Cooking Fever Mod Apk 17.0.1 (Unlimited Coins, Gems)


Cook delicious meals and desserts in your very own restaurant and discover different cuisines from all over the world in this addictive time-management game! 👩‍🍳
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Nordcurrent Games
Jan 27, 2023
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Cooking Fever Mod Apk 17.0.1 (Unlimited Coins, Gems)

APP INFO: Cooking Fever Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Gems
Category Games
Size 227 MB
Version v17.0.1
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Cooking Fever Mod Apk is a freetoplay mobile game developed by Nordcurrent. It was released in 2015 and has since become one of the most popular cooking games on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Amazon Appstore platforms. The goal of Cooking Fever is to manage various restaurants while serving customers quickly and efficiently as possible. Players must upgrade their kitchen equipment with coins earned from completing levels or purchased through micro transactions in order to increase efficiency when preparing meals for customers. Additionally, players can customize their restaurant‘s interior design using decorations that are also available for purchase with coins or real money currency (diamonds). With over 400 dishes across 15 different cuisines ranging from fast food joints like burgers & pizza parlors all the way up to 5 star sushi bars theres something here for everyone!

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Gameplay Overview

In Cooking Fever Mod Apk, players manage a restaurant by preparing and serving meals to customers. The game is divided into levels that increase in difficulty as the player progresses through them. Each level has its own set of goals such as earning a certain amount of coins or completing orders within an allotted time frame; if these goals are met then the player will be rewarded with stars which can be used to unlock new restaurants and upgrade kitchen equipment. As they progress further, more challenging tasks become available including catering events for large groups of people or creating special dishes from recipes found throughout their journey! Players must also keep track of customer satisfaction ratings this is done by ensuring all orders are prepared quickly and correctly while keeping wait times low so customers dont get impatient (and leave without paying!). Additionally, there are various decorations that can be purchased using either coins earned during gameplay or real money currency (diamonds) which help improve overall atmosphere & attract even more hungry patrons!

Play With Fun this game?

Cooking Fever Mod Apk is a fun and addictive game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The goaloriented levels provide an enjoyable challenge while the customization options allow for creative expression when designing your own restaurant! Additionally, with over 400 dishes to prepare across 15 different cuisines theres something here for everyone!

Key Feature

1. Variety of Locations:

Cooking Fever offers a variety of different locations to choose from, including restaurants, fast food joints and even bakeries! Each location has its own unique menu items that you must prepare in order to earn coins and gems.

2. Upgrades & Decorations:

As your restaurant grows more popular with customers, you can upgrade the kitchen appliances or decorate it for an extra boost in profits! You can also purchase new recipes as well as special ingredients like spices which will help make dishes tastier than ever before.

3 .Challenging Levels :

The game features over 400 levels where players have to complete various tasks such as serving orders quickly or cooking certain types of meals within time limits while avoiding mistakes along the way all this adds up for some intense gaming action!

4 .Daily Challenges :

Every day there are daily challenges available which offer rewards if completed successfully these range from earning bonus coins/gems through completing specific objectives (e.g., serve X number of burgers) or unlocking exclusive content by playing minigames inside the app itself (such as slot machines).

5 .Achievements System :

Players who manage their business efficiently enough get rewarded with achievements ranging from bronze stars right up until diamond ones; each one offering bigger bonuses when unlocked consecutively without missing any days out on progress tracking too much either sidebyside thematic goals set across multiple stages throughout gameplay sessions themselves respectively speaking here now today still yet again overall at least once upon a lifetime opportunity wise then so forth afterwards eventually finally altogether completely ultimately absolutely positively definitely conclusively certainly surely undeniably unquestionably unmistakably indubitably beyond doubt incontrovertibly irrevocably

What is Cooking Fever Mod Apk?

Cooking Fever Mod Apk is a modified version of the popular cooking game, Cooking Fever. This mod apk offers players unlimited coins and gems to help them progress faster in the game. It also unlocks all levels so that you can play any level without having to wait for it to unlock naturally through gameplay. Additionally, this mod apk removes ads from the game which makes playing more enjoyable as there are no interruptions while gaming!

What is Cooking Fever Hack Apk?

Mod Key Feature

1. Unlimited Coins & Gems:

The mod apk provides players with unlimited coins and gems, allowing them to progress faster in the game without having to wait for it or spend real money on purchasing these resources.

2. All Levels Unlocked :

This mod also unlocks all levels so that you can play any level at your own pace without waiting for it to unlock naturally through gameplay!

3 .Ads Removed :

Ads are removed from this version of Cooking Fever which makes playing more enjoyable as there are no interruptions while gaming!

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Download the Cooking Fever Mod Apk from a trusted source and save it to your device.

2. Go to Settings > Security on your Android phone, then enableUnknown Sources so that you can install apps outside of Google Play Store (this is necessary for installing mod apks).

3 .Open the downloaded file and follow instructions given in order to complete installation process successfully!

4 .Once installed, open up game app enjoy all features unlocked without any ads interrupting gameplay experience whatsoever!!

Game Tips

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen: Upgrading your kitchen is the best way to increase your profits. Upgrade each appliance to the maximum level to increase the speed of food preparation and cooking.

2. Collect Coins and Gems: Coins and gems are essential for upgrading your kitchen and purchasing new items. Try to collect as many coins and gems as possible by completing levels, watching ads or using the daily bonus wheel.

3. Complete Goals: Completing goals is a great way to earn extra rewards such as coins, gems and experience points (XP). Make sure you complete all of your available goals each day for maximum reward potential!

4. Use Boosters Wisely: Boosters can help speed up food preparation time which will increase profits in the short term but they should be used sparingly since their effects are temporary. Save them for when you need an extra boost during busy times or challenging levels!

5. Manage Your Customers Needs: Keep customers happy by making sure that their orders are served quickly and correctly so that they don‘t get impatient waiting too long for their meals this will also ensure repeat business from satisfied customers who come back again after having a good experience with your restaurant service!

Game Pros and Cons


Fun and addictive gameplay

Variety of restaurants to choose from

Upgrades available for kitchen appliances, furniture, decorations etc.

Earn coins and gems by completing levels or watching ads


Inapp purchases can be expensive if you want to progress quickly in the game

Ads are often intrusive

Excellent Graphics And Sound

1. Graphics:

Cooking Fever features highquality 3D graphics that bring the game to life, with realistic animations and detailed environments for each restaurant setting. The vibrant colors used in the visuals add a unique charm to the experience while also making it easy on eyes when playing for long periods of time. Players can customize their restaurants by changing furniture styles or adding decorations like plants and paintings, allowing them to create an atmosphere they enjoy looking at as much as cooking in!

2. Sound:

Cooking Fever has immersive sound effects that make players feel like they are really inside a bustling kitchen environment from bubbling pots and pans sizzling away over heat sources all around you, to customers ordering food orders through your headset microphone system this is one gaming experience where audio plays just as important role as visual elements do! Additionally theres upbeat music tracks which play throughout gameplay sessions so even if things get hectic during peak hours you won‘t be too stressed out about it thanks these catchy tunes keeping everything lighthearted yet still challenging enough keep gamers engaged until end every level.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1. What is Cooking Fever?

A1. Cooking Fever is a freetoplay mobile game developed by Nordcurrent, where players take on the role of restaurant manager and chef in order to serve customers quickly and efficiently while earning coins for upgrades or new restaurants! Players must manage their resources wisely as they progress through levels that get increasingly difficult with each passing day from preparing meals to cleaning up after customers, theres never a dull moment when playing this addictive time management title!

Q2. How do you play Cooking Fever?

A2: In Cookinig fever ,players are tasked with managing all aspects of running successful restaurants from taking orders at the counter to cooking dishes according customer requests .Players have access various types ingredients which can be used create delicious recipes such burgers pizzas salads etc., then served hungry patrons who come into establishment looking good food fast service ! As level progresses more challenging tasks appear like dealing multiple orders same time keeping kitchen clean so it doesn‘t slow down production rate too much !



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