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Sep 11, 2023
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Cooking Craze MOD APK 1.91.2 (Hack, Menu, Unlimited Money)

Cooking Craze MOD APK
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money
Category Mod Apk
Size 127 MB
Version 1.91.2
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Gameplay Overview

Cooking Craze Mod Apk is an engaging cooking game designed to capture the passions of beginner and advanced chefs alike. Set in a world-renowned restaurant kitchen, you are tasked with running a successful establishment by preparing, cooking and serving delicious cuisine. As you progress through the escalating levels of difficulty, your restaurant will gain notoriety as customers flock for delectable dishes from across the globe! You’ll be challenged to chop veggies, season meats, and show off your culinary skills while flipping burgers– or sometimes cupcakes– in real-time without making mistakes. With multiple boosters available throughout each level that make mastering minigames easier than ever before – like extra ingredients and double experience points –you’ll continuously get closer to earning distinction as one of the most revered chefs on the planet! So stop drooling over Master Chef reruns & cook up some feverish flavors now by playing Cooking Craze: The Restaurant Game today!

Cooking Craze Mod Apk

Play With Fun this game?

Ready for some Cooking Craze fun? Experience the ultimate cooking chaos across vibrant restaurant levels, delivering rapid service without errors in real-time. Compete with friends to become a Master Chef as you cook away in various ruckus, upgrade your kitchen and prove that dishes are best served fresh! Test your reflexes with fast-paced gameplay while unlocking herbs & spices to unleash delicious flavor combos. Join millions of food fans and sharpen those knives– it’s time to turn up the heat with this upbeat game! Gourmet success starts here– all within reach in Cooking Craze: The Restaurant Game!

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Cooking Craze Mod Apk

Is it a multiplayer game?

No, Cooking Craze is a single-player cooking game. Challenge your own skills as you master the art of chopping vegetables and grilling steak as customers scream for delicious fare. Jump headfirst into this unique kitchen spin on fast service and maintain order while responding to mini-games that create frenetic fun in the heart of your restaurant! With hundreds of levels with constantly increasing difficulty, be sure to keep up with upgrades in Cook Abilities & dishes served, unlock powerful boosts along the way and fry up some wins while ranking higher on global leaderboards every day! No multiplayer necessary; feel confident we’ve cooked up an appetizing challenge that will have you coming back for more mouthwatering fun!

Cooking Craze Mod Apk

Key Features of Cooking Craze

In Cooking Craze: The Restaurant Game, master chefs from all over the world can show off their skills with fun and challenging recipes. Players will be tasked to chop ingredients, season foods, and serve dishes in rapid succession without making mistakes as they advance through the game’s levels of difficulty. Here are some key features of Cooking Craze that make it an immersive and enjoyable experience!

1. Real-Time Challenge:

There is never a dull moment in this game as you must overcome each level within a time limit so orders don’t fail or customers get angry! You’ll have to think fast while reacting quickly by reading customer requests correctly & tapping ingredients accurately for victory or face failure with sluggish responses

2. Unique Recipes & Ingredients:

Keep up with trendy tastes on the menu by unlocking new dishes, such as sushi rolls and wontons, that require perfect timing for grilling & baking to guarantee delicious flavors every single time

3 The Level System :

Get ready for exciting kitchen chaos by advancing from fry cook rookie to legendary chef status through hundreds of stages broken into three separate chapters—each offering different tools (pots/ pans) increasing minigames complexity

4 Boost Up!:

Every chapter has special items that provide powerups like double points gains when successfully cooking orders under pressure giving more chances at success even faster when needed most

5 Free Gifts via Spin Wheel

Take advantage of friendly help sent your way during gameplay, like extra credits received after each spin on the gift wheel providing helpful bonuses throughout playtime

6 Visual Effects :

Feel fully immersed inside busy restaurant environments due to realistic HD visuals popping offscreen – makes you feel part experience all day long, giving true chef vibes to your fingertips anytime

7 Upgrade Kitchen:

Get better at every level by upgrading ovens, stoves & kitchen items that increase speed while maintaining top quality food standards—so quickness never sacrificing taste with customers returning for more delicious dishes!

8 Leaderboards :

Struggling to stay on the competitive edge? Challenge friends to become master chefs through exclusive rankings monitored on global leader boards– great way to brag who deserves platinum culinary status in-game anytime.

Cooking Craze Mod Apk

What is Cooking Craze Mod Apk?

Cooking Craze Mod Apk is an unofficial version of the popular mobile cooking game Cooking Craze. The mod apk allows players to access features and content that are usually locked behind premium currency payments or unlockable with in-game progression. With this mod, users can instantly max out their kitchen upgrades, purchase all recipes from across the globe and never wait for cool-down timers when switching shifts again! Enjoy every inch of your restaurant by unlocking powerful boosts to use at your disposal, such as extra ingredients & double XP on top dishes cooked per round –allowing cooks an edge over the competition while striving to become a world-renowned master chief of Cooking Craze: The Restaurant Game!.

Mod Key Feature

1. Menu Mod :

With the Cooking Craze Mod Apk, you have total control over the menu items featured in your restaurant. Unlock new recipes from across the globe and experiment with flavors as you delight customers with your culinary skills–all without cost!

2. Unlimited Money:

Instantly purchase any upgrade for better production when serving dishes or buy boosters that give extra ingredients & double experience points throughout all levels – giving cooks the edge they deserve to become a master chef of this game!

3 Unlocked Recipes:

Get full access to every exotic recipe available as soon as it is released thanks mod apk that unlocks them all at once; perfect if you are busy testing out new cuisine but don’t want to spend hours unlocking each dish one by one

4 Faster Shift Changes :

Experience kitchen shifts instantly when switching between them without pesky cooldown timers holding up increased progress now chefs can get back to work faster than ever before !

Cooking Craze Mod Apk
Cooking Craze Mod Apk

Mod Apk Installation Guide

1. Download Apk : Begin the installation process by hitting the ‘Download’ button on the Cooking Craze mod apk page & wait for the file download completion notification to show up—game install wizard begins soon after

2. Select Installation Path: After downloading, choose the path you want the game installed onto a device like a memory card or external storage, which will then store all important files and save progress later

3. Pre-Game Setup Dialogue : Enter final steps via setup dialogue where users can create their own chef profile with a unique avatar/ username while making sure all permissions, including network access, are granted for optimal performance during playtime

4 Activate Mod: Finally, activate cooking craze mod features activating the checkbox located in settings menu to unlock various cheat menus items and extra benefits that make mastering levels easier than ever before !

Game Tips

When it comes to playing Cooking Craze: The Restaurant game, there are a few key tips that beginner and advanced chefs should know. Check out our top 5 pro-cooking tips for mastering this world-renowned kitchen sim today!

1. Meal Prep :

Before patrons fill your restaurant, take the time to do some meal prep by making sure all ingredients you’ll need for upcoming dishes are placed so they’re easy to reach during gameplay – it saves time & prevents messiness while cooking

2. Prioritize Dishes:

Don’t get stuck lingering with orders that require more steps than others–quickly serve dishes with fewer ingredients first because filling up customers’ stomachs give extra points at the end of each round, allowing unlocks powerful boosts in between shifts !

3 Use Boosters Intelligently :

With boosters like double skill points for successfully finished recipes given after every spin wheel–be wise when using them & pick rounds. Toughest orders would be a valuable bonus giving an edge having completed plus gain rank quickly throughout levels

4 Upgrade Kitchen Wisely:

During levels where amount customer increases faster speed possible items used produce plate increase success rate without compromising perfection taste foods deliver—never overlook opportunity continue upgrading kitchen steadily better cuisine production accelerating sprint speed last minute rushes gaining 4/5 stars level completion goals triggered keep playtime alive exciting new levels ahead

5 Merge Ingredients Together :

Show off your own amazing culinary skills even quicker by merging together the same colored fridge components (ex, limes/ oranges) into one piece help use on later dish requiring multiple same type ingredient instead of having to pick up two separate ones — saving crucial seconds needed to make certain meals before the timer runs out !

Graphics and Sound Quality

1. Graphics:

Cooking Craze has excellent graphics, with bright colors and detailed animation sure to impress every kitchen connoisseur out there. From the catching plume of steam swirling off hot pans filled with delectable ingredients to charming cartoon-style characters that bring life & charm virtual eating experience—this game accurately simulates a realistic restaurant atmosphere.

2. Music/ Sounds :

The sound in Cooking Craze immerses players into this epic kitchen adventure, perfectly capturing the chaotic hustle-and-bustle of a real restaurant while listening to melodic background music flowing throughout levels adding a cheerful vibe every time an order is placed filled onscreen . In accordance with visuals present across the game world–audiovisual combinations blend together naturally to ensure authenticity making the cooking frenzy even more fun !


We’ve covered the basics of Cooking Craze: The Restaurant Game– from gameplay overviews to mod apk installation guides & providing valuable tips for success. To sum up, this delightful cooking game is something all hardcore & casual engineers must try! Whether players would like to add a little bit extra with the mod version or just dive into hundreds of delicious dishes—they all have great chances at becoming world-renowned master chiefs in record speed thanks to wonderful combination of graphics/ audio that captivates every kitchen-savvy enthusiast out there! Be sure to download your copy now and start stunning through levels solo or challenge friends to become the best chef ever. Bon Appétit !

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q. Is Cooking Craze Free?

A. Yes, this game is free to download and play! In-app purchases are available for advanced content or upgrades throughout the game, but these options aren’t requisites for progress nor increase your chance of beating levels faster, so players can rely solely on skill & swiftness when mastering this restaurant sensation alone without hassle !

Q. Is there a way to get more coins?

A. Absolutely! Coins appear random while playing. They often show up right after filling customer orders, so keep an eye out for those bonus points that give major advantages, like unlocking a booster that gives double experience points to help skyrocket leaderboard ranks quickly . Additionally, completing stages fast also grants additional coins ranking higher during rounds and increases the probability of receiving more coins each time freshly cooked food served

Q How do I use boosters ?

When earning new boosters during gameplay , all have to be at least one used single order before it runs timeout increases chances of success, not just with score goals completion percentage – making sure ingredients cooking smoothly will seal the deal, ensuring customers walk away from plates feeling pretty satisfied plus triggers awesome animation sequence upon a great job achieving 4/ 5 stars every round yay!

 Q What other features does the mod apk provide besides unlimited money ?

The mod version of Cooking Craze has access to many cool features, such as unlocked recipes right off the bat to experiment with cuisine anytime, anywhere across the globe ! Be sure don’s miss out incredible opportunity to activate special cheat menus and instant item spawns along auto-healing kitchen, making bringing dishes to life paramount simplicity around hectic shifts . Lastly, unlock powerful boosts, extra ingredients & double experience, accumulating skills quicker than ever, and, additionally receive credits from received spinning wheel previously available, paying currency fees only a massive perk helping become the number one super chef in single-player mode !



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