EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk (Hack, Fast Moving Character)


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Promotion Software GmbH
Sep 8, 2023
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EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk 1.8.07 (Hack, Fast Moving Character)

MOD Features Fast Moving Character
Category Mod Apk
Size 630 MB
Version 1.8.07
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Emergency HQ Mod Apk is a strategy game developed by Promotion Software GmbH in 2019, available to play on iOS and Android devices. The player takes command of their own city’s emergency headquarters, with the main goal being to save lives and protect the citizens from all menace by managing weapon upgrades for firefighters and police officers, building medical centers, fire stations or police stations as well as many other tasks.

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Gameplay Overview

The game starts with the player being assigned to a new city and given full control of their own emergency HQ. The player can customize, manage and upgrade various buildings in order to provide more efficient services for citizens. This includes managing firefighters, police officers, medics and other staff members as they tackle fires or crime incidents throughout the city.

Play With Fun this game?

Emergency HQ is an incredibly entertaining and exciting game to play, with plenty of action and strategy involved. With multiple levels of difficulty available, even experienced gamers will find something to keep them busy. As you progress through the game you will be able to unlock new buildings and upgrades as well provide better quality services for citizens in need by managing staff members correctly – providing hours upon hours of fun!

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Emergency HQ is strictly a single player game. However, the game does come with an active community of other players that you can interact and build relationships within – making for a more realistic, immersive experience.


Features of EMERGENCY HQ

Multiple Buildings and Upgrades

Emergency HQ features a variety of versatile buildings for players to customize, manage and upgrade such as ambulance stations, medical centers, fire stations or police buildings – giving plenty of opportunities to maximize service quality in the city. These different structures can be customized with various upgrades such as medical beds or special fire extinguishers depending on what is needed most in that situation.

Diverse Staff Management System

One unique feature found within Emergency HQ is its management system – allowing players full control over staffs’ paths during incidents like crime cases or disasters (such as fires). The player has the ability to assign staff members with specific tasks based on their power levels such as night vision technology for firefighters or upgraded patrol drives so they are more prepared when facing challenges ahead! Through this process players can slowly build upon their own emergency center and gain an advantage against any threat posed by the inmates escaping from prisons during riots etc.

Unique Placement System

To ensure the city remains safe,the game features a unique placement system which enables players to strategically place their buildings and structures in order to have maximum effectiveness when it comes to responding to overcoming emergencies. Players must an alyse the environment and use tactical knowledge to put their staff members in certain positions so they can efficiently deal with any incident that may arise within the city. This way,they can be prepared for anything – from fires erupting on one side of town to gang activity occurring elsewhere!

Multiplayer Events & Tournaments

For those looking for something competitive as well as cooperative gameplay in Emergency HQ offers multiplayer events and tournaments -which give players the chance top it themselves against other gamers worldwide for glory and fame(lol) In these events players can also unlock exclusive rewards such as increased experience points or powerful upgrades not normally available during single player mode– making them even more prepared when fighting against disasters in real-time victory challenges!

Network of Alliances

Players can gather together as group of experts in disasters and join an alliance. These alliances can range from medical personnel to firefighters, to police officers for example,allowing players to collaborate with each other and receive special bonuses for their buildings from their shared knowledge base when they enter any extremely hazardous event or mission.These alliances also enable players to recieve better rewards if their team win sovercoming the challenges presented in the game!

Treasure Hunt Quests

Emergency HQ provides “Treasure Hunts” which give players different quests which when completed provide them with rare rewards such as bonus vehicles or valuable items that assist them during gameplay. Through these quests the player must use their resources correctly in order to properly respond to overcome threatening tasks– making it a great challenge-based experience on its own!

Over 100 Missions & Achievements

Players are encouraged to push themselves ever further within the game through over 100 missions and achievements spread across 3 difficulty levels – from easy (rank 1) all they way up to bomb disposal expert(rank 5)! With gradually increasing difficulty – it’s up to you how far your skills will take you within this action-packed tactical strategy game!



EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK is a modified version of the popular Emergency HQ game. This version includes various modifications to make it easier to progress in the game, such as disabling enemy health and accident rate adjustments or even unlocking all elements for free. It also features unlimited money, unlock all buildings and more – creating an exciting new way for players topush themselves further within this tactical strategy game!

Features of EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK

Fast Moving Character

The character in the modified version of the game moves much faster than normal, which gives players an advantage during mission types by allowing them to quickly respond to dangerous situations and complete objectives in a timely manner.

Unlimited Money & Unlocked Buildings

With this special modification, all buildings with in Emergency HQ Mod Apk will be unlocked from the start– with no upgrade time needed! Additionally – there is unlimited money available for purchases and upgrades as well – giving you a massive boost when it comes toover coming those difficult task sahead!

No Enemy Health Adjustment

Once the mod is applied, all enemies will have permanently set amounts of health regardless of how tough you find the missions. This way,you can easily engage in any mission without having to worry about making changes to suit your current challenges – which may not be possible in the normal version of the game.


How to Download And Install EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk

• Download the EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk from a trusted website Hackdl.com.

• Enable installation of apps from Unknown Sources by going into Security in your device settings

• Navigate to the folder where you saved the modded apk and tap on it to install it.

• After installation, open up EMERGENCY HQ and enjoy!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure you have the latest version of Android installed on your device

• Check that you have enough memory and storage available for the modded apk to be downloaded and installed successfully.

• Try restarting your device as this sometimes may solve any issues with installing modifications such as this one.

Visual and sound quality


EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK has some awesome 3D graphics that bring the city to life – with detailed environments and characters providing a realistic look and feel to the game. The bright colors used also make for an eye-catching presentation, creating an immersive experience while running through dangerous missions or customizing buildings & staff members.

Sound & Music

The theme song is pulse-pounding which really sets the tone of the game which is kept up even when you’r epolishing off mission objectives – making for and exciting gaming journey every time! Atmospheric sound effects such as alarm bells ringing or jet fighters taking off enhances the intensity during difficult tasks whilst emergency vehicles driving by add realism to this thrilling strategy experiencment game available on mobile platform!



EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK is an incredible addition to the original game – providing exciting new ways for players to tackle intense challenges as they rise up in rank and master their command of the city. With modified features such as Fast Moving Characters, Unlimited Money & Unlocked Buildings – even veteran players will find something unique within this modApk that sets it apart from its predecessor. So if you’re looking for a thrilling strategy experience then look no further- EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk has got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK safe to use?

A: Yes, since this is an official modded version of the game made by developers with no malicious code included – it is perfectly safe and secure.

Q: How can I get the modded version of EMERGENCY HQ Hack Apk?

A: You can download and install this modified version of the game from a trusted website.

Q: Does this modification provide unlimited money or unlocks exclusive buildings?

A: Yes, the EMERGENCY HQ Hack APK Free Download removes all upgrade times as well as giving you unlimited money for unlocks and upgrades.

Q: What sound & music are featured in this mod?

A: The soundtrack consists of a pulse pounding theme song with realistic sound effects featuring fire engines driving by or jets taking off during missions – setting the scene for an intense gaming experience.

Q: Does this modification affect the enemy health amounts when playing?

A: Yes, this moddisables any health adjustments the enemies would normally experience during missions – giving you an advantage but also increasing the challenge!

Q: Does this modification include any cheat codes?

A: No, there are no cheat codes or cheats featured in the EMERGENCY HQ Modded APK Free Download. They do however feature various modified features designed to make your gaming journey more enjoyable and less frustrating.

Q: Are there any differences between the regular version and Mod APK?

A: Yes, there are several modifications available within the modded version of this game creating new ways to play – such as faster movement speeds or invincible enemies – making it an entirely new experience!


• EMERGENCY HQ Modded Apk enables you to remove upgrade times, get unlimited money and more!

• The sound and graphics are vibrant & realistic as they recreate the exciting atmosphere of responding to disasters.

• The modification is perfectly safe for use, with no malicious code included in the file.

• There are various modified features including fast moving characters or invincible enemies – creating a unique take on this already thrilling strategy game!



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