Evertale Mod Apk 2.0.10 (Hack, Unlocked)


Evertale Mod Apk 2.0.10 (Hack, Unlocked) – Fun and fun playing Android android
Full version and purchased game for $ 1
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Developer: ZigZaGame Inc.
Price: Free+

Evertale Mod Apk Unlocked Japanese fictional and legendary stories have always been one of the most famous and popular fantasies of the world. In recent decades, Japanese fiction has been swept up into video games, and today there are hundreds of different titles in the field. ZigZaGame Inc. studio A Japanese gaming company active in the field of mobile gaming. The studio has become one of the world’s leading companies by offering various games. Evertale Mod is one of the successful and costly projects of the game studio, the official release of which was released in the second quarter of 2019 at Google Play. In this imaginative game, you enter a different world of creatures and monsters called the land of Erden. Of course, the monsters of this game are often insane, beautiful and fair, rather than scary and ugly. If you are familiar with the collection of anime animations, you will find out how the Evertale Mod game design has been modelled. In this game, you have to travel to places where there are rare and rare monsters. In this mysterious world, there are a lot of these monsters. You have to take and evolve them. Some of them will not easily come to fruition, and some will turn into your enemies. So, with the training and evolution of these monsters, you should prepare yourself for great adventures. In this fascinating and spectacular world, there are places of horror, such as legendary black holes, strange cities and so on, and no human has travelled there before. After some time from your presence in this amazing world, it is reported that a major threat is approaching the land. The land of Erden every 100 years once suffered an eternal curse, and when the time of the curse arrives, the devils are attacking the cities of this land with a lot of troops. But this time the heroes of the story are here. As the heroes of this role, you have to start a dangerous journey to discover the cause of this curse and find the secret behind the curtain of this curse, and then, with its destruction, forever, erden the land of Erden from this curse!


Some of the most important features of the Android Evertale Mod adventure game:

Has an adventurous and heroic story
There are more than 180 types of monsters and fighters with unique features and features
It has a stage and story section
It has an online section for single-player campaigns (PvP) or multi-player and team (campaigns 4-4)
There are dozens of special forces and superpowers
There are 6 different areas to travel to Erden Land
You can find many monsters that some of them will love and some will be your enemy
The ability to discover and use a variety of legendary weapons, various tools and points of interest
Ability to liberate characters and gadgets by earning online weekly points

Evertale Mod Apk has been downloaded more than 7,000 times in a few days after being released on Google Play. As we said, the game has been sold for $ 1.00 at Google Play, which has been prepared by Farsi for its full version and purchased for your loved ones! Like other games on the site, this game has also been tested by our band without any problems.

Evertale Full Mod Apk V2.0.10 version changes:

* Publish the first version of the game on Google Play

download Evertale Mod apkEvertale Mod Apk

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Download the main installation file Original Apk – 117 MB

Download the installation file MOD APK – 85 MB As Soon

  • Android version required: 4.4 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): 0.99
  • Age of Play: +12 years