Golden Ax Classics Hack 6.1.2 (MOD,Unlocked) Apk


Golden Ax Classics Hack 6.1.2 (MOD,Unlocked) Apk + Mod – “Golden Ax” Arcade for Android
Normal version + Mod version (unlocked) individually
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Golden Axe Classics
Golden Axe Classics
Developer: SEGA
Price: Free+

Golden Ax Classics MOD Unlocked – The Golden Ax is another SEGA game from the CLASSIC GAMES COLLECTION series, now released for Android OS and can run on your mobile or tablet without the need for a simulator or emulator. In this post on Farsighted, we decided to make this lovely and nostalgic game at your request and prepare it for download in two standard and customized versions. The Golden Ax game was first produced in 1989 and released for the Magadoreor (Sega) console. It was one of the first popular Sega games and had many fans around the world, including Iran. After 30 years of releasing this game, you can now experience exactly the same game again with the same features this time on your Android device and bring back memories of the past! The Golden Ax Classics game is actually the complete set of Golden Ax games that came in three parts. Fortunately, by installing the same game, you will have access to all three parts of the game and you can experience them fully! The Golden Ax series is one of the leading arcade fencing games. In this game, you play the role of 3 heroes – the Berber warrior, the Amazon warrior, and the dwarf warrior – in various stages to reach and destroy the demons and the evil forces that are enemies of humanity. The game takes place in a large land called Yuria. The world in which you are about to go to fatal battles is a fantasy world.

Golden Ax Classics MOD Unlimited Money apkGolden Ax Classics MOD Unlimited Money apk


Golden Ax Classics Mod game has some interesting features that were unique at the time of the release of the original. These included the possibility of riding on legendary creatures such as dragons, giant turtles, and more. With these creatures, you could not only attack the enemies with their abilities but also gain an extra life! The main characters of the game each have their own characteristics and characteristics and each weapon is different. Also one of the most interesting parts of the game Golden Ax Classics is the possibility of using special forces or so-called legendary spells. When needed, you can destroy all enemy soldiers in one go using these spells. In the classic Golden Ax game, you will face big bosses like a deadly snake. This fun and the entertaining game still has its own charm after 30 years of release and is still fun for many gamers. So if you also want to revive your memories again and experience a series of popular Golden Ax games this time on your Android phone or tablet, you can now download the latest update to the game in both regular and official versions. Download Farsi Mod. Golden Ax Classics has more than a million downloads and has also achieved a score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Again, this game contains all three parts of Golden Ax 1, Golden Ax 2 and Golden Ax 3.

Golden Ax Classics Mod Changes to v6.1.2:

* Bug fixes

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Golden Ax Classics MOD Unlimited Money apk