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Dark Survival Mod Apk 2.0.4 (Unlimited Money)

APP INFO: Dark Survival Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Apk
Size 79 MB
Version 2.0.4
Requires Android 4.0
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Dark Survival Mod Apk is a popular mobile game that challenges players to survive against zombies and enemies in a post-apocalyptic world. With addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, and immersive sound effects, this game has become a fan favourite among gamers worldwide. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Dark Survival Mod Apk, including its features, gameplay, and tips and tricks to help you survive in the game.


Definition of Dark Survival Mod Apk

Dark Survival is a survival horror game for Android and iOS devices. The Korean studio, JoyCity Corporation, developed it. The game aims to survive in an apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other monsters while scavenging resources from abandoned buildings or killing enemies to gain experience points (XP). Players can also craft weapons, build shelters, explore dungeons and complete missions as they progress through the story-driven campaign mode.

Overview of the game

Dark Survival is a survival game developed by the developers of Garena. It was released in 2020 and had been gaining popularity since its release. The main objective of this game is to survive as long as possible while fighting off hordes of zombies, monsters, and other creatures that are trying to kill you. You will need to scavenge for resources such as food, water, weapons and ammunition to stay alive longer than your opponents who may be playing against you online or offline with their strategies. As well as surviving on land, there are underwater levels where players must battle aquatic enemies too! There’s even an arena mode that allows up to four people at once to compete against each other using different tactics – making it great fun for friends or family members looking for intense competition!

Dark Survival Mod Apk

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History and popularity of the game

Dark Survival is a mobile survival game developed by Gameday Inc. and released in 2018 for iOS and Android devices. The game has become increasingly popular since its release, with over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone as of 2021. The premise of Dark Survival revolves around players being stranded on an island after their plane crashes into the sea during a stormy night, leaving them to fend for themselves against wild animals, hostile survivors, and other dangers while trying to survive until rescue arrives or they find another way off the island alive.

Features of Dark Survival Mod Apk

A detailed explanation of game modes and objectives

Dark Survival is a survival game mod for Android devices. It was developed by the independent developer, Dark Survival Studio and released in 2020. The main objective of this game is to survive as long as possible while fighting off hordes of monsters that come at you from all directions. You can choose between two characters: an adventurer or a survivor stranded on an island after their ship crashed into it during a stormy night. The gameplay consists mainly of scavenging resources such as food, water and weapons which are scattered around the map; these items will help you stay alive longer against your enemies’ attacks!

Additionally, various skills are available to upgrade your character, like increased health regeneration rate or improved damage output when attacking foes – making sure no enemy stands in your way too easily! Finally, if things get tough, players have access to special abilities called “dark powers”, which allow them even more powerful options (such as summoning lightning strikes). All together, makeup makes Dark Survival so unique compared to other similar games today – giving gamers plenty of reasons why they should try it themselves soon enough!

Characters and their abilities

1. The Player: This character is the main protagonist of Dark Survival Mod Apk and has a variety of abilities, including crafting weapons, building shelters, scavenging for resources and surviving in harsh environments.

2. Zombies: These hostile creatures attack you if they spot you or get too close to your shelter/base camp. They can be killed with various weapons, but it’s best to avoid them altogether as their numbers increase over time, making them more dangerous than ever before!

3 . Animals: You may encounter wild animals while exploring the world, such as wolves, bears etc. which could potentially harm you, so it’s important to stay alert at all times when travelling around! Some animals even have special attacks like charging towards players or spitting poison from afar – these should definitely be avoided unless necessary!

Dark Survival Mod Apk

Weapons and their uses

Dark Survival Mod Apk offers a variety of weapons for players to use in their Survival. These include:

• Assault Rifles – Used mainly as an offensive weapon, assault rifles can deal great damage at medium range and be used effectively against human enemies and zombies alike. They come with various attachments such as scopes, silencers or extended magazines, allowing users to customize them according to their needs.

• Shotguns – A powerful close-range weapon ideal for taking out multiple targets quickly due to its widespread pattern when fired from short distances. It is also effective against zombie hordes but requires careful aiming since it has limited accuracy beyond mid-range combat scenarios.

• Sniper Rifles – Long-distance precision shooting tool designed specifically for eliminating single targets accurately over long ranges without alerting other nearby threats by making too much noise or drawing attention through muzzle flash visibility. However, its slow rate of fire makes it less suitable than other firearms during intense gunfights. If you have enough time, this could prove invaluable in certain situations where stealthy tactics are required instead of a brute-force firepower approach.

• Pistols – A versatile sidearm that can be used in both close and mid-range combat scenarios, pistols are lightweight weapons with a high rate of fire, making them ideal for quickly taking out multiple targets or covering fire while reloading other firearms. They also come equipped with various attachments, such as laser sights, allowing users to increase their accuracy when aiming at distant enemies.

Crafting and upgrading the system

The crafting and upgrading system in Dark Survival Mod Apk allows players to craft weapons, armour, tools and other items from resources throughout the game. Players can also upgrade their existing equipment using special materials that are dropped randomly or obtained by completing certain tasks. The upgraded versions of these items will provide better stats than their original counterparts and additional bonuses such as increased damage output or improved durability against enemy attacks. Additionally, some crafted items may have unique effects when used, which could give a player an edge over his opponents during combat encounters.

Graphics and sound effects

Dark Survival Mod Apk has great graphics and sound effects. The game features realistic 3D environments, detailed character models, dynamic lighting and shadows, and a variety of weapons with unique sounds for each one. Players can also customize their characters by changing the colour scheme or adding accessories such as hats or glasses to give them a unique look. Additionally, weather conditions affect gameplay, including rainstorms, making it harder to see enemies in dark areas. At the same time, foggy days reduce visibility even further, making stealth more important than ever!

Multiplayer mode

Dark Survival Mod Apk offers a variety of weapons for players to use in the game. These include melee weapons such as swords, axes and spears; ranged weapons like bows and crossbows; firearms including pistols, shotguns and rifles; explosives like grenades or dynamite sticks; special items that can be used to craft powerful tools or traps. Each weapon has its unique advantages depending on how the player uses it. For example, guns are great at long-range combat, while swords provide more close-quarters damage potential when wielded correctly. Additionally, some special items allow you to create custom equipment with specific stats tailored towards your playstyle!

Dark Survival Mod Apk

Gameplay of Dark Survival Mod Apk

Step-by-step guide on how to play the game

1. Download and install the Dark Survival Mod Apk on your device.

2. Once installed, open up the game to start playing!

3. You will be presented with a map of an island that you must explore to survive against monsters and other players who are also trying to stay alive as long as possible while gathering resources for crafting weapons or items needed for Survival, such as food, water, shelter etc.

4. To gather resources from around the environment, use either melee attacks (swinging swords/axes), ranged attacks (shooting arrows/guns) or craft tools like a pickaxe, which can help break rocks faster than just using fists alone).

5. Crafted weapons have different stats depending on the materials used when creating them, so make sure you choose wisely before committing time to make something useless!

6. When fighting enemies, it is important to know how much damage each weapon does and its range – some may do more damage at close quarters, whereas others might excel further away from danger; this knowledge could mean life-or-death during battle scenarios where every second counts!.

7. As well as attacking opponents directly, there are various traps available, including bear traps & trip wires, which can slow down pursuers giving precious seconds extra breathing room if they manage to escape their clutches…

8. Finally, once all these steps have been taken care of, then comes scavenging through abandoned buildings looking out for any useful loot left behind by previous survivors – anything found here should always be checked thoroughly first, though, because sometimes even seemingly harmless objects contain hidden dangers waiting inside…

Explanation of the game controls

The controls in Dark Survival are fairly simple and intuitive. The left joystick moves your character around the map, while the right joystick can be used for aiming down sights or using special abilities such as sprinting. You also have a few buttons on the screen that allow you to interact with objects like doors, ladders etc., pick up items from chests/ground loot boxes and use weapons (fire button). Additionally, an inventory system allows you to manage your equipment, including guns, armour pieces and consumables.

Tips for Survival in the game

1. Always keep your weapons and ammunition stocked up, as you never know when a fight may break out, or an enemy might appear.

2. Always alert for any signs of danger, such as enemies lurking in the shadows or suspicious noises from nearby areas that could indicate someone is watching you.

3. Utilize cover whenever possible so that if there are multiple opponents, they can’t all attack at once and overwhelm you with their numbers advantage; this will also give time for reinforcements to arrive should it be necessary during combat situations where more than one opponent is present on the battlefield simultaneously.

4. Make use of grenades, mines, traps etc., which can help take down large groups quickly without having to engage them directly in close-quarters combat scenarios – these items have limited uses but provide great advantages over confrontation against larger forces due to their area-of-effect damage capabilities (AoE).

5. Always try and find higher ground before engaging enemies since being able to shoot downwards gives players a huge tactical edge by allowing them better visibility while making themselves harder targets for return fire from below. This tactic works especially well when fighting off hordes of zombies who tend to move slowly uphill!

Walkthroughs for different levels and modes

The weapons available in Dark Survival Mod Apk are the same as those in the original game. These include a variety of firearms, melee weapons and explosives that can be used to take out enemies or complete objectives. Each weapon has unique stats such as damage output, accuracy, and reload speed which will affect its effectiveness when engaging with different opponents. Some special abilities may also become unlocked depending on what level you have reached within the mod apk version of this survival horror title. Walkthroughs for each mode vary greatly but generally involve completing certain tasks while avoiding enemy encounters where possible; these could range from collecting items scattered around levels to rescuing survivors who need help escaping dangerous situations they find themselves stuck in during their journey through dark environments filled with monsters lurking about every corner! Players should always watch for any potential traps set by hostile forces before proceeding further into unknown territory – otherwise, death awaits them at every turn…

Dark Survival Mod Apk

Strategies for winning in multiplayer mode

1. Choose the right weapon: Different weapons have different advantages and disadvantages, so choosing a weapon that suits your playstyle best is important. Consider range, accuracy, damage output, and reload speed when selecting a gun for Dark Survival Mode.

2. Utilize cover effectively: Using an available cover can help you stay alive longer during firefights with other players or zombies alike; crouching behind walls or using trees/bushes as shields will give you an edge over opponents who are not doing the same thing!

3. Stay on the move: Staying still makes it easier for enemies to spot and target you – try moving around frequently while engaging targets from multiple angles if possible (this also applies when fighting against zombie hordes). This way, they won’t be able to predict where your next shot might come from!

 4 . Use grenades wisely: Grenades can be used both offensively (to flush out enemy positions) or defensively (as area denial tools), depending on how they are deployed – make sure that their effects do more good than harm by taking into account things like wind direction before throwing them at unsuspecting foes!

5 . Communicate with teammates: Teamwork is essential in multiplayer mode; communicate strategies clearly between team members via voice chat/text messages so everyone knows what needs to happen next for victory conditions to be met quickly & efficiently.

6 . Be aware of your surroundings: Always look for potential threats, such as zombies or other players who may have spotted you first; reacting quickly and appropriately can mean the difference between life & death in Dark Survival Mode!

Tips and Tricks for Dark Survival Mod Apk

Basic survival tips

1. Carry a knife: A good quality, sharp knife is an essential tool for any survival situation and can be used to build shelter, cut rope or fabric, prepare food and defend yourself against predators.

2. Have a fire starter kit: Fire starters such as matches or lighters are invaluable in the wilderness because they allow you to start fires quickly when needed for warmth or cooking purposes. Ensure your fire starter kit includes waterproof containers with multiple ignition sources like flint strikers and magnesium blocks that will work even if wet from rain or snowfall.

3. Bring water purification tablets/filters: Waterborne illnesses are common in many areas, so it’s important to have some form of filtration system on hand at all times while out camping or hiking outdoors; this could include iodine tablets that kill bacteria found in contaminated water supplies but also filters designed specifically for removing sediment particles from streams etc. Having access to clean drinking water is key!

4 . Carry basic first aid items: It’s always wise to carry basic medical supplies, including bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads & tape, along with painkillers (ibuprofen) in case someone gets injured during their outdoor adventure – having these handy may help prevent further injury until professional medical attention arrives!

Tips for defeating different types of enemies

1. Use the right weapon for each enemy type: Different enemies require different weapons to defeat them effectively. For example, a shotgun is effective against close-range targets while an assault rifle can be used to take out distant foes more easily. Ensure you have the correct weapon before engaging in combat with any foe!

2. Utilize cover and terrain features: Taking advantage of natural obstacles such as walls or trees will help protect you from incoming fire and give you time to line up your shots better on approaching enemies without taking too much damage yourself in return. Additionally, using higher ground gives players an edge when shooting down opponents below them. Their increased elevation gives them greater accuracy over those at lower levels who may not even see where they are being shot from until it’s too late!

3. Aim carefully: When aiming at a target, ensure all bullets are hit by firing short bursts instead of long ones, which could cause some rounds to miss their mark entirely if fired inaccurately. This also helps conserve ammunition, so there’s no need to waste precious resources trying desperately to shoot something far away only for most (if not all )of these attempts fail miserably!

4. Aiming above/below head level: Depending on what kind of gun one has, it might be beneficial sometimes to try hitting targets either slightly above or below head height since this increases chances of landing hits, especially if the opponent moves around erratically, making it difficult predict exactly where they were going next second.

Crafting and upgrading tips

1. Craft and upgrade items useful for your character’s current level, as higher-level items will be more expensive and require rarer materials.

2. Prioritize crafting weapons over armour or other equipment since they provide the most damage output in combat situations.

3. Upgrade existing gear whenever possible instead of buying new ones; this is a great way to save resources while improving your stats significantly!

Multiplayer tips

1. Communicate with your team: Communication is key in any multiplayer game, and Dark Survival is no exception. Communicate strategies and tactics with your teammates to work together more effectively against the enemy players or monsters on the map.

2. Utilize cover: When playing a shooter like this, it’s important to use whatever cover you have available to engage enemies or stay alive during intense firefights! This will help keep you safe while giving you an advantage over other players who may need to use proper defensive techniques.

3. Know Your Weapons & Gear: Knowing what weapons are best for certain situations and which gear works better than others can give you a huge edge in battle! Take some time before each match starts to familiarize yourself with all of the different items at your disposal so that way when things get hectic out there, you know exactly how best to utilize them for maximum effectiveness!

Cheats and hacks

1. Unlimited Money

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Dark Survival and Dark Survival Mod Apk?

The main difference between Dark Survival and its modded version is that with the mod apk, you can access additional features such as unlimited money, unlocked levels/items, and no ads or in-app purchases. The original game does not have these extra features available to players.

How do I download and install the game?

To download and install Dark Survival Mod Apk, you can follow the steps below:

1. Download the APK file from a trusted source such as the Google Play Store or the game developer’s official website.

2. Once downloaded, open your device’s File Manager app to locate it in its Downloads folder (or wherever else you may have saved it).

3. Tap on “Install” when prompted by Android OS for permission to do so; this will begin installing Dark Survival Mod Apk onto your device automatically after confirmation is given that all permissions are granted correctly during the installation process completes.

Is the game free to play?

Yes, Dark Survival is a free-to-play game. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices.

Can I play the game offline?

Yes, Dark Survival can be played offline. However, you will need an internet connection to access the game’s online features, such as leaderboards and multiplayer modes.

How do I get unlimited coins and gems in the game?

Yes, You Can Get Unlimited Money, Unlimited Coins and Gems


Dark Survival Mod Apk is great for those who love survival games. It has an interesting story, and challenging levels will keep you entertained for hours. The graphics are also quite impressive, making it one of the best-looking mobile games out there today. If you want to get your hands on some intense, action-packed gaming experience, this mod apk should be at the top of your list!


What are some other similar games to Dark Survival Mod Apk?

1. Last Day on Earth: Survival

2. Rules of Survival

3. PUBG Mobile Lite

4. ARK: Survival Evolved

5. LifeAfter

 6 . Survival Arena

7 . Zombie Anarchy

8 . Westland Survivor Story

What are some popular mods for Dark Survival Mod Apk?

1. Unlimited Money Mod

2. No Ads Mod

3. Unlocked All Weapons and Items Mods

4. God Mode/Unlimited Health Mods

5. High Damage Multiplier Mods

6. Unlimited Ammo Mods

7. No Recoil/No Spread Mods 8. Unlock All Levels Mod

How do I report a bug in the game?

If you have encountered a bug in the game, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] with as much detail about your issue as possible (including screenshots, if applicable). Our team will investigate and work to resolve any issues that arise.



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