Color Bump 3D Hack Apk 3.5.7 (MOD, Unlimited Coin)


Color Bump 3D Hack Apk 3.5.7 (MOD, Unlimited Coin)+ Mod – Android Fun Game
Normal version + Mod version (features listed) individually
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Color Bump 3D Mod Apk Coin 3D Bump Color is one of the fun arcade-style arcade games released by Good Job Games Creative Studio. The studio is famous for popular games like Run Race 3D and Paint Pop 3D. Other games made by Good Job Games are made in the same style. Like other games, Color Bump 3D has a lot of simplicity. But this simplicity has turned into a fantastic title alongside intriguing designs and lovely ideas. While this game is going to be challenging, it’s more of a fun and relaxing game. According to the game’s design and gameplay, it can be concluded that the main purpose of the game was to induce relaxation in the form of a simple challenge. Once you enter the game, you can begin the steps from Step 1. You control a coloured ball. The ball automatically moves forward and you can move it around. Everywhere you put your hand you can control the ball. If you move your finger in any direction, the ball will also be drawn. If you move your finger backwards, the speed of the ball will slow down but there is no stopping. Similarly, if you move your hand forward, the movement speed will increase. Along the way, there are thousands of other coloured objects and objects. These objects are of various shapes and sizes. Your task is to move the ball only through the beads and objects that match your ball. The 3D color shooter game has over 100 fun and exciting stages.

In Color Bump 3D Mod apk you can shuffle the ball through three-dimensional objects and experience incredibly exciting and dynamic destruction! All movements and collisions are designed with physical principles. For example, if you move very fast between multiple beads, they will be thrown farther with greater impact force. Alongside these beads, there are other coloured objects that are distinct from the colour of your ball. Any direct contact with these objects will cause you to lose. At each stage and each time the new game launches, the desired colours change randomly, and you are not always expected to play with a particular colour. The overall gameplay of Color Bump 3D is very simple, but after a few steps, the real challenge comes to you. Where not only will speed and movement increase, but the number of other coloured beads will also increase exponentially. In this case, it is your quick reactions that can work. This makes you have to jump across obstacles quickly and experience a beautiful, fun and action-packed challenge. As mentioned, the destruction are designed in this excellent game. If you want to spend your leisure time with a fun, yet challenging and competitive game, Color Bump 3D is here to enjoy! It’s worth noting that the game is rated 3.9 out of 5.0 with over 100 million downloads in the arcade-style high-profile games! Get the regular or mod version of this game from Farsighted for now.

Color Bump 3D Mod Apk Changes to v3.5.7:

* Fix bugs + apply various optimizations

Color Bump 3D MOD Unlimited Money apk

Detailed Installation Guide:

Some games have just been released by Google Play as Split and are not integrated, and you have to do the installation yourself with our guide [if you don’t run and stop the game without Split] – This method has no other way, and even if files are delivered by supermarkets and other sites without splits you will be 100% in trouble at running – so learn this once!

1 – Unzip (Extract) the downloadable zip from HackDl Pack
2 – Install and run SAI software (we have put you in a download package)
Click Install APK from the SAI software and find the extracted folder in the popup window.
4 – At this point, you should check the original games and splits file – Check each file you see in the extracted folder and at the end click on SELECT to start the installation process.

After installing and running the game on your device you will get the original, official and universal version of the game without the slightest manipulation and the tasks of “Connecting the game to Google Account” and “Updating the game via Google Play” and … without any errors. . We’re worried about this too, but there is no way around it, and we have to present the files in this way, and God forbid, you guys don’t have trouble running the game.


Mod Version Features

Lots of coins
Unlocking items
● Remove ads

Player Good review

  1. I’ve had this game for over a year now and I’m around level 600 odd. Ive enjoyed the game itself and how it allows time to fly by the the ads have always been a problem. Recently the ads have become an increasing problem and they appear to be extremely common now which just ruins the actual gameplay experience.
  2. This is actually really good. I don’t mind the ads, I know other people get bent out of shape about ads but I realize it’s a free game and it needs ads or else it wouldn’t be free. Anyway, the game promises fun abstract visuals and relaxing gameplay, and it certainly delivers. Thank you!
  3. This game so fun! But the only thing I would change is not so much adds. But rather then that it’s a very good game! (Edit 2 years after I wrote this review) I was 9 when I wrote this review. What.)
  4. I had this game long back so I decided to download it in this device again. So when I first started this game, it was bit laggy but then the lag stopped so now there are no problems, except the accumulation of ads. And now I have a lot of money in game and there is nothing to buy with it, (I have over 71k in game lol) so Im suggesting to put more items to buy. But overall the gameplay is AMAZING. I play this game every single day.
  5. It has less ads, I haven’t really experienced ads, but insted the game uses ads to claim rewards at the game, and that’s a good technique. It’s a free game so it also needs ads, this is a simple game to kill time 🙂

Player Bad review

  1. This game is very nice . But at 1000th level I was having the repeated levels . Please improve . You levels . But game is nice for brain development . And I am still at 1010 th level I need some help and crores of people need help in this game , add some more tabs here. No much adds that is a good thing , and hope in all your games should no more adds . But there should be little to get information about other games too. In all I love this game my grandfather also plays . Thanks Regards
  2. This really a very nice game and really addictive I must confess but, when you have got all the way prints, there is no other thing to do with the coins you make. Presently I have more than 30,000 coins but have got all the way prints there is no other thing to do with the coins and there is no other aim which bores the game at that level. So I suggest you guys realase and update with made different ball to buy lol, or anythung at all to make the game more lively and competitive. Thanks.
  3. This game used to be a lot more fun and then they changed it completely. I’m talking before the days of the ‘keys’ and random boxes. Now the levels are infuriatingly difficult (472!!!) as you try to move the ball and it’s hidden behind objects and it’s nearly impossible. On the previous version I was over level 1500 and gladly paid to get rid of the ads. Back then if you died it would restart you from just before you died but now it restarts the level from 0%. That’s SO frustrating! Bug??
  4. Sketchy As soon as i opened this app, my phone notified me it was installing another app that i didnt recognize, so i cancelled it, then it happened again with a different app. I looked to see if this app had permission to install other apps and i found a permission that had no description and it was labeled “android.permission.QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES” when i tapped on it, nothing came up. Im uninstalling
  5. I got this app on my phone, and the first day I loved it! No ads, kinda hard levels. The next day im happy to play one of me new “favorite games” After every level; (even if I beat one or not) There would be a 30 second unskippable ad. I had to delete it, and I was on stage 81! Then I just kept getting annoyed; so I deleted it. I know you could just turn off your wifi. But it gets really annoying when you have to turn it back on once your done.

Free Download Link

Download the installed file Main Apk – 67 MB

Download the installed file Mod Apk – 40 MB

  • Android version required: 4.0.3 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): $
  • Age of Play: +12 years

Color Bump 3D Mod apk, Color Bump 3D Mod apk