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Sep 29, 2023
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Badoo Mod Apk 5.338.1 (Premium Unlocked, No ADS, Daily Bonus)

Badoo Mod Apk
MOD Features Premium Unlocked, No ADS, Daily Bonus
Category App
Size 23 MB
Version 5.338.1
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Badoo Mod Apk is the world’s largest social discovery platform. It is the navigation hub for singles looking to meet new people and make connections on their terms. The app introduces users to fellow singles in their area and allows them to rate each other, chat, share photos, video call, or even go on virtual dates with a few simple clicks of a button. With an ever-widening range of search filters and features designed with privacy in mind—all backed by 24/7 customer support—users can feel safe finding exactly what they’re looking for without judgment or hassle. Badoo Mod Apk puts time back into your hands so you can focus on building meaningful relationships that last a lifetime!

App Overview

Badoo makes it easier than ever for singles to meet new people, find love and friendship. The built-in search feature helps you quickly locate potential matches based on age, location and other criteria that matter most to you. With advanced privacy features like photo verification, blocking/unblocking capabilities, as well as real-time chat communication with an intuitive user interface designed for modern-day needs – Badoo Mod Apk is redefining the way we meet other singles in today’s fast-paced world. From playing games together to going on video dates or even attending virtual parties – if there’s a connection, there’re plenty of ways you can make it happen right at your fingertips!

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History and popularity of the app

Badoo was founded in 2006 by Andrey Andreev and has become a global social network with over 462 million users worldwide. It is particularly popular among Millennials and other younger demographics who are using the app to create short-term relationships, make new friends or even explore more permanent connections. Badoo Mod Apk is currently operational in 190 countries offering localized features for each region to ensure that every user can find what they’re looking for without any language barriers looming overhead. With millions of daily active users connecting through the platform as well as an award-winning innovation design – it’s no wonder why so many singles around the world swear by Badoo Mod Apk!

Badoo Mod Apk

Main Features of Badoo

Search Filters 

Badoo offers a range of search filters that allow you to refine your results and quickly find matches that meet your unique criteria. Users can narrow their search by age, gender, location, relationship goals, as well as mutual friends or interests if desired. Results are ranked based on factors such as physical appearance and activity levels within the app; this allows users to quickly find others with similar interests nearby.

Profile Verification

For added peace of mind when it comes to security, Badoo employs advanced profile verification features which assist in ensuring genuine members without any fraudulent ‘catfishers’ infiltrating profiles under false pretenses or using outdated images from other profiles elsewhere (i.e., Facebook). This helps guarantee all users a smooth experience while interacting with other real singles on the platform for an authentic connection each time!


In addition to traditional dating apps like swiping through user profiles, Badoo also provides interactive games that bring people together into one common space creating an even more sociable environment where everyone can feel relaxed and comfortable while meeting new single partners at their own pace! Popular game choices include classic quiz challenges, trivia quizzes, puzzles, photo competitions, truth & dare games, and many more for hours upon hours of amusement shared between two gamers alike!

Video / Voice Calls

With secure voice/video calls integrated right into its messenger system, there is no need for Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or any extra program needed. Just access the call button feature located directly below every message sent through the Badoos messaging window, allowing both parties to share face-to-face interactions almost instantly if they choose to strengthen interpersonal communication among long-distance daters occupying different geographical regions even further beyond just text messages alone!

Virtual Date Night Parties

With virtual date night happening when anything else isn’t possible—it’s a great way for those unable to see each in the same place actually enjoy some quality time together—or anyone really adds little excitement back into relationships old! Through video voice aesthetics and avatars, couples make digital reunions much easier and more convenient unforgettable moments may take the fancy form of dinner, date, home cinema, movie, marathon, care concert, disco, dance-off, karaoke party, lots of crowds simply create their own private world could happen far continents away one another playing their favorite songs popping bubbly indulge dessert galore still always remain safe due extremely secure platforms website has in store!

Gift Giving Feature

Known affectionately nicknamed “Gift Flirtation Feature,” this tool available phone allows sending small gifts to loved ones, tokens, hearts, lipstick, roses, compliments, none. We haven’t forgotten cheesy, thoughtfully written love notes either because they, too, are able to package pick give whomever please via personalized message attached figure ready them full surprised smiles yearning hugs tears joy screen side naturally Why not spice thing up special twist made simple power help show intensities feelings scores depth? Taking rising occasions ultimate wow factor available us bring whole exciting level deal keep relationships alive check!!!

QuickMatch Mode

Ever looking for turbo charge journey success? Then why to look past the quick match mode offered badoo gives an absolute winging blast to multiple singles waiting for hot pursuit flick lightning fast speed short encounter broader session fun wanting cut graces something bit spicier try select ‘quick match’ style start browsing section busy flitting away click whoever catches eye maybe lock down destination hasn’t missed the boat yet cozy picnic park magical getaway nonetheless either way enjoyment guaranteed offer flexible sorts ways approach topics pleasure sake current day living hence nutshell luxurious comfort goes wasting dime everybody involved. So go ahead and fiddle around and discover endless possibilities luring ready, awaiting, eager eyes to reach want before come costly abruptly shuts doors being stayed minute easy decisions like these tweak setup fanciest tailors suits expect hurry decide act beat clock.

Badoo Mod Apk

App Tips

• Always follow good online safety practices, such as not sharing personal information or engaging with suspicious people.

• Be sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information in your profile. 

• Remember that the content you post is available for other users to see. Consider how it reflects upon you before sharing anything inappropriate or offensive material! 

• Read reviews from others and use customer feedback when looking for a new connection within the app’s network of singles. 

• Use Badoo’s Mod Apk blocking feature if any user makes contact that seems threatening, abusive, disrespectful or otherwise upsetting in any way—you don’t have to reply!

What is Badoo Mod APK?

Badoo Mod APK is a modified version of the Badoo social networking app, which offers users free access to enhanced features such as premium filters and extended search distance. Users can also enjoy unlimited chat messages and better profile visibility options. The unofficial mod apk allows users to bypass the paywall for new identities or perks not available in the regular version – while still protecting their identity with added security measures like two-factor authentication. It’s a great option for those looking for more features than what’s found on without risking data loss or privacy violation.

Badoo Mod Apk

Features of Badoo Mod APK

Premium Unlocked

Being a Mod version of the original app, Badoo Mod APK gives you access to all the premium features that can be found in its Pro version. This includes advanced filters for searching profiles as well as unlimited chat messages and more profile visibility options, among others. With this mod, you can get extra Boosts (which help to boost your position on peoples searches), super-powers such as Mega Profile Mask, which gives you further profile protection or Badoo Mod Apk Credit, which allows users to buy gifts and other goods from within the app.


By using this modified APK, ads are eliminated completely so that users don’t have any irritating pop-ups while they’re browsing through single profiles or engaging with each other through direct messages!

Daily Bonus

While playing games like Trivia Quiz Challenge, one may need additional credits, so why not pick up on bonuses every day when downloading Badoo MOD? Through the daily rewards system, it’ll unlock complimentary gaming coins, special momentos, plushies etc., adding something little exceptionally details, never worn eyes before Hence seems much-sweetened love flavor might add a mix. It’s destined to leave stunning memories every member community collects toward making exciting moments happen felt followed upon exiting doors!

Badoo Mod Apk

How to Download Badoo Mod APK

• Locate Badoo’s official Mod APK file from an official source such as

• Turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ in the security menu of your phone settings if you haven’t done so already. 

• Tap the download link and wait for it to complete downloading on your device. Read all user-permission accesses to ensure safety before proceeding with the installation procedure.

• Once downloaded, install it by tapping the ‘Install’ button available at the bottom of the setup window showing user permissions again that needs to be given. Accept the finished process, then launch the app via the icon located desktop main screen, log onto the profile page, and start the personal journey!

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

• If the download takes a long time to complete, try downloading it over Wi-Fi and make sure that your internet connection is stable. 

• Check for any third-party security apps or firewalls, as these may block or interfere with the installation process. 

• Refresh the page if an error message shows up saying ‘download failed’. Sometimes corrupt files can be downloaded from incorrect sources, so ensure you have downloaded the file from a trusted source in order to avoid further issues during the installation process. 

• Uninstall any conflicting versions of Badoo Mod APK before attempting another download, as multiple versions running concurrently will cause conflicts when trying to install correctly!

Badoo Mod Apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Badoo Hack Apk?

A: Badoo Hack Apk is the world’s largest social discovery platform. It allows users to meet and connect with people near them and search for potential matches by age, gender and location. Users are also able to rate other users, chat together via messaging or video calls as well as plan virtual dates with each other.

Q: Is it safe to use?

A: Yes! All accounts must be verified before usage, which helps protect against catfishing or impersonation attempts online. Furthermore, additional security features like two-factor authentication are also available on mobile, if desired, to provide added layers of protection while authentication processes take place prior to account activation!

Q: How do I delete my account on Badoo Mod Apk?

A: Deleting your existing profile requires you to go into the settings pane and then access the dedicated option. Clicking this will bring options ranging from hiding profile matter permanently. You can select choose to remove yourself without any problem. Help instructions steps show way easy erasable the manner.

Q: Does the app offer a premium version?

A: Yes, Badoo Mod Apk offers a premium subscription with various privileges. These may include unlimited chat messages as well as additional profile visibility for those looking to stand out from the crowd. Other features, such as super-powers (masking) and gifts, can also be purchased using credits accrued by users on the platform, along with playing games that offer special rewards if successful!

Q: Is it available for iOS?

A: Absolutely, yes! The app is available on both Apple and Android Store. You access free downloading installs on respective platforms. Go over iTunes App Store, and look sub-headed Download link tab. Next move, follow ing guide install interface choose the device version supported, age rating, and already constraints, meet eligible safe download proceed forward, finish the procedure, click “Begin,” and initiate the process.

Q: Are there any limitations or ethical guidelines people should be aware of before signing up?

A: Just like any other social media platform, it’s important to remain respectful and polite when talking with anyone online; this includes following privacy laws in terms of sharing private information or photos/videos not intended for public consumption. Additionally, all interactive elements (such as swiping or messaging) must always occur mutually consensually between two parties otherwise could bring breaking terms user agreement, so definitely keep in mind and exercise caution with anybody involved in dealing with interactions across boundaries. Stay Safe with Out There From Team Badoo Modded Apk bye!

Badoo Mod Apk


Badoo Mod Apk is a comprehensive social networking platform that allows users to meet and connect with fellow singles near them in an enjoyable yet secure environment. With its advanced search filters, 24-hour customer support system and flexible communication options – it’s no wonder why so many singles around the world swear by this app! While the original version of Badoo Mod Apk can be used freely; for those looking for extra features such as added privacy or Boosts, there is also an unofficial Mod APK available which allows users access all premium features free of charge while still feeling adequately safe, thanks to two-factor authentication process!. Always ensure downloading from reliable sources and read through user permissions carefully before taking further action; otherwise could incur costs if you need failed installation reset due to security/firewall issues. In future updates, more exciting new features are planned to help make the whole online dating experience even better than ever before!


• Use Badoo Modded Apk to make new connections with individuals near you and also around the world. 

• Users are able to rate each other, block/unblock users, chat privately or even go on virtual dates if desired. 

• Badoo Mod Apk offers a range of advanced search filters that can help you quickly locate potential matches based on age, location and more criteria that matter most to you! 

• An unofficial MOD APK version is available for those looking for additional privacy options as well unlocked premium perks like unlimited chats & extra profile visibility without any cost.


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