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Sep 14, 2023
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Blaze of Battle MOD APK 7.2.0 (Unlimited Money / Gems)

Blaze of Battle MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Gems
Category Mod Apk
Size 127 MB
Version 7.2.0
Requires Android 5.0
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Blaze of Battle Mod Apk Free Download

Blaze of Battle Mod Apk is a realtime strategy game that takes you back to the medieval times when mighty dragons, giant knights, and powerful heroes ruled the world. You are invited to join this captivating journey into an epic quest for glory through building your own kingdom! As you progress in Blaze of Battle, youll research new technologies, build massive castles and construct grand empires upon which all future generations shall be proud! Invite other players to join forces or choose from millions of rivals worldwide as your battle foes. Strengthen alliances with friends by exchanging tactical strategies while conducting vicious raids on enemy territories. command heroic troops ranging from siege engine warriors armed with catapults & battering rams ,to legendary generals complete with swords & shields . Take control over vast resources like gold mines oceans wooden forests in order unlock advanced equipment items bonus boosts etc . Face off against formidable beasts such as trolls golems flaming phoenixes unleash destructive spells cause fierce earthquakes and more !

Gameplay Overview

Blaze of Battle is a realtime strategy game, where you can build your own kingdom and command an army composed of various heroic troops from siege engines to legendary generals. Conduct raids against enemies while strengthening alliances with allies. Gather vast resources like gold mines, oceans and forests to unlock advanced equipment and items for boosts in battle. Go headtohead in fierce battles with trolls, golems, flaming phoenixes or even unleash destructive spells! Fight your way up the rankings as you become one glorious empire take control now! Plan strategic tactics across multiple battlefields as you march towards ultimate victory who will reign supreme?

Blaze of Battle MOD APK

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Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

Engage in intense multiplayer mode with friends as you strategize and battle together against foes. Connect up with allies, form powerful alliances and take part in friendly competitions to show whos the best! Exchange tactics while dominating your enemies and work together towards victory may the strongest team prevail!

What is Blaze of Battle Mod APK?

Blaze of Battle Mod APK is an improved version of the original game, offering additional features and enhancements such as faster loading time, extended gameplay capabilities and unlimited resources. Enjoy upgraded visuals for a more immersive experience while battling your way up to becoming one glorious empire download now!

Blaze of Battle Hack APK

Blaze of Battle MOD APK

Features of Blaze of Battle Mod APK

1. Extended Gameplay:

Enjoy extended gameplay capabilities that provide more intense and exciting battles!

2. Better Visuals:

Play the game with improved graphics for a more immersive experience while you conquer territories!

3. Quicker Load Times:

Get ready for your next battle faster than ever with reduced loading time on the Blaze of Battle Mod APK version.

4. Unlimited Resources :

Don‘t lose out to other players, collect as many resources as you need without spending real money or waiting too long to acquire them!

5 Easier Team Management :

Take control over your team‘s progress easily and manage them efficiently by transferring troops from one location to another in no time!

Blaze of Battle MOD APK

Advantages and Disadvantages This Mod Apk


1. Extended gameplay for a more intense experience.

2. Better visuals with improved graphics and animation to give players an immersive adventure into medieval times! 3. Quicker loading time reduce wait times between battles drastically.


1. Potentially unfair advantage, as the Mod APK allows players to access unlimited resources quickly which is difficult to do in the original game without additional costs or extensive waiting periods .  

2 It often requires root access on mobiles , which means users might be vulnerable securitywise if they opt for this version of Blaze of Battle .

3 The versions available online are not always uptodate or official so it can lead some compatibility issues down the line since bugs may develop over time .

Blaze of Battle MOD APK

How to Download Blaze of Battle APK

1. Visit the official Blaze of Battle website or app store to download the latest version of APK for your device.

2. SelectInstall and wait for it to finish downloading onto your smartphone, tablet, or PC .

3. Make sure all necessary permissions are allowed before running the game

4. On some devices you may need to enable unknown sources from settings if not done already

5. Open up and enjoy a thrilling adventure in medieval times!

Visual and sound quality


Blaze of Battle boasts spectacular and vibrant graphics that capture the beauty of a kingdom at war. Enjoy detailed animations portraying savage battles between vast armies and massive monsters such as golems or flaming phoenixes. An extra level of realism is added when attacking enemy castles as youll be able to see how it crumbles with each hit from your catapults!


Prepare yourself for epic clashes against millions players worldwide with intense soundtracks, featuring dramatic themes perfectly suited for mounting an attack or defending your homeland. Enjoy captivating voiceovers guiding you throughout the journey while making tactics against foes in real time.

Blaze of Battle MOD APK


Blaze of Battle Mod Apk is a thrilling realtime strategy game that will take you back to the medieval age, offering intense battles against millions players worldwide! Enjoy extended gameplay and improved visual with extra features for more immersive adventures. Download the Mod APK version now and join forces with allies to become one glorious empire Its time to own your destiny in Blaze of Battle!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Blaze of Battle APK free to download?

A1: Yes, Blaze of Battle is available for free on App Store and Google Play. You can also download the Mod APK version if you want additional features and extra content .            

Q2 What type of game is it ?  

A2 : It‘s a realtime strategy game which requires players to collect resources, build effective armies & combat foes in intense battles along their journey towards becoming one glorious empire!

Q3 Will i need Root Access ?     

A3 : On some devices you may need root access but this largely depends upon your devices specifications.

Q4 How can I play with my friends online ?

A4: Join forces or create an alliance with other players worldwide to engage in friendly competitions or take common strategies into battle against powerful adversaries !        

Q5 Does this version offer unlimited resources?

A5 You sure do Discover new technologies faster , unlock advanced equipment items bonus boosts etc through collecting vast amounts of resources ( like gold ores forests ) without spending money real life waiting times as part mod apk


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