:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes

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  • Android version required: 4.1 and above
  • Prices in the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +3 years