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Sep 26, 2023
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Burner Mod Apk 5.2.7 (Unlimited Credits)

Burner Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Credits
Category App
Size 23 MB
Version 5.2.7
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Burner Mod Apk is a Second Phone Number App that provides users with private and temporary phone numbers so they can make calls and send texts and pictures. The numbers are disposable, as the name suggests, when no longer needed or if you want to switch out for another one; it’s easily done by getting new ones available on the app. It offers services that include providing secure messaging, protection from unwanted callers, access to local numbers across many countries, and even burning your number after it’s used at any time of use, so there is no chance of being tracked back by anyone owning that line. Burner Mod Apk helps you save money compared to having an extra phone line with the job because it mainly uses a WIFI connection, making usage free in most cases along with great call quality; it also lets you connect different accounts (social media), and giving them each their own cell phone connections separately without linking your personal information such as contacts & address book together. So basically, great security features overall are built into this app!

App Overview

Burner is made for those who seek communication that’s private, secure and anonymous, making it easier to control. It helps streamline business practice by creating separate numbers for professional connections rather than using your own phone number in the public domain. The application provides services such as creating personalized usernames, setting up unlimited lines in one device, deleting/burning lines whenever needed (temporary or disposable), able to see recent call & texts logs along with contacts info within this app settings, also multiple options and plans available if you want more features customized according to various extra activities like conference calls or manage building IVR services etc. Burners Mod Apk is a great addition to just about anything communication and privacy related, which makes them something special compared to other mainstream applications on the market!

Badoo Mod Apk

History and popularity of the app

Burner is an app that has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to its simplicity and usefulness for those looking for a way to stay anonymous or secure. Burner Mod Apk was created in 2013 by Ad Hoc Labs, Inc., and it quickly gained traction thanks to word-of-mouth marketing as well as media attention from publications such as TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Mashable, and more. Since then, the app has helped people protect their privacy while conducting business or personal affairs through phone conversations without giving away too much information about themselves. As of 2020, Burner Mod Apk still remains one of the most trusted Second Phone Number Apps available, with over 1 million active users making millions of calls per day worldwide.

Burner Mod APK

Main Features of Burner

Creating Personal Usernames and Phone Numbers

The Burner app allows its users to easily create personal usernames and phone numbers from a variety of different sources, such as local area codes, toll-free numbers, and international dialing prefixes. You can also make additional lines for business purposes so that you can keep communications between your clients separate from personal ones. This makes it simpler to manage conversations without worrying about privacy or security vulnerabilities associated with giving away too much information on one’s contact list.

Provides Calls & Texts Logs

It keeps track of all incoming calls & Text message logs along with recent contact info, which is stored permanently in the secure servers making sure there is unlimited access in the future if needed while still keeping full privacy. Plus not just lets you see anyone else’s call log but also gives great control over when the exact timeline was last viewed, helping protect user data location related, thus avoiding any risk (hackers) by logging the used number.

Secure Messaging Services

A great part about Burner being very safe is due to the various Secure messaging services it has built into them transparently . Users get those secured encrypted text messages through Well known main enterprises such as OpenPGP key’s encryption service, often used by government agencies. Thanks to their improved/extended, upgraded solutions like Open Keychain technology saving someone further pain document risk scenarios, modern-day life demands expectantly more nowadays!

Burn Line Any Time

Just like disposable paper towels are made for temporary uses, same way burners tend to have those burning capabilities anytime needed; it mainly verifies “burn request “in a few taps, and immediately after confirmation, cellular connections end no matter what! So helps preserve confidential shared details. Unscrupulous matters are usually treated as the utmost priority, and customer-centric approaches value goes up again higher than most competitors!

Unlimited Lines Support On One Device

An amazing feature that wide many doors, multiple usage opportunities come along, consequently creating multiple accounts under a single device accessed at once, filling certain requirements traditional practices hard does monthly basis So Much Easier Straightaway!

Call Quality Above Average

From using WIFI Connection (If based within range) To VoLTE, call quality is overall above average depending on the region might take a bit longer to connect compared to landlines, yet the major shortcut advantages are clear sound, unexpected noises heard frequently, lower cost is needed is given attention meanwhile settling bills turn heads in opposite directions efficiently Being put good use deserve respectfully mentioned here now taking the stage to impress readers powerhouse effects prepared to accommodate simultaneously praised later coming future presumably!

Ease of Use

Every settings option that comes available through burner combinations helps make it super easy to customize phone lines, from making personal usernames and sending texts to burning lines at will. Also, a few takes to get a full understanding of functioning assurance. Never hesitate to use interesting features. Most come out in highly favorable positions day after another idea is an absolute must for all readers taking notes on technical aspects and minute details, keeping in mind series tests undergone scratch-modified newly adapted version feedback collected in order to deliver optimum outcomes. Guarantee Overall Satisfaction!

Burner Mod APK

App Tips

• Get familiar with the setup of Burner Mod Apk and which settings to use for maximum security.

• Set up personalized usernames and phone numbers when using the app so you know who’s calling or texting you. 

• Check out the ‘Recent Calls & Texts Logs’ feature so that you can keep track of conversations easier than ever before! 

• Feel free to experiment around with all different features, such as unlimited lines, creating custom IVRs, & more! 

• Make sure that your data is always protected by setting a password for sensitive information within app settings-this way, no one can access it but yourself! ​ 

• Don’t forget about burning your line whenever necessary for added privacy, plus extras like call forwarding as well!


What is Burner Mod APK?

Burner Mod APK is a modified version of the original Burner app with added features that allow its users to access more privacy and protection than ever before. The modded version allows users to customize their settings through an easy-to-use user interface, get access to unlimited lines in one device, create custom usernames and phone numbers from a variety of sources for increased anonymity when calling or texting someone specific, set up conference calls quickly all while protecting your data by setting passwords for sensitive information. For those who are looking for more than just security but also convenience and efficiency, this might be something worth exploring!

Burner Mod APK

Features of Burner Mod APK

Unlimited Credits

The Burner Mod APK includes unlimited credits, which gives users an opportunity to make as many calls or texts as they want without needing a monthly payment plan. This added feature makes the experience much more convenient since there aren’t any limits on how often you can use your Burner Mod Apk line or deal with additional costs for international calling needs.

Increased Security

The modded version of the app also comes with various security features that offer even more protection from unwanted callers and potential hackers. They include encryption technologies, privacy locks on sensitive data sets, and the ability to burn lines when no longer needed for increased anonymity. This greatly adds value if someone is looking secure their confidential matter while conducting business etc., all overtime involving their burner mod apk accounts for far cry reaching conveniently!

IVR Services

Burner Mod APK also includes IVR services which offer users extra convenience when setting up conference calls quickly. This is something not available in the free version allowing more customization with specific needs, such as pre-recorded welcome messages, custom menus and automated user inquiries to take a load off manually. Having to keep track of separate conversations demands lots of time and consumption, often taken for granted without realizing the impact on overall productivity!

Burner Mod APK

How to Download Burner Mod APK

• Download the modified version of Burner Mod Apk from an unofficial source, such as the third-party website Hackdl.com

• Cross-check the application to make sure it has been digitally verified for security purposes before downloading it onto your device. 

• Install the Apk file safely after successful verification of data and settings required for the installation process without fail!

• Once installed, open up the mod version username & enter the number, get started identity when simultaneously given free credits. Never miss the next step. Activate making calls anytime soon, simply a quick few taps within minutes. Achieved ultimate productivity Thanks Burner Mod APK Here Nowadays!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• Make sure your device is compatible with the mod version of the app and that you have enough storage to install it. 

• Check that you have enabled Unknown Sources for installation purposes in Privacy Settings. Otherwise, Google Play Store may not recognize or permit downloads. 

• If downloading from an unofficial source, make sure to double-check its validity as some fake versions could be trying to give access to malicious applications hiding viruses & spy software backdoors inside them! 

• Lastly, Perform a “Soft reset” if need reinstalls the application, completely wiping out corrupt files caused due incompatible versions, no matter what hits bumps during the process. Upgrading yourself quickly managed third-party apps confidently, feel safer, and securer life using burner mod apk features advantages reaps the rewards whole new level!

Burner Mod APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Burner Hack APK?

Burner Hack APK is an unofficial version of the original Burner app with added features that allow its users to access more privacy and protection than ever before.

Q: How do I download the mod version?

You can download it from a third-party website or app store, but make sure to double-check its authenticity as some fake versions could be trying to give access to malicious applications hiding viruses & spy software backdoors inside them!

Q: Is it safe to install on my device?

Yes, if you cross-check for digital verification and go through the installation process safely without enabling unknown sources in your device’s security settings, then you will be able to use this modified version securely with no data leakage worries!

Q: Can I backup my contacts so they’re not lost when deleting burner-modded apk lines?

Yes, You simply move existing contact information over within “settings,” creating additional lists (different numbers/usernames etc.) requested by the user to avoid complications that come along regularly nowadays. Provides ultimate flexibility end game expands prospects big time again earning compliments everywhere goes round fairs leave great impression unsuspecting vicinity!

Q: Do multiple lines allowed under the same application?

Absolutely yes, Its approved expanded feature set allows build customized IVR menus for conference purposes; bigger picture details and easier managed platform got covered there, taking a comprehensive approach to different accounts timelines available example, one making calls while another messages stay organized, much simpler task thanks to beneficial attributes stand strong position every level deserves highly appreciated place deservedly!.

Q: What are the key upgrade benefits of adopting Burners mod apk compared to others?

The key benefits of using the Burner app mod include unlimited credits, IVR services (Interactive Voice Response), increased security featured with encryption technologies and privacy locks on sensitive data sets.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to make calls & texts?

Yes, Generally speaking, for the majority of cases, Burners mod apk heavily relies on WIFI connection place order needs become realized though few cellular always welcome come around time verify line works. Under most circumstances, transmission lines through traditional signals are expensive. Choose wisely, decide ahead, mark accordingly, never hesitate, and grab the opportunity that makes life simpler. Convenient deals fill gaps not otherwise visible from the naked eye much if all spectrum views accounted collectively enough to escape drowning consequences raised cost dilemma loses loop leading path victory valuable inputs normally gave spent volume accumulates return results represent respectful manner stay track!

Burner Mod APK


Burner Mod APK is a great secure way to make phone calls, send texts and share pictures without having to worry about revealing too much data or leaving a trace. This modified version of the original Burner Mod Apk includes features such as unlimited credits, IVR services (Interactive Voice Response), increased security featured with encryption technologies and privacy locks on sensitive data sets for maximum protection when using your Burner mod apk line. It also allows users to easily customize their settings through an easy-to-use user interface while adding extra convenience by setting up conference calls quickly, all within minutes! Whether you are looking for anonymity or trying to maintain separate accounts, this might be something worth exploring before making your next move in the communication field today’s anymore taking careful deliberation, avoiding risks maintaining accordance with terms and conditions, different regulations applicable places wants need calculated efforts, revolutionary comeback success spread motivates younger generations follow footsteps visit social networks telling story remarkable, unforgettable journey beginning endings wrapping cycles higher rewards received only after investing hearts well-executed dream aspirations comes alive!.


• Read instructions and details carefully before downloading or installing the mod version of Burner Modded Apk to your device. 

• Be sure to double-check for authenticity when downloading from third-party sources other than the official Hackdl.com, as some fake versions could be trying to give access to malicious applications hiding viruses & spy software backdoors inside them! 

• Enable Unknown Sources for installation purposes in Privacy Settings so that you can download apps seamlessly without any interruption. 

• Perform a “soft reset” if you need to reinstall the app completely; wiping out corrupt files caused due incompatible versions is bothersome! 

• Lastly, upgrade yourself quickly with third-party sources, which provide extra security & privacy features not available freely. Confidence fills, safer, secure, feeling life using burner mod apk free download advantages reaps the rewards powerful full like never seen days today where no beaten paths taken successfully tested time again!


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