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Sep 22, 2023
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Black Desert Mobile MOD APK 4.7.68 (Unlimited Money & Menu)

Black Desert Mobile MOD APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money & Menu
Category Mod Apk
Size 96 MB
Version 4.7.68
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk Free Download

Black Desert Mobile Mod Apk is an epic fantasy adventure set in the magical world of Black Desert. Dive into a storydriven single player campaign as you build your own custom heroes and traverse vast lands filled with danger. Fight off hordes of monsters, battle rival clans, and explore dungeons filled with treasure! With familiar MMORPG features like guilds, equipment enhancement and powerful bosses to fight alongside friends you will never be at a loss for things to do in this mystical land. Go on quests that give you valuable rewards or join forces with other players for group missions like hunting down mighty monsters or defending against fierce beast attacks! And dont forget about the PvP arena where only those who have earned fame by slaying their enemies can participate in true testaments of skill! Claim victory over all foes great and small to rise up the ranks as one among Black Desert‘s most legendary heroes.

Gameplay Overview

Black Desert Mobile is an immersive MMORPG experience with unique and exciting features. You can select your own character, customize it to your liking, and then embark on actionpacked adventures! Battle monsters of all kinds while traversing the huge open world or enter dungeons for rare drops and powerful rewards. Join a guild for group missions like hunting down bosses or defending against invasions. Show off your skills in the PvP arena where players compete for ranks amongst their peers! Experience intense combat with fully customizable skillsets as you progress through quests to build up gear sets that make you a force to be reckoned with against even the most powerful foes. Whether alone or among friendsmake sure never miss out on any of Black Deserts legendary thrilling experiences!

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Black Desert Mobile MOD APK

Multiplayer Mode to Play with Friends

Black Desert Mobile allows players to unleash a new level of cooperative gaming. You can invite friends and join forces for group missions such as hunting down powerful monsters or repeling waves of enemies. Compete in the PvP arena against opponents from around the world for fame! Form guilds with your companions and take part in grand adventures like dungeons, boss raids, invasions and more! Together you will rise up through ranks to become true heroes among Black Desert‘s greatest legendaries.

What is Black Desert Mobile Mod APK?

Black Desert Mobile Mod APK is a modified version of the popular Black Desert Mobile MMORPG that unlocks features not found in the official game. Some mods increase movement speed, provide infinite sp, or even raise stat points. Other features include custom character classes and more powerful weapons than are available in regular versions. These mods allow players to progress faster by offering ways to gain experience points quickly and boost damage output significantly. Mods offer enhanced graphics and detailed visuals as well as smoother gameplay than can‘t be seen before!

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Black Desert Mobile MOD APK

Features of Black Desert Mobile Mod APK

Unlock extra character classes

Black Desert Mobile Mod APK offers players access to additional custom character classes that are not available in the official game. These offer unique stats, abilities, and skills for each character to give it a unique edge when battling monsters or engaging in PvP arena combat. Some of these exclusive characters come with already enhanced weapons so they can start out stronger than usual!

Smoother Gameplay

With seamless graphical elements experience smoother gameplay like never before! This allows players more control as they traverse long distances and engage enemies without any lag or stutter making fights tenser than ever before!

Enhanced Graphics

Improved visuals will make every detail distinct even on smaller screens thanks to HD graphics settings designed just for mobile gaming devices giving you better visibility of opponents through scenic backgrounds .

Increased movement speed & Infinite SP

Mods allow increased movement speed that makes navigating large maps much faster this feature is particularly useful during boss battles where precise dodging is essential.. Additionally Infinite SP gives unlimited energy so there longer lasting adventures full of adventure and excitement !

High stat point boosts

Level up faster by maximizing your heroes stats points using mods significantly raising their damage dealing capability allowing them smashing through enemies quickly unharmed !

Black Desert Mobile MOD APK

Advantages and Disadvantages This Mod Apk


1. Unlock powerful weapons and custom character classes to become an unrivalled champion in Black Desert Mobile.

2. Enjoy smoother gameplay with improved visuals that foster a more immersive PvP arena experience for players of all types .

3. Gain Access to infinite SP & increased movement speeds for quicker and longerlasting adventures!


1. Mods are illegal tools, thus it will go against the games Terms of Service which can result in bans or restrictions from playing certain features on the game such as online multiplayer mode . if caught using mods by Pearl Abyss.

2. Mods cause incompatibilities when playing online with other users due to its altered coding, other players may be unable to sync up properly so there‘s potential instability during matchmaking times .

3 Misuse of these tools may lead you vulnerable cheating or being scammed by malicious users who are seeking advantage over legitimate players keep your private information tucked away !

Black Desert Mobile MOD APK

How to Download Black Desert Mobile APK

1. Open the Google Play Store app, or visit the website and search for Black Desert Mobile.

2. Make sure you have a decent internet connection to ensure smooth downloading of the APK file.

3. Once on its page in store, tapInstall and wait till it finishes downloading .

4 Once downloaded , open up your downloads folder or app manager to find Black Desert Mobile Mod APK installed .

5 Now head over to your settings menu & allow installing from unknown sources if requested then start playing !

Visual and sound quality


Black Desert Mobile is one of the most visually stunning mobile MMO RPGs available. The completely customizable characters to the impressive 3D graphics bring this game world to life! All major parts of the world are richly detailed and have a diverse range of settings such as mountains, deserts, forests, beaches and much more! Highrange visuals give players an immersive experience for hours on end.


Music is carefully composed in order to enhance or create atmosphere in different areas within Black Desert Mobile giving it that extra touch of authenticity . Iconic soundtracks bridge each area seamlessly together while playing through story missions or battling with powerful enemies. musicsay that satisfy every players taste!

Black Desert Mobile MOD APK


Black Desert Mobile is one of the best mobile MMO RPGs available in the market, with amazing visuals and sound quality that provide an immersive gaming experience for players. With its many customizations features and playable characters, its easy to create a unique figure to adventure through landscapes full of monsters. Players can take part in exciting quests, battle their way up the PvP arena leaderboards or join together with friends for thrilling coop play! Download Black Desert Mobile Mod APK today to uncover new depths of excitement not found anywhere else!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Black Desert Mobile Mod APK legal?

A. No, using any type of mod to gain an advantage over other players is strictly against the game‘s Terms Of Service and can lead to being banned from features such as online PvP matches. Therefore it is strongly advised not to use modifications of any kind when playing Black Desert Mobile for fairness with other legitimate players, or risk getting punished!

Q. Does installing the Mod APK replace my original game installation?

A .No using a modified version of BDM wont affect your current progress in anyway since having two different versions installed on device doesn‘t overwrite each other or their save data so there no worries about erasing previous original progress !

Q . Are all custom characters created via Mods permanent ?

A .Yes after entering desired stat values & choosing an appearance , yoour customized character will remain permanently unless deleted while performing certain actions within mods& or directly deleting them yourself manually !

Q. What rewards can I get by playing with friends ?

A Playing group missions together unlocks special cooperative event bonuses which give everyone XP points & generous item drops that offer powerful rewards you‘ll be surprised what levels up your company can achieve quicker than if just soloing through every quest/ battle rounds try a run with mates today!

Q What risks are involved in using Mod ?

A Although they provide various advantages being caught incidentally discovered/ reported by fellow gamers gives players heavy penalties like account suspension or banning keep up the flow but be mindful with saved information & play responsibly without taking advantage of others !



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