Endless Nightmare Mod Apk 1.2.4 (Hack ,Unlimited Point)


Endless Nightmare Mod Apk 1.2.4 (Hack ,Unlimited Point) – A very scary adventure game “Endless Nightmare” for Android + trailer
An archaic storyline with a very exemplary style with exemplary graphics
Tested with offline execution

Endless Nightmare Apk Mod Unlimited Points whose full name is Endless Nightmare: 3D Creepy & Scary Horror Game, is a very beautiful and well-made game in the horror genre, which is designed with a beautiful storyline and drama. This game is one of the arcade titles, but unlike most ordinary arcade games, it is a completely scary and terrifying game. The game is made by Hong Kong Studio 707 INTERACTIVE and is made by games such as Archery Elite and Soccer Mania. HackDl is proud to announce that the first Iranian website to publish this game is on the Internet, and you can now download it in a tested and complete form from Android. Endless Nightmare tells a mysterious, sad and, of course, very scary and complicated story. In this game, you play the main character of the game, a man named James. James is a police officer. She is a kind wife and a compassionate father who, on the birthday of her daughter Aimee, when she returns home, she is confronted with a heartbreaking and unbelievable scene! James’ wife and daughter have been horribly murdered, and the whole house is bloody! Shocked and unbelievable, James rushes home to find the killer or clue, but he gradually realizes that the situation is much more complicated than a simple murder! The horrific facts that will be revealed later by James will lead to endless nightmares for him…!

Endless Nightmare Mod apk

Endless Nightmare Mod Apk, you have to play the role of James, go through this very bitter event, and focus on the situation, try to find the cause of this murder and punish him for his actions. But you will soon realize that these more frightening things and events that you will see have happened not by a human being, but by a demonic and evil force. Now this evil spirit, who has noticed your presence, is looking for this house point by point to hunt you down. James sometimes suddenly notices the presence of this spirit in the house, but it is not clear whether all this happened negatively and James is having an endless nightmare. Maybe all this is happening in the real world, and a scary, evil creature has broken into James’ house! Whatever it is, you have to try to escape from it. The main character’s control of the game takes place right where James wakes up once again from a scary nightmare. From now on, you have to take control of him and find a way to discover the truth by finding clues and solving puzzles, and then leave this cursed place to save your life. But will this spirit allow you ?! During the first-person shooter game, you can move around with the help of virtual controllers and view your surroundings 360 degrees. The evil and scary spirit of the game, which chases you with a knife in the form of a young girl, attacks you as soon as it sees you. You have two options for survival. The first way is to stand under the bed or in the closet, and the second way is to find different weapons to attack this spirit! Of course, these two works are temporary, and there is no way to destroy this spirit because even if you attack him, and he falls to the ground, he will be resurrected after a while and will come after you again. The distinctive feature of the Endless Nightmare game is its unique and completely three-dimensional graphics, which is very admirable due to the small size of the game. This wonderful game is currently being tested and can be downloaded for free from HackDL.

Additional points:

  1. The game is still in the early stages of testing and may not be stable on all devices.
  2. This game has scary, violent and terrifying scenes, and it is not recommended for people under the age of 16 and people who have heart problems or do not have a good relationship with scary and jump screens.
  3. To understand the real feeling of the game, we recommend using a quality headphone and enjoy the 3D sound!
  4. There is currently no modded or cracked version for this game, and some parts of the game, such as its DLC, are not currently available.

Endless Nightmare Mod Apk Changes to version v1.2.4:

* Release the first public version of the game

FAQs / People also ask?

Q. Is Endless Nightmare Mod Apk safe to download and play?

Yes, This is a 100% safe game to download and play in your smartphone.

Q. How to play Endless Nightmare cracked Apk on my PC?

You can play This Is on your PC BYB getting a valid android emulator like BlueS tacks on your PC.

Q. How can we play Endless Nightmare Hack Apk?

This game is not that hard to play. The controls of this game are given on the screen, you can press them according to the directions you want your car to go.

Q. How can I get unlimited Money in Endless Nightmare Mod Apk?

This game is a mod version, which means that you will get unlimited resources without paying any single penny.

Endless Nightmare MOD Features: Unlimited Points / Unlocked

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  • Android version required: 4.1 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +3 years